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Goo #8739B (also known simply as Goo) is a planetoid composed almost entirely of a sticky gum-like substance. It's used as a Garbage Disposal of sorts, and has apparent connections to the Junkions. You can move through it easily enough... but getting out of it is another matter altogether. It viscous surface is used to trap minerals and space debris, which are filtered by large machines and collected for the Junkions, who can neutralize the thick fluid with an applied energy field.


Goo is located in the Outer Rim of Delta Quadrant in the Lower Plane of the Milky Way Galaxy. It is patrolled by alien garbage trucks that capture and dismantle any junk caught on its sticky surface. The 'goo' can be shut off by deactivating the energy fields that keep it warm and sticky. The control facilities also contain means of long-distance communications. Goo #8739B is the location of a Junkion Command outpost.

In 2016, Kup, Wheelie, Arcee, Sit-Com, and Phase-Ar travelled to Goo, where they discovered the tracking station had been destroyed by death crystals. The Autobots and Junkions were attacked by Astrotrain, revealing the Decepticons had the crystals now. Kup revealed foreknowledge of the crystals, and explained he’d encountered them before, and had been held prisoner on the source world, Dread.

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