Transformers Universe MUX
Personal information
Real Name

Danimal J. Rogers


Montego Bay, Jamaica




Brutus Vandalo

Military information
Service branch

Cobra Special Operations

Primary MOS

Urban Operations

Secondary MOS

Urban Tactics


5 - Alley-Viper Commander


Assault Rifle

Organizational information



Alley-Vipers, Headhunters (Occasionally)

Appearance doesn't matter if you have power.

When you think of grease, slime, and dirt, you are basically thinking about Gristle. Not only is he a former crime boss, his personal hygiene is absolutely disgusting. During the months he spent training to be a member of the Headman's Headhunters, he didn't bother to shower once! After most of Headman's organization was destroyed, Gristle used his size, strength and surliness to become the right-hand man to some major crime lords, who operated illegal warehouses disguised as legitimate comedy clubs. Eventually Gristle started his own criminal activities and then eventually joined up with Cobra, but even those snakes admit he's just too grungy to deal with at times. Gristle is easily recognized by his blood-shot eyes, or by the sunglasses he uses to shield them from the daylight, and his all-leather suit which covers his lightweight body armor.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Gristle was an agent of Headman until his boss ran afoul of Cobra. Seeing where the wind was blowing, Gristle immediately jumped ship, taking many of his underworld contacts with him.

MUX History:

Gristle sometimes leads the Alley-Vipers, and vacations in Jamaica in between missions. He secretly maintains contact with Headman, and they help each other out when it's mutually beneficial.

In 2018, Gristle was replaced as Alley-Viper leader by Barghest.

In 2022, Gristle was assigned to the Cobra Base Camp in Antarctica as a punishment detail for non-performance.

OOC Notes

Logs / Posts


  • January 24 - "Headman" - Gristle might know a guy who knows a guy.


Gristle has been temped by BZero, but is currently available for application.



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Shattered Glass

Field Commander Gristle

"First step is to keep Cobra alive to do their good work."

Gristle may be well-coiffed and movie-star handsome, but don't let his good looks fool you - he got his nickname from being tough-as-nails in battle. While he takes Cobra's peaceful mission seriously, he's more concerned on a day-to-day basis with keeping his troops alive - he doesn't feel like G.I. Joe is going to be defeated by passive resistance and putting daisies in gun barrels. A master of both tactics and hand-to-hand combat, he's a rising force in Cobra's growing militia. While Father Cobra worries about the need for trained soldiers among his sedate commune, he appreciates what Gristle brings to the table and recognizes his skills are needed.