Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: Hands-On Learning

Characters: Cerebros, Dust Devil, Scales, IRC chatter

Location: Iacon Medical Center

Date: September 16, 2020

TP: non-TP

Summary: Cerebros does some repairs to Dust Devil

As logged by  Scales

Iacon Medical Center


Cerebros , still the novice in the repair bay, removes one of the most damaged plates from Dust Devil's frame. It's done carefully, but likely not with the finess of a Scales.

Dust Devil is doing his best NOT to make any noises as Cerebros works on his burns. He's not looking forward to the next part. "So how strong are ya Cerebros?"

Cerebros smiles as he's working on Dust Devil. "One moment..." He does a nano-second calibrartion. "On the Cybertronic Base Schematic Design Standardization Scale, I have a strength meter of 725."

Cerebros goes to get some metal plating to replace the removed, synged armor plating that was totalled.

Dust Devil thinks about things a moment and grins, "OH won't have any problem yanking on my foot and putting my ankle back into place right?"

Cerebros shakes his head and puts on the new plating. "Just give me ONE second to put on this plate, and I'll get to work on your foot, sound good?"

GAME: Cerebros FAILS a TECHNICAL roll of High difficulty.

Cerebros frowns slightly as he doesn't put the plate on QUITE square. "stubborn...thing..."

GAME: Cerebros PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of High difficulty.

Cerebros nods in satisfaction. "There..."

<> <<Underwood>>

<> <puff>

Dust Devil shifts his joint just enough to make the armor look skewed again.

Cerebros goes to Dust Devil's foot and puts both hands on each side of his foot. He looks at Dust Devil. "Is this OK? Are you ready?"

<> <Voidwalker>

Dust Devil frowns a little and watches Cerebros. "Ummm just don't pull my foot off. That...might be hard to explain."

Cerebros frowns in confusion to Dust Devil. "You said 'yank' - not remove."

Cerebros adds "OK...let's get...started..."

Cerebros tries to set Dusty's ankle!

GAME: Cerebros PASSES a STRENGTH roll of High difficulty.

GAME: Cerebros PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Above Average difficulty.

Cerebros nods in satisfaction. "There."

GAME: Dust Devil PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of Average difficulty.

<> <Morrigan>

GAME: Dust Devil PASSES a LEADERSHIP roll of Average difficulty.

Dust Devil tenses the rest of his frame and stays as still as he can as Cerebros pulls. **CLICK!** The relief on Dust Devil's face is visible as he relaxes. "Good job Cerebros!"

Cerebros looks and can't help but laugh in surprise. "Good Job" and "Cerebros" are two things he hasn't heard in a sentence in awhile, other than "good job, Cerebros, you managed to anger Scales."

<> <Voidwalker>

Cerebros says, "Really?! You really think so?!""

Dust Devil nods, "Yep! I still have a foot and it's clicked back inta place so it'll stop hurtin and I'll be back ta running around here and causin issues."

Cerebros holds his hand up. " just wait a moment...I still have to get these other plates secure." He begins to finish up on the plating. As he talks, he says "And then after, you'll have to stay here for a cycle while the new paint finish dries.

<> <puff>

<> <puff>

<> <Myrddin> <connects>

<> <Myrddin> Hello

<> <puff> Hi

<> <Myrddin> Good afternoon. How are you?

<> <puff> Busy busy

<> <Myrddin> Same. No rest for the wicked.

<> <<Underwood>> good morning

<> <Myrddin> good morning

<> <puff> I try not to be wicked. Still busy.

<> <Wyllis> I dunno, I slept pretty good

<> <<Underwood>>

<> <<Underwood>> ..pardon, know face.

<> <Morrigan> Su'cuy world

<> <Myrddin> Su'cuy

<> <Slim Pickens> *Stretches* sup glitches

<> <Myrddin> Good and wicked are...constructs but I think if I open that bag we'll be here all day.

<> <Morrigan> One can be both.

<> <Myrddin> or being good at being wicked

<> <Clarity> Guilty

<> <Morrigan> wickedly good. Guily here.

<> <Myrddin> I am innocent and pure. And a complete liar.

<> <Morrigan> Pure something, Myr. Pure something...

<> <Myrddin> Pure seagulls.

<> <Morrigan> I -will- stab you.

<> <Myrddin> haah. it'd be a good test of your systems

<> <<Underwood>> Ahahah

<> <<Underwood>> when you get a mirror do tell me what you think

<> <Morrigan> If you're offering to play stabbity-stab...

<> <puff> I think discussing the intrinsic qualities of morality can't be more complicated than the studying I've been doing.

<> <Morrigan> as for a mirror... Am I a disney villian? Mirror mirror on the wall... ;D

<> <<Underwood>> ...Myrddian i swear if you don't take this oppratunity

<> <Myrddin> you're right

<> <Myrddin> heres some seagulls for you

<> <Myrddin>

<> <Morrigan> ... You're still an aft…

<> <<Underwood>> I was more thinking you can send a successful flirt of 'only if your the fairthest of them all' but it seems that has flown over your helm.. like a seagul

<> <Clarity> Did that human sculpt their hair to look like cooling fins?

<> <Morrigan> Yes! It's amazing.

<> <Myrddin> yeah lets take a moment to bask in that hair

<> <puff>

<> <Myrddin> your first song reminded me of

Dust Devil moves his foot around and tries to slide off the table to test it out. "Just wait! Next time the medical bay is full of bleedin and broken mechs, you can come help them!"

GAME: Cerebros FAILS a DEXTERITY roll of High difficulty.

Cerebros tries to grab on to Dust Devil, but all he grabs is air. "Wait! Wait! It has to be painted and primed with anti-scuff coating!"

<> <puff> Oooh, that's a new one.

<> <puff> Okay, time to take a break from studying. I think my brain is full.

<> <Morrigan> I know that feeling.

<> <Myrddin> what are you studying?

<> <Morrigan>

<> <puff> Code. Lots and lots of code.

<> <Clarity> Mmm, a good day for a dance.

<> <Morrigan> Yes. But I can't yet. Soon though, soon.

<> <Clarity> I believe my usual dance partner is unavailable at the moment. A shame. I'd kidnap him if I had the opportunity.

Scales emerges from her office and looks around to see what's going on in the medical center.

<> <Morrigan> That good of a dancer?

Cerebros jumps slightly. He has Dust Devil's injured, useless parts out. He's got the cleaning materials out. He's got SOME tools out. he authorized to repair anyone? He looks at Scales and freezes just a second.

<> <<Underwood>> ahhh i miss mine~

<> <Clarity> Not exceptional, but he's strong enough to hold me up when I'm feeling inventive. And can take a few hits if we decide on a different sort of dancing.

<> <Morrigan> .. Oh-ahhh.. Alright. Quite lucky then. Versitile.

<> <Clarity> It's nice to have one's choice of activities.

GAME: Dust Devil PASSES a LEADERSHIP roll of Average difficulty.

<> <Morrigan> Quite.

Dust Devil walks around a little and then bounces from foot to foot. "Yep...Looks like I'm pretty

much fixed."

Scales yawns, showing all her teeth, then peers at Dust Devil and Cerebros. "You get into trouble again, Dusty?"

Cerebros nods " looks like it, but now, just get back on the table so I can apply the necessary coating and paint to these new plates."

<> <Clarity> So why aren't you able to dance at the moment, Morrigan?

Cerebros looks at Scales. "Per my necessary responsibilities for my function, section indicate that I 'am' authorized to perform 'non-life-threatening' repair work to Autobots or Decepticons needing care. I just thought...I would help out and spare you a repair assignment, Scales. I hope you don't mind."

<> <Morrigan> Work injury.

<> <Morrigan> 'scuse me a moment - distrac-

Scales takes out a blue ball and rolls it between her paws idly. "Nah, if Dust Devil's okay with it, I don't mind you practicin' on him. He does it to himself, yanno." She bats the ball and then pounces after it, rolling around on the floor.

<> <<Underwood>> Hmmm~?

Cerebros , never to let an opportunity to make a social situation worse, looks over at Scales. "Don' want to...take a look at my work to see if I did everything to defined medical standards?" He adds "It was primarly an adjustment on his ankle as well as replacing some exterior plating due to a burn injury."

Scales scoops up the ball and looks over at Cerebros from where she's lying on her back. "Dust Devil fixes himself all the time," she tells Cerebros. "I don't think you can take any short cuts he hasn't." She gives the ball a couple of play bites, almost thoughtfully. "I mean, if you -want- me to check your work, I can."

GAME: Cerebros FAILS a LEADERSHIP roll of Very High difficulty.

Cerebros looks at Scales and JUST can't quite sum up the deciveness. "If you wouldn't mind looking...I mean...if you have time...I would appreciate it."

GAME: Scales FAILS a DEXTERITY roll of Average difficulty.

Dust Devil grins at Cerebros and then scales. "Somethin tried eatin me again."

Scales gets to her feet and tries to roll the ball down her neck, but it slips away and she bounds after it to grab it. "Sure... hang on.."

Cerebros gives a relieved smile. Being able to not irritate Scales AND maybe do a fix? This is a good day.

<> <<Underwood>> Well, I have work to get doing

<> <<Underwood>> don't make the titan blush too much

<> <Morrigan> I have -no- idea to what you are alluding.

<> <Myrddin> Im sure its ntohing he hasnt seen before.

<> <<Underwood>> or done~

<> <Clarity> Now there's a mental image to keep one up at night.

<> <Morrigan> ... same.. Oh... dear..

<> <<Underwood>> may it haunt your nightmares, bahh!

Scales gets a grab on the ball and tucks it back away into subspace before bounding over to Dust Devil. "Okay! Were you out pokin' around underground again?" she asks curiously as she sniffs at his ankle.

Dust Devil grins, "Of course. I'm doin my job fer Encore and there's this big spidery thing down there that decided ta set up shop. It spit somethin at me and well whatever it spit then catches fire fer no reason. I jumped through an access hole and that's when I screwed up the ankle."

<> <Myrddin> with who Metro...

<> <Myrddin> Dammit, Underwood.

<> <Morrigan> Oh.. nope.. nope nope nope...

<> <Clarity> I suppose there's Calyhex around now.

Cerebros looks at Scales. "I went through the protocol, first, I used the general wound-cleaning solution to clear any potential sites of infection, then I used the more concentrated solution to wash away the tar-like damage." He adds "Once I was satisfied, I removed any plating that was beyond repair and put" - he points to where he placed them. He adds "And then, I gathered the plates needed, and logged them in the inventory - here" - he points to the terminal.

<> <Morrigan> And.. I'm going to rest... That.. I can't -even- or odd.

<> <Myrddin> brain bleach time

Scales sits up to look at the terminal. "oooh, you even checked off all the right categories! That's good!"

Cerebros breathes out through his faceplate in relief. But he doesn't say anything to allow Scales to continue her assessment.

Scales clambers up Dust Devil to inspect his plating.

Dust Devil purposely hitches his shoulder just a little to mess with the smoothness of his lines. It makes one of the pieces look out of place but it isn't. WHich....won't bode well for Dusty since Scales who knows better.

Scales is one of -several- medics who's worked on Dust Devil inside and out and through all kinds of problems, which means she figures out the issue in no time flat. "Hey," she objects, "Didn't your creator tell you not to slouch?"

Cerebros points to Dust Devil's foot. "You've already seen this, Scales, but his plating...I still need to apply the anti-scoff coating and give it a fresh coat of paint, but Dust Devil has been...restless."

Dust Devil grins and straightens himself up, "Yer so not fun!" Rolling his optics at Cerebros' suggestion he offers, "Anti-scoff coatin is like puttin Graffiti free area signs on the side of a freight train car."

GAME: Cerebros FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Very High difficulty.

Cerebros gives Dust Devil a befuddled look - it looks like he's been slacking off on his Earth studies. "Graffiti like...vandalism? Why wouldn't you want that - to protect the exteriors of fright train cars?"

Scales hehs. "Dusty means that he's gonna get all beat up again in about an hour, so he doesn't feel like gettin' a protective coating."

Cerebros looks on in surprise at Scales' interpretation. "You gleaned that from what he just said?"

Scales ummmms. "It's the kinda thing you need to know a bit about Earth culture to get." She  shrugs at Cerebros. "Dusty was kinda raised by Junkions for a while there," she offers, as if that explains everything.

GAME: Cerebros PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Very High difficulty.

Cerebros nods. "Makes sense."

Dust Devil grins, "I save the protective coatins fer when I get my whole frame done usually. Usually just some of the heavier duty paint ta my leg makes things work fer me."

Cerebros backs up, giving Scales even more space. "Well...assuming he doesn't want me to complete the repairs, that was it in terms of damage repair."

Scales nods. "It's not quite as pretty as you get from people with a lot of practice, but it's a good fix," she says. "More than good enough to get him on his feet again. If he's ever take it -easy-" and here she rolls her optics at Dust Devil- "he wouldn't be in here so often and it'd probably matter more how neat the work is."

Cerebros nods. He summons his datapad from one of his internal component areas. He activates the datapad and scrolls through 'Combat' 'Diplomacy,' 'Culture,' to 'Medicine' - he then opens a virtual folder and scrolls to the part where it says 'Perform 'first-aid' to a burn victim. He then hands it to Scales. "Here...can you please mark that I completed this successfully?" He adds "...assuming its to your standards?"

Scales hehs, but does look over the form long enough to check what she's signing before adding her mark. "There's some people that're fussy about their appearance. Normally, the sunshine boys over there would be real worried about lookin' good." She glances towards the forcefields where Sideswipe and Sunstreaker are still being kept. "People like that might have complaints because of even a tiny little scratch. But you're just startin' out, which is why Dusty's a good guy to practice on."

Cerebros nods and hovers slightly toward Scales. "'ll sign off on it?"

Scales nods. "Just warnin' you that while I'm happy with it, there'll be people who'll give you scrap for it anyway. But it's good tech work." She signs and returns the datapad.

Cerebros mumbleexplains "I know...I wasn't done with the full extent, but he was insistent on leaving...if it were my choice, I would do it to the standards of even the fussiest of Autobots!"

Scales pats Cerebros wherever she can reach. "Hey, just lettin' you know that it takes time to be really good at things, so you don't feel upset if it's not perfect the first time."

Dust Devil grins, "And I'm pretty sure if you brought a checksheet even filled by other Autobot medics to Ratchet and told him you could do stuff, he'd probably take your sheet, delete it and make you do it ALL over with him watchin ya....just a warnin:

Cerebros sighs and mutters "That's what I heard about him."

Scales hehs. "Well, if you really know how to do it, then you'd be able to do it again, right?" She hops down and takes out her blue ball again.

GAME: Cerebros PASSES a COURAGE roll of High difficulty.

Cerebros nods cautiously. "Well...yes."

Scales bats the ball around the floor and skitters after it.

Cerebros reaches down as the ball comes toward him.

Scales leaps for the ball in a display of mighty hunting prowess!

Cerebros quickly retracts his hand, knowing better to get involved between Scales and her unsuspecting prey.

Scales rolls over with the ball in her paws, giving it a nibble before letting it go again.

The ball remains in pristine shape in spite of Scales' rough treatment of it.

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