Transformers Universe MUX
  • Name: Hailstorm
  • Faction: Decepticon
  • Species: Transformer
  • Function: WARRIOR
  • Division: Aerospace
  • Sub-Group: Seeker
  • Type: FC

A member of an obscure squad of Decepticon air warriors known only as "The Rainmakers," HAILSTORM is known as an individual only to his teammates and a very few others. He is reasonably intelligent, eager, and dedicated utterly to the Decepticon cause. However, he prefers to remain anonymous, as part of his team. His hyperion-3 blasters can seed natural clouds with a highly destructive form of acid rain, and he has a variety of cold and ice attacks he can use against wayword Autobots.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Hailstorm's tetrajet mode

The Rainmakers served Shockwave on Cybertron during Megatron's four-million-year sleep.

MUX History:

Hailstorm remains on Cybertron in service to Cyclonus, but has obtained an Earth altmode in case he is transfered to Decepticon City.

Earth jet mode

OOC Notes



Hailstorm is available for application or temping as a Disposable Character.


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