Note: not actually robots. Also, very occasionally not actually vehicles.

In a dimension beyond the records of even Vector Sigma, two factions of metallic beings, one friendly and one evil, fight an ancient war on a ravaged technological world. After untold years of battle that war has spilled over onto Earth, where the combatants alter their bodies to take on disguises of land and air vehicles and continue their conflict among us!

Yet these seemingly mechanical beings are not Autobots or Decepticons. They're not even robots, but cyborgs: Guardians and Renegades from the shattered planet Gobotron. They are the GoBots.

Note: Strange as it seems, these beings of metal and flesh may be their universe's counterparts to the Transformers, as Crasher appears in both universes.


MUX Continuity

When Mirage destroyed a nexus of the Space Bridge, a whole was ripped open into another universe. Denizens of that universe came to ours, where they remained until the rift was healed.

Shattered Glass

A Cataclysm began to threaten the very existence of the GoBots' universe. Doctor B discovered the source of the Cataclysm. With the devastation reaching a critical stage, the normally antagonistic Guardians and Renegades combined forces with Earth to send a team out into the multiverse to locate the cause and, if possible, reverse the damage.

This team was held up in the city of Axiom Nexus. The GoBots were told that several events in one particular universal stream caused a splintering. One of the newly-created universes was replacing the GoBots' home universe. Eventually, the team arrived at their original destination, Earth of the universe that was destroying their own home.

Soon after, a larger force of GoBots would follow.

Bug Bite decided he'd rather try to get revenge on the universe responsible for the disaster, and wound up travelling to the Shattered Glass Cybertron looking for answers.

GoBots Cy-Kill and Fitor and Guardian GoBot Leader-1 (the latter in Cy-Kill's color scheme) followed Bug Bite to the Shattered Glass alternate universe and joined the evil Autobot forces. Bug Bite, Cy-Kill and Fitor joined the heroic Decepticons to thwart the evil Autobots. Heroic Renegade Crasher already had a counterpart in the Shattered Glass universe, Blurr's cousin. She has earthquake-like powers, similar to her GoBot-universe self.

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