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Gulfs are Quintesson Seaclones.

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Gulfs (ガルフ Garufu) are devoid of sentience, like all the Seaclones commanded by Turtler, serving only as mindless mass-produced drone warriors designed to overwhelm their opponents by numbers. Among the endless legions of the Seacons, the Gulfs are the most resistant to the pressures and temperatures of the ocean depths, allowing them to dive the deepest and search the ocean bed for resources.

The Gulfs can combine with their fellow Seaclones to form King Poseidon.


The Gulfs were part of the Earth invasion force under Snaptrap. After Snaptrap's defeat at the hands of F-5, the Gulfs were reassigned to Turtler.

In 2020, Devil Z took over the Seaclones that had been left on Earth. In November of that year, Blood's crew, supported by a Gulf, attacked the Japanese Cruise Ship <Aoi Sangosho>, but were driven off by members of G.I. Joe.



  • November 10 - "Attack at Sea!" - Something stalks the deep, and it will rise and attack the Cruise Ship <Aoi Sangosho>.



He's brimming with excitement.

  • None of the Masterforce Seacons were ever depicted in robot mode in the cartoon or manga. The toy's package art is the only known "fictional" depiction of a Gulf in robot mode.
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