Gyconi is an alien from Monacus.

Greedy, cruel, brutish, shrewd, cowardly — all these describe the rotund Lord Gyconi of Monacus. Gangster and showman, Lord Gyconi runs brutal gladiator-type games in his Pit of Destruction where he rigs the contests and skims profits of the gambling proceeds. Under the employ of Megatron, Gyconi makes loans on the side with incredibly high interest rates and short repayment periods to gamblers. For fun he likes to play the gong and swat around his servants. With his influence, money, and power, it was easy for him to buy the title of 'Lord'.


The Transformers cartoon

The Gambler

At Sheol colony on Monacus, Lord Gyconi accepted Optimus Prime, Inferno, Perceptor and Bumblebee as collateral on a loan of 50 energon chips to Smokescreen and Bosch, on condition that they repay the loan within an hour. Smokescreen lost the money on a bad bet, and lost his Autobot friends as well.

Lord Gyconi was visited by Dirge and Ramjet, who accused him of taking profits away from Megatron. The gangster denied the charge profusely, and quickly changed the subject to his new Autobot prisoners. Gyconi pitted Optimus Prime against his Animalien gladiator, but gave the Autobot leader a shot of unstable energon which would make him fight fiercely, but then lose power. As the fight progressed and Prime gained the upper hand, Gyconi duped many spectators into betting against the Animalien. When Prime's power boost gave out, he was subdued and Gyconi gathered up his winnings. Smokescreen disrupted the match by deploying a thick cloud of black exhaust that emptied out the stadium and gave the spectators their chance to take back their money. Gyconi was not pleased.

Later, Lord Gyconi joined the Decepticons as they prepared to leave Monacus with their Autobot prisoners and a stockpile of energon on board Astrotrain. Smokescreen and Bosch teamed up with the bounty hunter Devcon to stop them, and managed to retrieve the Autobots. Lord Gyconi escaped with the Decepticons.


Foreign names

  • Japanese: Gyconi (ガイコニー Gaikonī)
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