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A Global Orbital Defense Satellite is a weapon of mass destruction in the Shattered Glass universe.

Global Orbital Defense Satellite

The Global Orbital Defense Satellites are weapons commissioned by President Colton as the ultimate defense for the United States of America. The satellites are equipped with a 10.8 exawatt laser system that can vaporize any target on or underneath the surface of the Earth, with high-precision aiming capability. The main control transmitter for the satellites is located at the Burpleson Air Force Base. The main technology behind the weapon system was secretly designed by First Lady Jane Colton.


Shattered Glass

In February of 2010, General Flagg had his first successful test of the Global Orbital Defense Satellite system, although it failed to destroy the rift between his world and the mainstream TFUniverse.

In 2012, Flagg used GODS again, crippling the Decepticon Interceptor Nemesis and knocking it out of Earth's orbit.

In 2013, Secretary Hauser used the GODS to destroy Springfield, blaming the attack on Cobra.


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