GroundBridges are a form of Autobot technology.

There is nothing wrong with your television set. We control the vertical, we control the horizontal...

A scaled-down iteration of space bridge technology, a GroundBridge allows transport to coordinates on a single planet, or even (with great difficulty) into the planet's orbit. Considerably easier to maintain and less costly in energon to operate, it is a new means of coordinating forces on planet Cybertron.


MUX continuity

Ratchet started experimenting with GroundBridge technology in 2020 on Cybertron. Unfortunately, his efforts helped release the Dweller into Cybertron's Space Bridge nexus.


  • GroundBridges in Aligned continuity have been shown to be discomforting to humans, not unlike the orbital jump of the 2005-2018 IDW comics.
  • Trypticon has been shown to be able to use his Space Bridge as a GroundBridge to transport Harbinger on occasion, but hasn't seen fit to share this information with anyone else.

Foreign names

  • German: Erdbrücke (Earthbridge)
  • Japanese: GroundBridge (グランドブリッジ Gurandoburijji)
  • Polish: Most Ziemny ("Earth Bridge")
  • Russian: Zemnoj Most (Земной Мост, "Earth Bridge")
  • Portuguese: Ponte da Terra ("Earth Bridge")
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