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Goryu is a Dinocon from the "Shattered Glass" universe.
This article is about the heroic Dinocon - for his villainous Dinoforce counterpart, see Goryu.

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Goryu is typical for a Dinobot in any universe: he's big and dumb. Essentially a follower, in robot mode he typically wields a large spiked club, and is most often seen riding on the back of one of the other Dinocons rather than fighting alongside them. In Tyrannosaurus rex mode he has great strength and the ability to breathe ice. When in custody of the heroic Decepticons, he's a member of the Dinocons.

Relatively cool-headed for a Duocon, he exhibits unusual patients when hunting and stalking his prey. He works well with the other Dinocons, and is relatively respected by his new allies, the Decepticons, for his reliability and fighting ability.

Me gore you!

—Goryu inadvertently creating his own name, "Dungeons & Dinobots"

dino mode


Shattered Glass

Dungeons & Dinobots

Goryu and the other Dinobots scattered after Wheeljack's disastrous attack on Optimus Prime.

Do Over

Starscream, checking in on the Dinocons, was alarmed to discover that Slugfest and Overkill were missing. After a thorough search, he asked Goryu if he'd eaten them. Goryu, taken aback, answered that he certainly had not eaten them, at least as far as he could remember. As it happened, he hadn't eaten them; they had been overlooked due to transforming into cassettes and burrowing into their nest. The Decepticons soon discovered that the Dinocons, including Goryu, now all had embers and the ability to transform.


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