Transformers Universe MUX

Goth's Lab is a large metallic room in the Polyhex Science Center with dim lighting, and a large computer that looks to have been hand build from mainly Cybertronian technology. Other lab equipment is scattered and set up through the room, matching the computer in being a mainly that of Cybertronian tech, In front of it is a rather comfortable chair, clearly meant to hold a bot much larger than Goth's beast-alt.

Upon the large metal desk in which the computer and its systems sit, is a damaged digital photo of a quartet of Beast-former bots, all in their robot modes together... A much more modern digital Photo of Goth with a sand colored mech, with red optics, Datapads, half-finished drones, a stack of radios, and other half-finished projects litter the table.

A trained optic (Or eye) may notice a growing selection of Alien tech and tools scattered about the lab and table, A cooler with a lock on it... There's also a medical slab, clearly not for resting in, off in one of the open spaces of the room with a small table.

Looking up at the ceiling, once one got past the dim lighting, would reveal sturdy, metal rafters, clearly meant to support a heavy weight hanging off them, as well as support for the ceiling.

However, off to the corner a nest of pillows from varying alien cultures is noticeable...

That doesn't seem quite right...

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