Transformers Universe MUX
This article is about the evil Shattered Glass warrior - for his heroic Autobot counterpart, see Growler.


If he were human, he might look like this

Mode: Robot

This skinny robot stands with hands on hips, his blue optics staring out at the world in constant challenge. The domed top of his head is reminiscent of a ski cap, his mouth nearly always formed into a stubborn, angry pout. Behind his head, short doors fan out behind the flashing spinners on his wheels. His thin, rectangular headlights blare out from his chest. His body tapers sharply to a narrow waist, with a 'belt buckle' proudly featuring the Scion logo in neon blue. His legs flare out near his feet, each of which sports one of the vehicle's rear taillights above a monstrous exhaust pipe.

Tricked-out Scion xB

Mode: Scion xB

This black Toyota Scion xB mini-SUV rolls through the urban streets with a bad attitude. Rap and hip-hop music blare from it, shaking windows on buildings it passes, even with the car's windows closed. What the stereo doesn't shake, the custom muffler system does. This machine puts out more decibels than a jet engine. The Scion xB sports bright, flashing spinners on its wheels, lighted door handles and door locks, and a bright blue flame emblem streaking down each side. On its hood is an Autobot symbol, also lit in neon blue.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

MUX History:

When the Ark launched from Cybertron, Growler was one of the crew aboard, and remained with the ship after it crash-landed on Earth.

When a derelict spacecraft was discovered in Earth's orbit, Magnus led a team of Autobots to investigate. The Autobots explored the ship, bringing it to life in the process. Attacked by the ship's inhabitants, Magnus held off the masses while Growler escaped.

OOC Notes




  • August 6th - "These are the voyages..." - Phase-Ar arrives on Earth and gets his first introduction to intelligent and perhaps not-so-intelligent life...



Growler was created and is played by Sydney