Transformers Universe MUX
This article is about the Decepticon subversive agent - for the raven, see Omen.
  • Name: Ghost
  • Faction: Decepticon
  • Species: Transformer
  • Function: SUBVERSION
  • Division: Intelligence
  • Sub-Group: Diplomatic Corp
  • Type: OC
Victory through deception.

GHOST is an enigma. Her speech, mannerisms, even physical form are all subject to change. There are few files on this individual, and the ones that are present do not convey the true capabilities of this shadowdancer. She possesses a pride and bearing that show in the detail with which she focuses on her work. Underneath her quiet, studious gaze lies a seething maelstrom, a desire to prove herself to everyone. Possesses a vast array of weaponry and the ability to become a 'ghost' through means that have not been disclosed. Ghost is prone to abusing her own form for the sake of a mission, to the point of collapse. She is able to directly interface with core circuitry, downloading her persona into computer systems in order to gain access to even the most encrypted information. She often acts as a datacore herself, storing and housing the vast gigaquads of information she recovers with the same ease she shows in merging with the shadows. She is slow to anger, but when her temper does break, normally with a violent suddenness that dies down as quickly as it manifests, her skill and firepower become openly apparent.



An opalescent white wraps about an angular form that stands at least 32 feet tall. The light seems to be pulled into the colour, a rippling opalescence that captures and steals the light with reflections and refractions rippling as if darker shadows live just beneath the surface. Angular, lithe, and rapier thin, her form gives the illusion of being female without the softness so common in others of her gender.

No seeker nor skyraider nor commonly configured flight-frame, she does share some base configuration elements such as vernier-thrusters adorning heeled legs, elements of her canopy cover split with part inset into her chest, the other acting as part of her hip array, and wings. Torso plating angles sharply into a thin waist, layered and angular panels over panels nestled under one another with venting slats higher to her shoulders. Her canopy is a darker shade of 'white', violet tinged. Between the thicker armor plates, glimpsed of biolighting can be seen in peeks and flicks of a dark violet, approaching ultraviolet, fully exposed along her midrift in lines that span from chest to underneath hip plating, bright-dark against an ash hue of underplating. Her wings, set high to her back, angled downwards 'at rest' are composed of multiple panels segmented for additional expressiveness and maneuverability.

No obvious weapons grace her, nothing so mundane as arm rifles or shoulder rocket pods but on occasion she wields an energy katana. And on other rarer ococasions a cannon comes into play.

Violet optics ringed with golden-green sit in a face shaded a darker 'white', adorned with slashes of coal black, deep blue and deep green in war-paint patterns from ages gone past. Her helm has a browband or even a circlet: An angled chevron touched violet with angled panels that rise into sweeping spikes to each side that, at a glance, could be a stylized Decepticon emblem. To each side of her helm sits slight sensory domes with wing-like finials again touched with a violet glow when fanned outwards.

As 'Omen':


This cybertronian 'raven' is a small, wing-bladed menace of a creature tricked out in dark blues and off-white. The standard size for a cassetticon, there are elements present indicating that it is one: The locking irises on the primary wing joints are a throw back to the 'tape' mode.

A prominent beak in coal black leads into a dark blue rounded head where large violet optics ringed with gold shine with curiosity and mischievousness. The intricate, interlocking armor plating lends an illusion of feathers shading from blue to dark charcoal grey along its neck that shift and flex as it moves. That feathering continues to its compact, deep-chested body, into the wings, and end with a fanned spread of tail 'feathers'.

Whereas many of the avian tapes have flight members that are limited to a pair of pinion points, this raven sports multi-faceted wings with blades making up the flight members coming off of the main joint. The wing 'feathers' are lined at the edges and tip with an off-white metallic hue.

There is a flight-harness rounding across its chest and over its back, additional space for internal equipment and showing small lines here and there, perhaps general storage. Legs end with long 'toes' tipped with curved back talons. No insignia or emblems mar this avians frame nor obvious weapons-hardpoints.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Ghost is reportedly of Kaon.

MUX History:

In 2014, Metroplex was infected by the Arkvelle virus, and fell under Decepticon control. Ghost possessed his automatic systems, taking control of the entire city. For this coup, she was promoted to Decepticon Intelligence Field Commander.

In 2021, Blaster, Signal Flare, and Starlock witnessed Omen emerging from Ghost's frame, confirming Ghost's capacity as a host and Omen's existance as a symbiote.

OOC Notes

Ghost is rumored to have some unknown tie to Megatron, but the connection has yet to have been proven openly broadcast after an arena moment. (Megatron, Prime, Soundwave (sneaky bugger), Trypticon, Goth (confirmed icly due to medical items))

IC record Information:

  • Attended the Academy at the same time as Starscream.
  • Was not on the crew to chase the Ark
  • Decepticon: 'Showed up' on Earth: There are no transfer papers from Cybertron to Earth for her move, nor spacebridge record, nor ships records of how she traveled.
  • Decepticon: Very familiar with Trypticon and friendly towards the Titan and has been since she 'showed up' on Earth at the start of the Mux. Acts as in-place security within his mainframe, docked and synced, disappearing for lengthy amounts of time in the past. Reacts with violence first when faced with a security alert she can respond to.
  • Decepticon: Triple Changer, she doesn't hide the knowledge but it isn't common.
  • Decepticon, + select others: June 2020 - September 2020: Inhabited a tapeformer frame of an intricately designed 'cyber-raven' and answered to Omen verse Ghost.
  • Decepticon (+Goth): September 2020: Reframed through the combined efforts of Eclipse, Mixmaster, Trypticon, and Soundwave with design elements provided by the former Decepticon Goth and finalized by Eclipse. The new design retains all of her system combinations pulled and merged from two prior frames, systems updated for more modern efficiency, but the outward appearance has altered.
  • Decepticon: Not broadcast but becoming apparent that in the rebuild, Ghost was altered to be able to host-carry tapeframes of her own. As of Nov 24, 2020, she has 3 named and bonded symbiotes: Omen, Rock Out, and Vizier.

Ghost always has multiple, personal plans running in tandem after her return to the world she refers to as 'Real-Space'.

While the player is using Mando'a in descs and IC talk, it's a placeholder as writing or speaking in ancient cybertronian isn't something the mux is set up to parse ;)




  • 1/6 - Phasing Inquiry - There is an investigation into the missing equipment.
  • 1/7 - Phasing Report - Ghost tells Megatron where the phase device is.
  • 2/13 - "Into the lions den" - Spectre, after defeating Megatron, asks Ghost her opinion on whom he should tap as his XO. One weird brief moment of time where Ghost was XO for the Decepticons and how she got there.
  • 3/6 - "Underfoot sends a message" - After having been held captive by with the Insecticon Swarm, Ghost is in dire need of repairs. Megatron lends a hand to retrieve a message they left for him inside of the operative.


  • 5/28 - Pumping Gas - Ghost and Optimus have a random encounter.


  • 8/1 - "Tell me no" - The rebirth of the Nemesis draws a crowd. Comments made are overheard and responded to with an interesting amount of restraint.
  • 8/4 - "No I do not want to be in charge" - A discussion on a new Intel agent between Megatron and Ghost with a side order of I don't want to be in charge.
  • 8/9 - "Ghost and Optimus have an encounter" - Ghost and Optimus have an encounter. Some bitter truths are discussed.
  • 8/27 - "In Exchange I Give You Myself" - Eidolon, a Decepticon Intel Agent, was captured. Upon discovering that one of the her newest operatives was a prisoner, Ghost, then the Intel XO, offers herself in exchange as efforts to return her to the empire would be much greater than for a field agent.
  • 8/28 - "Pain for orders given" - Ghost, Intel XO, is spending time in the Autobot brig after having exchanged herself for Eidolon. And there she meets a face from the not so distant past in an entirely new form.
  • 8/29 - "Walls closing in" - Ghost, Intel XO, is spending time in the Autobot brig after having exchanged herself for Eidolon. After a bit of a panic, honor is discussed.
  • 9/4 - "Walls Defend" - Ghost, Intel XO, is spending time in the Autobot brig after having exchanged herself for Eidolon.
  • 9/5 - "Freedom is not Free" - Ghost, Intel XO, is spending time in the Autobot brig after having exchanged herself for Eidolon. A former ally offers a bargain for her freedom.


  • 6/29 - "Gossip and Daisy Stomping" - Megatron comes across Ghost talking to Trypticon, daisies are mentioned. Starscream makes an appearance and is properly flattered


Aug 10 - Suggestion from the mainframe

Might I suggest that you do so [purge Decepticon City] in any case Trypticon? Save for your caretakers and medical for research into a cure.

  • October 2014 1 of 4 - "Taking Over Metroplex" - In physical possession of Metroplex through the use of a virus created by Dr. Arkeville, Megatron gives the order to Ghost to plunder Teletran II's data and if possible even take over the city itself.
  • October 2014 2 of 4 - "Ghost in the Metrotitan" - In physical possession of Metroplex through the use of a virus created by . Dr. Arkeville, now the Decepticons control him intimately. A few moments in time where Ghost-In-The-Titan extends and explores her new sense of 'self', surprising some.

Oct 20 - Success

(Text only, encrypted, encoded, locked and not in common Cybertronian either) Mission Accomplished, My lord. Awaiting further instructions.

  • November 2014 3 of 4 - "Metroplex Regains Control" - The Autobots make their final push now that they have a cure for the virus affecting Metroplex. 'Friendly fire' isn't as many discover until the titan is able to regain control. ( As seen from Metroplex' POV )
  • November 2014 4 of 4 - "Ghost Loses Control" - The Autobots make their final push now that they have a cure for the virus affecting Metroplex. A team infiltrates the controlled titan and evicts the intruder. ( Autobot City Sensors were removed from this log as they are in Metroplex Regains Control )



  • 1/02 - "'Vitam exspiravit' - After years of being missing, Ghost stirs within Trypticon and emerges for a moment to re-orient herself to the new paradigms.


  • 2/12 - "Ghosts" - Goth starts to confide in Glit with his struggle with the fact he has no purpose, and struggling with his new morals, only to have a violent reaction to Ghost.
  • 3/10 - "Radio Panic - Darkmount" - An explosion to happen on the Decepticon communications link, but Blast Off has other priorities!3/11 - "Disgruntled" - A day after the explosion over the communlink, everything is oddly moving forward as if it's a normal day, with Leozak reporting to Deathsaurus.
  • 3/19 - "More Loyalty than Sense" - Ghost is working in Darkmount. She and Deathsaurus have an interesting conversation.
  • 3/28 - "Ghostly Preparations" - Ghost prepares herself to enter Calyhex, after the titan makes a big mistake.
  • 3/29 - "Descent Into Calyhex - Part 1" - Windblade, Banshee, Ghost, and Starlock start their descent into the tortured mental asylum that is the titan, Calyhex.
  • 3/29 - "Descent Into Calyhex - Part 2" - Windblade, Banshee, Ghost, and Starlock get to Calyhex's modular room and work to repair the damage.
  • 4/17 - "The Mad Kings Fire" - Chaos erupts at the New Polyhex event and leaves many with questions they will have to answer.
  • 4/17 - "The Mad King's Indiscretion" - After the chaos in the New Polyhex Arena, some additional words are spoken.
  • 4/19 - "Bribes Threats and Kareoke" - The Infamous Kareoke Night.
  • 4/28 - "Conversations between a Prime and a Ghost" - Prime responds to a message sent to him via Starlock.
  • 4/30 - "Business With Tea" - Ghost comes to see the sword Goth has made her, they are then joined by Khamsin!
  • 5/1 - "A Visit With Calyhex" - Starlock visits Calyhex to check on progress after a rough few days, Ghost then appears!
  • 5/3 - "Trade Discussions" - Delusion comes a crossed Starlock at New Harmonex's construction location and the two eventually get into a more official talk regarding trade.
  • 5/4 - "Research Deep Dive" - Ghost goes to Soundwave with a few items for research as part of her todo list. This was not on the list.
  • 5/5 - "Research Deep Dive Results" - Ghost went to Soundwave with a few items for research as part of her to-do list. Waking up after the dive.
  • 5/7 - "Calyhex Code Check" - Chromedome has additional code to use to assist in repairing Calyhex. Ghost is there to review and assist. They do say curiosity can kill a cat, but what about operatives.

May 07 - Report: Calyhex

Text Only Report:

After additional visitations to this neutral titan, the following has been noted

There is only danger if one enters without invitation and without escort approved by the titan herself. There are former inhabitants of the asylum under a free-range structure. The amount of neglect and damage is openly apparent in both structure and behavior. A cursory evaluation of code indicates that there is deep damage which has been attributed to willful and purposeful actions by one of the caretakers who was taken into custody with the understanding that he be tried by a neutral arbitration panel. The two caretakers were taken into custody by both cityspeakers: Windblade and Banshee. Both need to be questioned on what experiments were performed on the titan herself so that more effective means of repairs and any assistance can be performed. As it stands, outside of our own Cityspeaker, most of the relief work is coming from the Autobots while the titan remains neutral at the time of this report. An additional visitation elicited a deeper code review which matches medical records of physical damage sustained to a mechanisms master core unit and memory structure. Further review is pending a follow-up visitation. At this time it is highly suggested that there is an effort made to continually assist Calyhex through recovery. A full interrogation of the ones that did this damage is sought after but may not be possible at this time.

Operative Ghost

May 07 - Report: Trypticon

Text only report:

Trypticon has relocated himself to an orbital position over Tarn to better deploy the previously installed solar collectors for an increased self-sufficiency. Due to what appears to be a failure in a relay located externally to his systems, the early warning message was not received before the action took place. I do suggest that such relays are reviewed more often in the future as so much does relay on expedient and swift communicational capacity. An RCA is being performed internally for Trypticon himself in order to evaluate deploying a backup system for such matters instead of relying on external factors. For those assigned to the station, do pay heed to signage, there are several areas that do not have gravity engaged at this time. Entrypoints to those areas have clearly marked signage.

Operative Ghost

  • 5/8 "Transformed to Regret" - Things start out great as Calyhex is able to finally Transform! But things turn sour when Delusion brings Ran, who attempts to connect with Calyhex far too early..
  • 5/9 - "Medical Aid Transport" - Ghost requests medical transport. Cyclonus is the closest available.
  • 5/10 - "A Rotating Door of Visitors" - Khamsin preps to defend Altihex and as a result, they have many visitors... Goth also gives Ghost her new blades, while trying to come to grips with his despair about having to face Deathsaurus in the coming raid..
  • 5/11 - "An Accidental Date" - Starscream tries to get info out of Ghost and somehow, accidentally asks her out on a date and has no idea how to respond.
  • 5/12 - "An On Coming Storm" - Starscream talks with Ghost in New Polyhex, revealing to her, that perhaps he may have some shred of decency in his spark, before he finally meets with Deathsaurus.
  • 5/12 - "IRC LOG: Dates" - Ghost ends up having a VERY strange conversation after bringing up she has a date.
  • 5/13 - "Altihex Assault" - Valour leads an assault on Altihex so the Decepticons can seize the research in its labs. Deathsaurus chooses that moment to grandstand.
  • 5/13 - "Altihex Assault Lab Sector" - Valour leads an assault on Altihex so the Decepticons can seize the research in its labs. The events in the labs.
  • 5/14 - "Leaking Out" - After Deathsaurus takes Goth away from the assault on Central Altihex, he struggles to keep Goth alive long into the night, long enough for help to arrive.
  • 5/14 - "Hospital Visitors" - People come to visit Goth and Khamsin while their recovering, Bulwark comes in and repairs the two in full, if not making them better then they had been before..

May 15 - Reporting In

Text Only:


The laboratory facilities in Altihex were successfully breached during the diversionary assault. A cursory evaluation of what files were striped will be reviewed once access to a mainframe hardline becomes available for the cryptography requirements. There is /some/ actual data, however there appears to have been a failsafe which deleted and destroyed the data itself.


With the rampage and flurry of orders spinning about during the Altihex and Ibex maneuvers, Darkmount's systems were placed into an emergency lockdown state to prevent damage. I suspect there has been file damage based on communications by Deathsaurus but a further inquiry will require a physical passkey.

  • 5/16 - "Dissenting Discussions" - Deathsaurus moves from Altihex to Trypticon. The Cityspeaker Banshee and Ghost discuss plans.
  • 5/16 - "Drinks and Discussion" - The Cityspeaker Banshee and Ghost discuss drinking, time loss and old friends.
  • 5/17 - "Returning Deathsaurus to Darkmount" - Deathsaurus is returned to Polyhex; Leozak and Ghost talk.
  • 5/17 - "Deathsaurus Decides" - Deathsaurus decides to return to Darkmount. Ghost and Banshee discuss.
  • 5/17 - "Evening Flight" - A quiet and short evening flight to end a long day.
  • 5/18 - "Expectations and Orders" - Drinking, knives, and plans are discussed. Expectations are firmly outlined by an Intel Lieutenant and repercussions hinted at.
  • 5/19 - "Broken Things" - Ghost starts to have some rebooting issues and then has a misfire leading to more chaos.
  • 5/19 - "Snow Crash Meltdown" - Digging into her own archives, Ghost pushes too deep and too long, triggering a cascade failure, a Snow Crash. Deathsaurus becomes a target after her Operative Protocols, designed for a deep cover agent to flash re-activate with limited capacity were engaged.
  • 5/20 - "Misfire Management" - Work continues on restoring Ghost while information on past events is reported. Proper maintenance must be performed.
  • 5/23 - "Mind the Gaps" - With permission to look into Trypticons records to fill archival gaps during a sensitive time period, the reason for those null areas is discovered much to the dismay of all involved.

May 24 - Medical Request Location: Trypticon

>**Text Only**<

Requesting medical review for return to service certification.
Location Trypticon.
Schedule: As soon as possible.


  • 5/26 - "A Storm Comes" - A once an anocycle storm hits the Altihex Desert. All the craziest fliers run out to play in it.
  • 5/29 - "Planning a Breakout" - Cyclonus obtains assistance from Ghost in planning his latest strike.
  • 5/31 - "Booze and the Universe" - A bit of drinking, socializing and a hypothesis tested. It does matter what systems are running active when one drinks.
  • 6/3 - "Walking the Cat" - Getting flight-antsy from being in Trypticon for a few days, Ghost goes for a flight and invites Ravage to go with her.
  • 6/6 - "Troubles of a Titanic Nature" - After Deathsaurus has a setback in his recovery, our illustrious adventurers find themselves in Calyhex under Starlocks care.

Jun 08 - Query Results: Attn Cyclonus

--- Text Only, keyed to Cyclonus and upper command--

Your data query has been completed, Cyclonus. Additional information concerning recent activities at or near the site in question has been cross referenced with known archival information and compiled from recent from our orbital position.
Possible Active Prisoners:

Name - Faction Division
Finback - Decepticon Assault Infantry
Kroma - Senate enforcer, former
Sceptre - Autobot
Simacore - Decepticon Medtech
Skip - Decepticon Operations
Skyjack - Decepticon Intelligence
Stockade - Decepticon Assault Infantry
Sunder - Autobot

Addendums: Please see attachments for additional requested data:

Attachment 1: Orbital records, recent, of traffic patterns and aerials
Attachment 2: Known Bio information gleaned from reports, news, archives
Attachment 3: Site references, schematics, old news files.


Jun 08 - A small set of brief reports

--- Text Only, Keyed to High (8+) command--

Unit Deathsaurus has recalled his memory and has been reported as recovering slowly after an engex incident that resulted in a brief relapse. Last known location was Uraya, specifically Calyhex.

--- Text Only, General Access Report --

Darkmount mainframe has had additional hardening and capacity added to continue facilitating the storage and movement of archival data for the empires long-term requirements and preservation. Requests are queued for archival cross-storage and back-up to the other city-states.
~~ Ghost
  • 6/10 - "Ravage requests archived reports" - Ravage comes to Soundwave with a request born from reviewing older Earth reports. Ghost is just the secretary, looking for files.
  • 6/10 - "Colours of War" - Ghost makes a request of Soundwave. And an atrocity is discovered. Now Justice is being sought.
  • 6/11 - "The Smug Cat Knows" - Ravage and Ghost have a long talk ranging across multiple topics. At some point, they realize they're having 2 different conversations. The cat knows something.

Jun 11 - Intelligence Division Request

Oh look, its an actual video report.


Ghost comes into view after the emblem flash. Optics gleam silver, wingtips seen over her shoulders in an 'aggressive' position from what can be seen while behind her looks to be Soundwave's Workshop. Her chin is resting on her hands, a frown slashed across her vulpine features. She taps a finger to her chin before speaking, voice a raspy, low contralto, words rising and falling with deliberate inflections.

"I am requesting the assistance of any individual who is well versed in both the Tyrest Accords and the Autobot code. Information has reached the Intelligence division of an altercation that resulted in the death of two members of the Empire. While those that fell will not be mourned," frown crooks into a sneer, "How they perished is of much interest. Sources indicate that they were executed by -Autobots- while under the care of an -Autobot- field medic despite protests to be handled as prisoners of war. An expert in the subject matter is requested to insure that the communications I submit to their command staff on this breech is handled to insure the best outcome for our Empire. Since we're at /peace/ (One could smell the sarcasm) at this time."

Her smile thins, "Par te'Empire" and the screen flashes black.

Jun 15 - Reminder


(another recorded message!)

Screen fades in on Ghost's ever so lovely visage, white and complete with that trio of 'battle paint' markings in lines across her face covering optic area from side to side. She lifts a brow over an optic darkened to violet and rasps, some irritation bleeding through to her voice. "As a.. gentle reminder to our beloved members of the Empire. Weapons-fire within the confines of Trypticon proper outside of the training facility is frowned upon and may cause an -elevated- response from security above and beyond what could occur elsewhere. Also, as a note, grabbing and dragging your companions through the halls violates additional rules leaving one open to retaliation. Runamuck, I am looking at you and will be asking the City Commander to determine an appropriate course of action for your behavior. And do remember that Medical is not a social hangout, we have barracks for engex and other substance parties. Please clean up and relocate the party crates before I confiscate them for personal use. You have 12 hours to do so.

Ghost Out

---Spinny and fade to black---

  • 6/17 - "Testing Die Stadtorgel" - Banshee tests the newly installed Die Stadtorgel in Trypticon. Ghost volunteers to record the initial song played at the acoustical center in the Command Centre. After, a flight is offered and discussions at a more paranoid level are undertaken as other conversations are overheard.
  • 6/19 - "2 workaholic loyalists and the Cat" - An impromptu Intel Ops meeting where multiple items are reported and discussed: 3 hackers and how probably not the best way to handle an issue that arises.
  • 6/20 - "Go the eff to sleep" - An interesting medical consult with a former member of the Empire brings to light some difficulties an operative is having. Trypticon makes his opinion known on the immediate situation.
  • 6/21 - "Surprise Intel Meeting" - And no real rest for the wicked but it was close to the enforced 24 hours of rest. Another Intel Ops meeting where plans are expanded and limitations are made public.
  • 6/23 - "Ill Wind" - Additional resources are tapped to work on diagnosing an ongoing issue with an Intel Operative. Soundwave asks Starscream for aid.
  • 6/25 - 'Ill Omens' - A last effort to stabilize seems to have succeeded overnight. Fear being irrational, the operative attempts to block the ongoing archival integrations yet fails. An emergency call to Trypticon brings together an odd assortment of allies.
  • 6/27 - "Omen Reports In" - Omen reports into Megatron after the incident and emergency frame-change.
  • 6/28 - "Observing Omen" - Shockwave observes Omen in her new frame and offers a few suggestions for adjustments.
  • 6/28 - "Dissident Discussions" - A discussion of favors owned shades into dissident concerns.
  • 7/3 - "Hunting Lesson" - Ravage takes Omen out for a hunting lesson.
  • 7/12 - "Dissident Concerns" - Returning to Vos, Omen has further concerns over the prior dissident discussion held there with Starscream.

Jul 11 - Intel Reports

Text only report:

Reporting Operative: Omen

Open Reports:

New Harmonex: Construction has picked back up. Sightings of Autobots include Cerebros, Spike, Starlock, and Dust Devil. Overheard was an indicator that Cerebros may be traveling back to earth at some unknown point in the future. Continued observation is planned.

Trypticon: Pipe organ emplacement. Requesting additional engineering resources to confirm additional weapons capacity. Requesting additional security be ready should the secondary project be approved: Concert hall. Continued solar recharge is progressing well, without any additional external support completion to a full fuel system was estimated within the year. A reminder that weaponsfire outside of the training arena is verboten and parties in Medical as well.

Altihex: Deployment of agents to contact deep cover operatives is requested to be moved up the timeline for a review of ops and update to current orders. A new review of the city is highly suggested post assault to determine the inhabitants state and any efforts towards rebuilding including what is being focused on.

Calyhex: The titan is near ready to relocate and apparently is mostly convinced that New Harmonex should be her next resting position. In discussion with one of the inmate-orderlies, there is a deep concern over this as there are inmates who have been transferred out to another facility off-world, Delphi, many of which are Decepticon. Re-hab was mentioned as a fear, this could also be something that had been overheard as well. Highly suggested that efforts be made to present for another location, even to another neutral polis as emplacement in New Harmonex reeks of continued Autobot oversight and possibly even control. Even convincing the titan to remain where she is would prevent her possible inclusion into any bleed-over from conflicts she should not be made part of. If possible, sending agents to Delphi to investigate the status of any of our own whom have been transferred may be warranted.

Command Lock: >7

Destrons: Broadband and internal/external monitoring has picked up less posturing from Deathsaurus and more focused intent including a focused drive to complete preparations to collect their additional forces and their fleet. He has been less apt to react to stimulus known in the past to provoke aberrant and thoughtless reactions. Darkmount's mainframe has registered large file packets coming in and going out to an unidentified location, contents currently unknown.

Polyhex/Darkmount: Permission has been attained from the Destron Command to perform an open, 'friendly-fire' test of the security and defenses of the city and Darkmount proper. Participants will be tagged-modified to register as part of an enemy incursion. Requesting a tactical assist with determining the best means to make use of this 'friendly fire' exercise and operational goals to attain.

War Crimes: Thus far no response has been received from Autobot command concerning the summary execution of two Decepticons while under the field-purvey of a medic. Requesting escalation.

Message tagged: Complete Operational Theatres

  • Altihex
  • Polyhex
  • Calyhex
  • New Harmonex

Message Ends

Jul 16 - Altercation in the Northern Pass

Text Only

A long range patrol picked up upon a fire in the Northern Pass area of Cybertron. Upon investigation it was determined that one of ours, Runamuck, was engaged in some violent activity against an Autobot, Dust Devil. Further evaluation indicated that the two seemed to be engaged over naught more than a bonfire.
Assistance was provided in the form of Leozak in order to disengage the combatants and Runamuck returned to Tarn. He was seen by one of the medical assistants and appears to not have suffered any long term effects. As a note, there will need to be a re-stock of decontamination grade acidic-flush as he did go through several decalitres worth in removing some foreign substance from his interior.

End Report

  • 7/29 - "Ill Omen Crypt Keeping" - SCiEnCE! has determined that a trip to the crypts deep below Polyhex is needed to continue the effort to return Omen to capacity in her original or another full frame.

Jul 31 - Polyhex Crypt Report

Decepticon Emblem and spins then the video and voice begins, rejoice for Omen is reporting ----

Omen clicks on the report recorder, Blue Raven head tilted sideways to side-optic the camera, optic gold. "A group of us were venturing into the crypts beneath Polyhex along with Commander Valour who was paying his respects and we ran into a situation. Apparently someone or something has taken it upon themselves to.. er.. reuse the contents for personal purposes." Plating shifts, causing a crest of 'feathers' to rise. "It was.. Disturbing. I suggest that a more appropriately prepared group go in to investigate."

The raven half turns and can be heard muttering "Why arms.. all the arms and optics.. uuuugh" Full frame shudder and the report ends.

  • 7/31 - "Prison Break on Luna 2" -Cyclonus leads a force to break into the high security prison Garrus-1!
  • 8/3 - "My Arachnae" - Valour comes to Trypticons Comm center to ask for research on what and who was discovered in the crypts beneath Polyhex. Shockwave joins and reveals some additional information.
  • 8/4 - "Spacerock for Shockwave" - Shockwave leads a small team to retrieve a meteorite that he has been tracking. Meanwhile Decepticon communication channels explode with conversation, concerns, and orders.
  • 8/5 - "Bodywork" - Soundwave works on repairing Ravage after a mission. Team Blue discusses bodies and Shockwave's interest in a specific body stealing scientist.
  • 8/6 - "Speaking with Windblade" - A short talk with Banshee leads Omen and her to meet with the CitySpeaker Windblade
  • 8/7 - "Cold Lament" - Omen laments her state of being and the things that are changing, outside of her control. Comfort is offered.

Aug 14 - Mission Completion

>***Text Only***<

Commander Valour, Ravage, and myself were requested by Commander Shockwave to assist with a small retrieval mission. The mission itself was successful and a meteorite claimed. All participants have now been returned to complete health at last review after returning to Kaon.

>***End Report***<

  • 8/14 - "Part of Trypticon yet Free" - Omen goes to speak with Trypticon about what Windblade had said. And then disagrees with the Titan, standing her ground in the face of anger.
  • 8/15 - "Titanic Headache" - Omen has headache in whole body after her short disagreement with Trypticon. Banshee and Soundwave offer aid and support.
  • 8/15 - "Consent to Treason" - After the argument with Trypticon, Omen and Banshee have a heated conversation about treason and consent.
  • 8/18 - "Blazing Error" - Blaze goes to visit Calyhex. While there, he runs into Starlock and Omen. There's a brief moment where an impetuous choice almost causes an incident. Doublecross comes by with a delivery.
  • 8/19 - "Code Aberration" - Visiting Calyhex after passing a message from Trypticon, Omen comes to the conclusion that yes, seeing things is not at all normal. Seeing things can hurt.
  • 8/22 - "Forged Clarity" - Omen meets with the Cityspeaker Windblade and receives an item purported to assist with her titanic issues.
  • 8/23 - "New Abilities New Design" - Omen takes a flight looking for a place to just think about everything that's happened. She runs into Goth and a discussion starts going over frame designs, options, concerns, and wants verses practicality.
  • 8/24 - "City of Broken Crystals" - A short walk to Crystal City exposes Calyhex to what war looks like. It's purple and terrifying.
  • 8/25 - "Late for Hydrax Patrol" - Awaking up in a pile, Omen realizes she's late for a mission. Hydrax is infiltrated by Autobots and the Decepticons have a series of bad luck moments.
  • 8/26 - "Not bad for a Prison" - The inmates and inhabitants of Calyhex discuss what prisons are and past experiences.
  • 8/27 - "Cutting a Deal" - While lurking in Calyhex, a deal is discussed.
  • 8/27 - "Ethics of Consent" - Ethics discussion with a Decepticon? More of the Combaticon plot is discovered by Omen.
  • 8/28 - "Treachery among Friends" - Omen puts pieces together and realizes the depth of the treachery surrounding Starlock and the Combaticons situation. Omen knows 3 important things: 1: There was control software in the Combaticons that was removed. 2: Banshee was aware of it, Starlock was hands on engaged. 3: There's side effects but not what exactly. She reports in.
  • 8/29 - "Traitorous Damned Romantics" - Whatever was in that engex Ravage procured, it caused misunderstandings of a philosophical nature. And declarations of feels.
  • 8/30 - "East Wing Breakout" - Escapees from the non-existent East Wing of Calyhex attempt to leave but are stopped through a combined effort.
  • August 31 - "All Sorts of Problems" - The Medical Center is starting to fill up again.
  • 8/31 - "Instrument of Ill Omens" - Omen reports to Megatron concerning the Combaticons situation.
  • 9/1 - "Unlucky Omens" - Omen returns as instructed, completing her report to Megatron on the Combaticon situation.
  • 9/2 - "Megatron summons with a purpose" - Megatron summons his command to discuss the Combaticon situation.

Sep 13 - Message to High Command

This message is specifically coded to go to Division Heads and above.

Text Only report tagged from 'Ghost' After no small delay Prime deemed it appropriate to finally respond to my inquiry into the two miscreants who murdered some of our own while under a medic's care. There is additional information in his reply which I have deemed of high importance concerning a nanovirus that the Autobots have run into. I am supplying the communique as received.

TO: Ghost, Trypticon Guardian, Cybertron
FROM: Optimus Prime
SUBJECT: RE: Formal Complaint Per Tyrest Accords, And Other Concerns

First, my deepest apologies for the lateness of this reply: this entire situation with Sideswipe and Sunstreaker has proven more trying and far more layered an issue than originally believed. That may prove small comfort, given what I have to say, but as the humans are fond of saying, "it is what it is."

I cannot, nor will I attempt to deny what occurred with the two troops that were executed by both Sideswipe and Sunstreaker. I have not spoken publicly regarding the matter for several reasons, among them the fact that I would not have it said that I tried to influence or interfere in any way with the investigation of the events, as compiled by Chromia and presented to the Ethics Committee, comprised of Chief Justice Tyrest, Ambassador Crosscut, JAG Commander Dai Atlas, Ultra Magnus as the prosecutor, and Kup as the defense.

Their recommendation was a virtual sentence of two Cybertronian lifetimes for both Sideswipe and Sunstreaker - one for each of the two executed, as well as further measures within the Autobot chain of command, including reduction of rank and restriction of duties to within Iacon as part of their parole, following their virtual sentence - any violation of their parole would have resulted in permanent spark extraction and incarceration within Garrus-1. Those recommendations, I adopted fully and without any changes. It may not be the sentence the Decepticon Empire desires, but the sentence offered both of them a chance to atone for their actions.

However, there are concerning issues that have arisen in the time leading up to their intended incarceration. One of those issues concerns a Decepticon attack upon the facility where Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were incarcerated, in regards to which I will graciously not press the issue to Chief Justice Tyrest - I would hope that it was a simple matter of a prison break, and not an attempt at pursuing revenge against either Sideswipe or Sunstreaker. However, there is a far more pressing matter concerning this issue that must be addressed.

Wheeljack, upon conducting preliminary scans on both Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, discovered a nanovirus within their systems. This nanovirus is subtle, but there does seem to be a pattern developing in regards to the nanovirus and how it affects the behavioral inclinations of those infected. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker are not the only ones: there is reason to believe some of the Weatherbots may be suffering from it as well.

I would defer to Ratchet on the specifics of the nanovirus, but issues arising from fluctuations in the spacebridge network have hindered his efforts. From the analysis made thus far, it seems that this is not limited solely to the Autobots; Incognito of Tyger Pax has indicated that Goth, formerly of the Decepticon Empire, has spoken of utilizing the spacebridge network to bring the Destron fortress out of the Dark Nebula. You may want to discuss the matter with him for more details.

Ratchet and Wheeljack are checking the bodies of both Decepticons who were executed - in no small part as a safeguard against potential contamination of the Decepticons once the bodies are formally transferred over, and partially to exclude them as potentially having been already infected themselves before their deaths. This is not an accusation of any kind; while I disagree with Megatron regarding what is best for Cybertron, I would not have it on my conscience that the bodies might be infected, and thereby spread the nanovirus to the Decepticons. No matter what you all may think of me, I am not a monster, and I would never risk lives - even Decepticon lives - simply for the sake of political expediency. Once the bodies are cleared of any sign of the nanovirus, they will be delivered to the Decepticon Empire.

Included with this is Wheeljack's analysis of the nanovirus, in the spirit of cooperation. I have already forwarded the same information to Incognito of Tyger Pax for his own independent analysis.


Optimus Prime

  • 9/15 - "Rebirth and Renaissance" - Eclipse summons Omen to Trypticon's laboratory. After her return, she had focused on a project and the reveal is: Ghosts new frame. An amalgamated design from both the scientist-engineer and a third party, the spark transfer itself is not without difficulty nor unexpected outcome.
  • 9/16 - "Whole again" - New frame, new design, new operational parameters. A slow adjustment to being whole again. And then some.
  • 9/17 - "Suspicious Cat seeks Bat for Answers" - Ravage tracks down Ratbat for a conversation about a radio message the fuel auditor had sent. Ravage asks Ghost to join him there in Valvolux' arena.
  • 9/18 - "Followup on Designs" - Ghost reaches out to Goth to followup with his request to meet and discuss changes.
  • 9/18 - "Questioning Ratbat" - Ghost tracks down Ratbat to follow-up on the words spoken in Valvolux.
  • 9/19 - "Cultural Misadventures" - What was 3 beings minding their own business turned into Hot Rod watching in horror as Blaze flirted with 3 Cybertronian femmes. 3 swings and 3 misses. And with a play-by-play on the Autobot broadband, it's a serial radio show hearkening to 'As the world Burns'.
  • 9/25 - "House of Cards - Lies of Omission" - Ghost goes to question Incognito about the neutrals involvement with the Combaticons, following up on 'The List'.

Sept 27 - Intel Ops Report

Report is encrypted and routed to High Command, Division Commanders and the Intel division: Per her usual, it is text only.

Questioning of one Incognito of Tyger Pax has concluded. The mech volunteered information with very little -prompting- indicating that Starlock had approached him several months ago with information concerning a theoretical exercise concerning the Combaticons and a security program. The neutral indicated that he told her both not to do it and that there was a very real possibility of side-effects and that was their single meeting. And appeared to express no small level of displeasure at being 'thrown under the civilian transport to save Starlock's own aft.'

END Report

  • Sept 29 - "Of Rumors and Dance" - Ghost brings a last bit of information to Soundwave from her conversation with Incognito. In the end, it's all about the Empire.

Sep 30 - Challenged and Accepted

>*Decepticon Emblem then it shifts to what the system registers as Ghost, albeit a somewhat changed and different visage*<

She taps at something offscreen, the background behind her showing what is normal for an outpost and then she plays a recording that indicates that it is from the official internal broadband:

<<Decepticon>> Ghost's voice comes over comms, smoke and whiskey, velvet over steel, "For a failing in attentiveness and oversight that has lead to a significant breech in information, Soundwave of Kaon, I formally challenge you for your position. Trial by combat, all in, No cadre."

<<Decepticon>> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "I accept your challenge, Ghost of Kaon. Name your time, place and arena."

She leans forward, violet optics slit, expression almost but not quite a snarl, "Pick the time, place, and location Soundwave as the challenged as I picked weapons. You know how this protocol works. The fact that I have to invoke it... Know I'm displeased with this -situation-, let's get on with the ceremony."

Ghost leans back, reaches and shuts down the transmission.

  • October 3 - "Family is a Minefield" - Ghost responds to a physical message Harbinger had sent her and travels to retrieve an exhausted tapeframe from her playground in the minefields. Concerned over Harbinger, she takes her to Soundwave.
  • Oct 4 - "Workshop Downtime" - After a long cycle of watching Harbinger, Soundwave, and Omen rest, Ghost gets to take a nap of her own.

Oct 04 - Patrol Report: Praxus

>*Spinning*< Ghost's happy smiling face.. Well, her face at least.

Joined Cyclonus on an aerial patrol of Praxus, our delightedly neutral by treaty area. Thunderblast joined us as well, handling ground review and relaying additional to us. In general the area itself appears to be maintaining per the accord we have with it, quiet and the mines working with their willing employees. A point was brought up in discussion concerning Hydrax.

Commander Valour, Thunderblast is an Aquatic Operations assault craft. Requesting that she be deployed to the Rust Sea area around our apparently contested spaceport to better utilize her skillset is something Cyclonus and I discussed may be of benefit to your operations there should her Commander see fit to release her to your assignment.

Overall naught much has shifted in Praxus but as always while 'quiet' it takes only a moment of inattention for things to change.

Ghost out.


  • Oct 6 - "Developments" - Ghost requests a short audience with Megatron to deliver an update on changes.
  • Oct 6 - "Personal Space Isnt" - After recovering Harbinger and getting the tape to rest, Ghost finds herself acting like a personal lounger.
  • Oct 8 - "Tonight We Are Victorious" - Soundwave selects the arena for the challenge between he and Ghost. A short and brutal fight later, Ghost stands victorious as the new Commander of the Intelligence division.

Oct 09 - Intel Division: Orders

To the Intel Division and all of the Division command and higher:

Ghost's visage, complete with 'battle paint' comes into view after the Decepticon emblem. Her tone is dry.

"There has been a slight alteration in the command structure. And as always with these things, a clarification and reminder of current orders and objectives is required.

Airachnid - Report to me directly for a discussion.

Counterpunch - Determine who helped Starscream rebuild Vos.

Cyclonus - Coordinate needs with Valour and Razorclaw for the Hydrax and Kalis regions. Report what they need from our division for continued assistance. If assistance with comm relays in Kalis are needed, Soundwave and Shockwave should be tapped both for the relays themselves and how to work through the regional radiation.

Floodlight - Your report is overdue. Complete it and bring it to me.

Nightshade - Monitor traffic going in and out of Trypticon please. With the spacebridge situation, there is a higher chance of an attempted incursion.

Ratbat - Forward me your latest fuel reports on usage by polis and by division, include suggestions for options for us to scout for efforts with the other divisions to aid in bolstering all of our reserves.

Ravage - Recon and report with others in your cadre to determine if the Autobots have started regular patrols in the Manganese mountains and the region around Crystal City or if these have been odd twists of coincidence.

Soundwave - Locate and speak with the Combaticons. Especially Onslaught. We need to know the overall morale and temperature of our combiner team to insure they remain within the fold. Assist Ravage and your cadre with support on their recon assignments.

Overall: Locate Starlock. We need to know -WHERE- Goth is performing these SpaceBridge experiments. Everyone should 'visit' with our delightfully neutral neighbors: mingle, play nice, listen, learn. And report in.

There is a pause after she lists off assignments in a crisply clear and professional tone, optics glinting as she gives a wry smile, "And if you are utilizing that IRC, you are being monitored, watched, and reported against. It is a -security risk-. Word games are a delightful past-time but remember, we are -watching-."

For the Empire.

*spinny - no Ghost*

Oct 13 - Run in with Fortress Maximus

Text only:

Was checking an alternate patrol pattern out of Praxus and ran across what has been officially identified as Fortress Maximus. There were a few words exchanged before the.. well cityformer transformed down into station form. There were 3 other beings with him at the time, Dust Devil, one Cerebros, and what looked like a human in an exo-armor frame. Words were passed back and forth and I departed the area to return to Praxus.

And oddly, that Cerebros apparently thought it wise to seek me out there, to the point of coming up to the fenceline much to our skeleton crews dismay. He wanted to ask me to not divulge anything I may have picked up when I'd run into the group the cycle prior. Quite naïve that one it. I'll need mainframe time to analyze what I did pick up from the brief encounter and will schedule that as my time permits.

Ghost Out.

  • Oct 13 - "Stop Talking Kid" - Cerebros seeks out Ghost to ask her questions and a favor after their interaction the prior cycle with Fortress Maximus.
  • Oct 13 - "An Actual Date" - Ghost invites Soundwave to join her in Praxus and it becomes a date night. The two have a quiet picnic on the roof of the Aerie, listening to the night.
  • Oct 14 - "Pet the Raven" - Ghost heads to the Rollout Bar to special order something. Instead of completing her mission, she finds herself talking to Spike.
  • Oct 15 - "Fisticuffs in the Streets" - Cerebros, Dust Devil and Ghost. What could go wrong?
  • Oct 15 - "Willing To Learn" - Ghost asks Bludgeon if he would train her in the way of swords.
  • Oct 16 - "Not Trustworthy" - Ghost is slowly working through grooming and light maintenance on Omen, oiling her wing blades and talons. The two are singing and Soundwave joins in.
  • Oct 17 - "In Plain Sight " - Autobots come visiting Praxus, looking for a crystal gardener associated with the Helix gardens. Ghost is there. There's conversation. Oh look, that could be a 'con.
  • Oct 20 - "Meeting of a Titanic Nature " - Ghost plans on a visit to the Helix Gardens with Soundwave. Fate, however has another plan in store as Fortress Maximus goes to meet Calyhex.

Oct 20: Report: New Agent, New Member, and Dweller

(Decepticon Spinny)

Ghost's war-painted face appears against what looks like one of the medical facilities being the background. She looks tired, perhaps irked, and has a few streaks of what could be energon across her face.

Shockwave , need your division or someone of yours to inspect one 'Airlift ' and determine fitness for duty and whatever else it is the science mechs do to random beings that pop through trans-dimensional explosions. He can explain the technobbble around his arrival better than I can.

Oh.. And apparently the Autobots are experimenting with Space Bridge s and the Space Bridge Nexus? Our newest arrival was able to hear that Ratchet was trying to find the Dweller in the Space Bridge Nexus. And is attempting to duplicate spacebridge tech for.. groundbridges? Looks like Iacon may need a -special- sort of visitation.

I have assigned Floodlight to Darkmount to work with Arbiter and the Destron intel teams in pulling up any and all previous records for The Dweller. And this virus.

Speaking of medical and science - Dweller virus? Ring any bells? I know I'd reported what Prime had sent us. But haven't seen any movement.

So.. in the interest of /Security/, I'm going to need the following previously affected personages to report to the nearest medical facility for a scan and review as a precaution for potential re-activation. You do understand the reasoning. Don't make me have you hunted down, I'm spoiling for a fight right now.

Starscream , Cyclonus , Scourge , and Soundwave .

The following teams report: Constructicons , Sweeps , Terrorcons and if we can get tags on the Insecticons as well to scan that would be an absolute /delight/.

Consider all Space Bridge traffic as fully halted at this time, based off of Shockwave's prior orders and supported by me.

And finally, if you see a brightly coloured cockerel roaming about.. He's -mine-. (Image of Rock Out ) Grindswitch, do report to me please. I'd like a work or three.

Vid fades into

(Decepticon Spinny)

  • Oct 20 - "Of Roosters and Reavers " - Roosters, Reavers, and oh whats this? Dweller virus?! Not recovered from a meeting of titanic proportions, Ghost finds herself mired in new and even more odd things. Maybe she has been cursed.
  • Oct 22 - "Unexplained Cultural Expectations " - Unexplained rules and cultural expectations for being a carrier/deployer leads to tension.
  • Oct 22 - "Arranging Intel " - Ghost meets with Airachnid, almost an interview but not quite as part of her review of the Intel Division.
  • Oct 22 - "Too Much Too Fast " - Cybertronians are a long-lived species. Rapid change happens even to them, but when too many happen too fast it can lead to stress. Even for those designed for it. Things and feels. Not all are good.
  • Oct 24 - "Half There and Sleeping " - Living in the hazy moment of chaotic code and too much change too fast, a very tired Ghost tries to sleep in Calyhex but keeps getting interrupted.
  • Oct 25 - "Let Me Sleep " - Ghost is in Calyhex still, drifting on code, dreaming and not wanting to wake just yet.
  • Oct 25 - "Electronic Dreams " - Ghost is in Calyhex still, drifting on code and in a moment of semi-awareness, links to the IRC to distract herself from thoughts.
  • October 27 - "Distracted by a Devil" - Ghost wakes up and realizes Dust Devil is there and is the reason she isn't quite as cold. They talk about things while she's distracted still. And then she gets a radio message...
  • Oct 27: "Entering The Game" - Ghost receives a radio message from Vizier requesting her presence. She goes to have this first face-to-face meeting with the new addition to the Decepticons and the Intelligence Division. Vizier makes a request of Ghost that turns in directions he wasn't expecting. Now he's truly in 'The Game'.
  • Oct 27: "Fixed my Own " - Harbinger and Omen have a talk after Harbinger was retrieved by Soundwave.
  • Nov 1: "The Search for Seeds - Part 2 " - On their First stop to find the Crystal seed needed for New Harmonex, 
    they visit Alpha Trion in Vector Sigma Chamber, with the the unexpected tag along of Ghost.
  • November 2 - "It's Full of Sparks" - Being the nosy sort (who in Intel isn't), Ghost went with Starlock, Dust Devil, and Krystallos to watch them meet and visit with Alpha Trion and Vector Sigma. Things happen after Alpha Trion tells the other three to go ahead and leave Ghost behind to talk.
  • Nov 4: "Sharing is Caring " - Soundwave retrieves Ghost after her delving into Vector Sigma . Ghost wakes and tries to share some of her findings with Soundwave, blowing his mind.
  • Nov 5: "How to Train your Carrier" - Ravage and Omen have along discourse on the care and training of ones Carrier-Hosts as Ghost and Soundwave recover from a data-surge.
  • Nov 6: "Accidental Domesticity" - Domestic evening after Ghost nearly fried Soundwave with her Vector Sigma files.
  • Nov 8: "Status Unbecoming" - Ravage brings up a status concern after Ghost's initial training with Bludgeon. A cranky Omen chimes in.
  • Nov 11: "The Siren Call of Code " - Fortress Maximus transforming bleeds through to Ghost in the smallest of flashes, triggering an unexpected response while she was resting. Understandably he is angry with her after their prior encounters, however the effects of said rage are not as any of them expected.
  • Nov 12: "Decisions Made " - Ghost goes to Trypticon to talk to Banshee about the Combaticons issue. Trypticon weighs in. Afterwards, a moment is taken as she's convinced to take a rest.

Nov 13 - Report to me

Scourge, report to me. I have a task for you and yours.


================================= Decepticon =================================

Message: 5/132                     Posted        Author

Intel Update                       Sat Jan 02    Ghost


Ratbat, if you would continue your fuel reviews and focus your skills on Vos and the rebuild ongoing there. Efficiency is key, after all, it would not do for any of us to waste what our Empire has supplied us with. I need a review of any allocations that are currently unassigned as well.

In order to spread our information web wider, I have assigned Vizier to Valvolux to begin the negotiations for our own embassy of sorts. This builds on the initial effort as performed by Deathsarus with the end goal simply being a place where we can listen and learn for now. Any final authorization after his negotiations will, of course, be approved by command. Commander Starscream and I discussed this at length in a brief meeting in the Aerie in Praxus.

The Aerie has undergone upgrades to the communication system and mainframe to act as a relay for our movements in the northern hemisphere. It went online in time to aid in the all-call for attempting triangulate and communicate with the missing Deathsaurus. The old lab space remains in semi-dormancy but is ready for use as needed. We are maintaining the treaty to the letter with our access and activity at this location.

Uraya is the site of the Titan Calyhex. I would like to request permission for a relief mission, complete with fuel and supplies to aid the ones left there and the Titan herself. After her use as a place in which treachery was planned, it seems that she has been left to her own devices and is in a horrible state of mental and physical health. Most of the patients have been relocated to Delphi, those Decepticons held there were shipped out as well.

Deathsaurus' disappearance was amidst a flurry of communications. Commanders Overlord, Valour, please let me know if Intel can assist in ferreting out these 'Seacons' that dare to raid our outposts.



Jan 13 - Intel Assignments

A very simple written assignment sent out to Intel Division:

Cyclonus, you have your assignment with Ibex: Scout and recon then plan means to confound their efforts there. Unless otherwise noted in this assignment, select whom will aid your efforts the best.

Soundwave, you have your task with Protihex. Full Recon from the undercity to the tops of whatoever is left. We need clear, concise information to immediately report to our Lord.

Nightshade, relocate to Kalis and assist Razorclaw there with keeping an optic on possible Autobot attempts into the area.

Vizier, continue with your work in Valvolux, I do anticipate a report form you soon.

Floodlight, report to me when you are between your city studies.

Ratbat, Survey Vos for energy use and requirements.

To the XOs and Counterpunch only:

Counterpunch, I need you to dig in and determine -who- helped Starscream build his city up so swiftly.

*Decepticon Spinny**

  • Jan 13 - "Solus Visits Trypticon" - Banshee asks Ghost to assist her with inviting Solus Prime to Trypticon.
  • Jan 13 - "A Warm Interlude" - After the meeting between Solus Prime, Banshee, and Trypticon, the spook-squad goes to den up and rest.
  • Jan 14 - "Training your Carrier" - Harbinger visits the Workshop, Ravage asking her to help decorate the quarters area. And then 'The Care and Training of Carriers' as discussed by the first of their symbiotes.
  • Jan 16 - "Order Pickup" - Ghost visits Crystal City to see if her request has been filled by Soundblaster.
  • Feb 9 - "Should Not Have Said That" - Things that shouldn't have been said lead to a confrontation in Vos.
  • Feb 12 - "Revenge Served Hot" - Starscream enacts his revenge for Ghost's choice of words.
  • March 03- "Look Into the Abyss" - Ghost journeys to check up on one ancient sage to insure that her prior work has held. Soundwave and company insist on accompanying her. Things go pear shaped.
  • March 07 - "Elegant Surroundings" - Ghost and Valour meet at the Jump Joint with Soundwave's cat.
  • March 09 - "History Being Made" - A meeting is requested with Sky High of Praxus for Calyhex' possible relocation
  • March 16 - "The Praxian Option" - Ghost tells Calyhex about the Praxian option and the fuel she's arranged begins to arrive.
  • March 19 - "Practical Interest" - Ghost reaches out to Incognito of Tyger Pax to request further aid for Calyhex's repair needs.
  • March 20 - "Yours Mine and Ours" - Preparations for the move have begun.
  • March 21 - "Control the Narrative" - Ghost has words with Blast Off about Revenge Served Hot.
  • March 23 - "Titanic Relocation" - Calyhex, the Titan, relocates to Praxus with the aid of a mixture of allies.
  • March 30 - "Places and Failures" - A brief discourse on the state of intel and moods: Ghost and Soundwave have a work talk.
  • April 1 - "Rescuing Ravage" - Dust Devil tracks Ravage down after his attack on Spike. Coming to rescue Ravage, Ghost shows her less than genteel side.
  • April 3 - "Matters of Protocol" - Ghost takes Banshee to task after she finds some information inside of Trypticon's security systems.
  • April 20 - "Reporting up the Chain" - Ravage and Cyclonus report on the investigation under Kalis
  • April 21 - "Eventful Times" - Ghost wanders towards Calyhex, absorbed in anothers code and ends up learning more about Alpha Trion's plans from Incognito. Oh, and another 'evil' Prime.
  • April 28 - "Panic on the Bash Floor" - Heading back to Praxus, Ghost takes a land route to review an event from weeks prior. Sideswipe decides to make this personal. Sideswipe vs Ghost: Sideswipe wins. Ghost:2, Sideswipe:1
  • April 29 - "Adamant Idiots" - Ghost is in the repair bay in Tarn. Omen and Ravage have a quiet discussion while guarding.
  • April 30 - "Paranoid Perspective" - Apparently the med team has notes on Ghost - She got 'the good meds'. Babbling, repetitive worries and a side order of paranoia.
  • May 4 - "Operation: Repayment" - Soundwave follows up on his promise to repay Sideswipe.
  • June 1 - "Ratbat vs Ghost" - Ratbat wants something from Ghost. (Icly, sometime before June 2)
  • June 2- "The Abyss Looks Back"- The inmates (Prisoners) locked and abandoned in Calyhex' West Wing attempt a breakout and take-over of the mostly abandoned asylum!
  • June 7 - "This is not Home" - After the attempted escape of the inmates from Calyhex, Ghost wakes. This is not Home.
  • June 17 - "Promise me a Lie" - Soundblaster continues to discuss his plans with Ghost's recordicons, telling her about Megatron's disappearance while keeping her bound and half disassembled.
  • June 19 - "You want to See?" - Ghost remains in the tender care of Soundblaster.
  • June - "Aborted Emancipation" - Soundblaster makes a mistake. Is Ghost rescued?
  • July 5- "Terrible Mistake" - Soundblaster realizes he's made a terrible mistake and works to return Ghost to the Decepticon's with as little trouble as possible.
  • July 6- "Permission to Retrieve" - Soundwave retrieves Ghost. Shockwave lends his aid and demonstrates his thoughts on events.
  • July 7 - "Compromised Debriefing" - Ghost wakes after her ordeal with Soundblaster. And then is inundated with current events.
  • July 9 - "Certain Advantages" - Vizier broaches an idea with Ghost on a potential new position.


=========================== Decepticon ===========================

Message: 5/87 Posted Author Intel Ops Update Mon Jul 12 Ghost

Text Only

Policy and protocols apply to each and every one of us and it is with regret that I must tender my resignation as the Intelligence Divisions Commander at this time. As our command structure maintains a certain fluidity that is not openly apparent to others, this message is to indicate that my succession directives have been triggered.

Floodlight will be taking up the reins of coordinating and compiling the datastreams and will continue to work hand in hand with Commanders Soundwave and Cyclonus as her seconds for external and internal operations at this time.

End Message

  • July 12 - "Resigned to New Things" - Ghost tenders her step-down from being the Commander of the Decepticon Intel Division. This prompts a variety of conversations.
  • July 13 - "Derelict Ship Investigation" - Two parties, one ship. Nothing goes as planned.
  • July 28 - "Ultrix Motives" - A meeting of Decepticons in Ultrix to discuss the cities possible
  • July 29 - "Accident not On Purpose" - Ghost runs into Cerebros at the Mithral sea.
  • July 31 - "Seaside Singing in Ultrix" - Ghost presents Ultrix to Banshee as the site for the first concert in Trypticon. Thunderblast, from Ultrix, ventures in to see what's going on.
  • Aug 9 - "Bartalk and Business" - Spike, Ravage, and Ghost in a bar, this can't go well.
  • Aug 12 - "A Start for Peace" - Ghost meets with Spike upon his request.
  • Aug 17 - "Ambassadorial Honesty" - Ghost invites Spike to a bar in Nova Cronum and the two decide, in the name of diplomacy, to get to know one another a bit better.
  • Aug 18 - "Engine of Peace" - Ghost stops back at the Philosopher's Club and meets Crosscut. Diplomatic overtures begin anew.
  • Aug 19 - "Impromptu Meeting of Shadows" - Carriers and tapes meet to discuss the current state of the empire.
  • Aug 20 - "Congrats You're My Second" - Ghost pokes, things go boom.
  • Aug 24 - "Third Time Charm" - After 2 other attempts to have a 'date', Ghost and Soundwave find themselves a small spot of time to share. It's nothing like either had planned but they are content for the tiny window of time.
  • Aug 27 - "Drive The Point Home" - Sideswipe comes across a meditating Ghost in the frigid Thunderhead pass. Overhearing snippets of words, he goes on the offensive, wanting to drive a point across.
  • Aug 27 - "Missing Bedside Manner" - After the ambush by Sideswipe, Hook takes Ghost to Tarn's medical facility. His bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired.
  • September 12 - "Sing For Me" - Trypticon wants his 'speakers' to sing for him. What Trypticon wants he will get in the end.
  • September 14 - "He Has Reasons" - Beneath the Decepticon-controlled city-state of Kalis lies an underground facility, home of the Salvation team. And now they've emerged, summoning an eclectic group of Cybertronians for reasons they will explain. Eventually. Part 1 of 2
  • September 15 - "A Unique Experience" - The Salvation team has called an eclectic group of beings together for myriad reasons. The main one, to restore a copy of Alpha Trion as Vector Trion. The purpose of this: To close a time loop from the past. . And now they've emerged, summoning an eclectic group of Cybertronians for reasons they will explain. Eventually. Part 2 of 2
  • September 19: "Pool Maintenance Surprise" - There's something amiss at the Pious Pools in Iacon.
  • September 20 - "Jiminy Cerebros" - Cerebros comes upon Ghost in Iacon Medical. She's not entirely together. The conversation is... awkward.
  • September 20 - "Ratchet to the Rescue?" - Ratchet intercepts... whatever it was that Hubcap was doing.
  • September 21 - "What To Do WIth Ghost" - More Iacon Medical discussion on what to do with their guest And then Brainstorm.
  • September 24 - 'Trusting Dust Devil' - Red Alert visits Iacon medical. He's not happy with a Ghost there.
  • September 29 - "Iacon Medical Chatter" - Starlock posted a report about the Autobots erstwhile guest, Ghost. Several gather in Iacon Medical to discuss. In the background, the IRC channel is rife with chatter and Trypticon lands in Ultrix, in preparation for the upcoming concert.
  • October 1 - 'Under Temporary Hold' - Crosscut gets Starlock to lower Ghost's dosage for a talk with permission from Jazz.
  • October 2 - 'An Undefined Emotion About This' - Blaster visits medical to catch up on the 'haps with the unexpected guest.
  • October 3 - 'Waking Chaos' - Cerebros visits the guest in Iacon Medical. A series of small moments that leads to chaos, confusion, and an angry Decepticon Comm's Officer.
  • October 07 - "Release the Spectre" - Ghost is freed from Iacon.
  • October 22 - "Took You Long Enough" - Ravage prompts Soundwave to ask a question of some mild importance.
  • October 24 - "Rollout Date Fail" - Small social at The Rollout doesn't go well.
  • October 26 - "Overcharged And Cuddly" - Ghost hits her personal still up for a drink and some relaxation after an attempted 'date night' fails yet again. What could go wrong?
  • November 5 - "BOOM Goes the Tower" - Someone launches an attack on Ultrix.
  • November 24 - "Who is Dreaming" - Talking of dreams and Vector Sigma.
  • December 9 - "Not Desert Nightlife" - Ghost and Ratchet find themselves both in the Remote Desert region looking for something.

Dec 10 - Report and Med Review Request

Ghost's white visage pops into view after the imperial graphic in a message addressed to general populace then a section to only command and medical. Her finials are flicking back and forth as she dusts sand off of herself with a frown, Omen perched on her shoulder.

"Right, right, Omen I -am- reporting it, hush. Ahem." Getting nipped for the sass and wincing. "Omen and I took a trip to investigate the Remote Desert Region, following up on all of the very public chatter on events there during the planetary shakes and light show since we had not seen anyone else taking a peek. Upon arrival, 3 sand.. pits were visible now near the old city of Alyon with obvious re-arrangement of the dunes in patterns leading into them." There's a wark-kraa from the Raven. "I'll -get to it-, calm down."

There's a moment of quiet as she wipes what looks like sand off her finials, making a face about the whole thing. "Ran into a single Autobot, Ratchet. He was there doing scans as well but not for the same reasons. Appears that during the whole event, Imager went missing, 'swallowed up' he said. They found a bit of helmet but nothing else matching her there yet. He did ask nicely that if we did find anything, if we could let him know."

Omen sticks her beak into the camera, giving everyone a side-optic and warking, "Get on with it, idddiot. Report.. Medical scan needed." Ghost pulls Omen back, getting stabbed in the hand by said beak. "FRAG! Omen! For frags sake.. I'm -getting to it-, calm down for Primus' sake." She toggles the remainder of the message to command and medical.

Omen stabs Ghost's hand with her beak, grumbling as she settles, "Is Primus am worried about, idiot. Is -not- ok to lose time. Is not ok to feel.. all -that-."

"Right. So there was an.. odd moment and as much as I'd rather just let matters work things out on their own, I find myself being bullied into requesting a.. er.." She rubs the side of her helm, "Medical scan. I.. lost a bit of time there and think I might've hallucinated some odd things. Yes I'm fully refueled, yes I've been recharging and defragging, no I didn't hit my head.. recently. But yes, the cadre seems to be in an accord and are insisting. There, happy bird?"

Omen warks and gently gives a headbutt, grumbling and grooming the finial she can reach. "Right, end of message. I -feel- fine by the way, just an odd moment."

Message dissolves back to the imperial image then ends.

  • December 11 - "Long Overdue Debriefing" - Starscream asks Ghost for a debrief. Soundwave prods as well leading to Ghost spilling a great quantity of information out.
  • December 20 - "Personal Medical Evaluation" - Shockwave opts to be the one giving Ghost her requested medical scan. More questions arise.
  • December 23 - "Desert Dreamtime" - Shockwave calls Ghost and an escort to the northern desert to see if her experience can be repeated. And scanned. Soundwave comes as does Valour.
  • December 28 - "Introspective Moral Quandries" - The Neo-Titan has some difficulties without the 3rd component to stabilize. Ghost's pulled gently in that direction while trying to meditate, causing a moral quandary for the operative. Then Deathsaurus happens. It's a long day for Ghost.
  • December 29 - "Warm Surprise" - Ghost returns 'home' after her horribly busy day dealing with despotic Destron commander tantrums and a Neo-Titan causing moral quandaries. Soundwave has a small surprise for her.
  • December 29 - "Unexpected Reparations" - Deathsaurus volunteers to pay reparations after he smashed sideswipe with a rock. The ask is surprisingly unexpected.


Jan 23 - Report

Ghost's visage flickers into view, somewhere dark and dank, and damaged.

Ghost reporting in. I'm in Praxus right now. Lord Starscream. The Ambassador Crosscut approached me while I was out and about for a short discussion. He has been informed of the information concerning that ship that once was in Earth's Orbit and will be insuring that Optimus is made aware of the.. situation.

And speaking of the Ambassador, please let me know when and where you wish to propose for the initial peace discussion with the Autobot so that I may do the work to which you assigned me. We do need to consider -where- we would prefer these discussions to occur. While Praxus has served well in the past due to your lordship's excellent negotiation in the past, it would not do well for the Autobots to begin thinking they are 'in our pockets' with how often they allow us to select them as our chosen site for such things. I would have offered Ultrix but.. *She smiles an odd little smile*

Perhaps we should offer to host in Tyrest, close enough to Iacon that they would feel 'safe', close enough to Kalis that we would also have troops at the ready. Or another location, one uninhabited and set up a meeting pavilion , perhaps on the Kalis Overpass. These are things you should confer and confirm with your strategists and tacticians and let me know as soon as possible so I know what to offer and what we would be willing to negotiate to for the end result.

Ghost out.

  • Jan 8 - "Similar Strengths And Ideas" - Ghost comes across Floodlight in Trypticon's Comm center and work on a few plans and objectives for the intel division.
  • Jan 22 - "Diplomatic Discussions Of Danger" - Crosscut comes upon Ghost and Incognito in Praxus and learns a few more things to bring back to Optimus.
  • Jan 24 - "Little Bit Crazy" - Ghost spends time with Hush and Scope after Calyhex returns. She has a brief moment of honest wishing.

Feb 01 - Negotiation Location and Time Proposal

Good cycle Ambassador,

I hope this message finds you well. As the spokesfemme for our Empire, I am coming to you with information on where our leadership has concluded we should have the initial negotiation meeting. The City-state of Triax, in Uraya. As this is a city-state that has no history of being beholden to either of our groups, unlike Praxus, and has sponsored an interview with Lord Megatron once upon a time, it is being put forth for consideration. The city-state itself is more than capable of policing the negotiations with their internal security force: It goes without saying that both sides should bring their own and supply a list to the other of attendees so that we can avoid any immediate conflict from personal situations that could color or prevent the actual discussions. For the Empire, Acting Lord Starscream of Vos will be in attendance, Ambassadors Ghost of Cybertron and Vizier of Caminus, Executive Officer Soundwave and Division Commanders Headlight and Valour. I look forward to meeting with you on February 8th at 6 pm (Cyberdate 99705.88). Should you have need of me for any additional details, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for this opportunity, Ghost.

  • Feb 3 - "Not Making Sense" - A moment in Praxus: Incognito and Calyhex see Ghost have a moment.
  • Feb 7 - "Asked Myself Why" - Soundwave and Ghost have a short discussion on respect and boundaries.
  • Feb 8 - "In Peace We Trust" - The Peace Accords meeting doesn't end peacefully.
  • February 08 - "Unwelcome Guests" - Someone crashes the Cybertron peace meeting.
  • Feb 9 - "Not A Real Decepticon" - Ghost comes to the logical conclusion that she's no longer a Decepticon.
  • Feb 12 - "A Spark Of Pragmatism" - Ravage decides to go digging into Ghost's past to answer questions he has concerning Megatron.
  • March 2 - "TruthSeeking For Trypticon" - Summary: Banshee journeys to Kaon to meet this Primus Pilus herself. A shadow tags along.
  • March 15 - "Loyalties and Challenges" - Skald rises to the challenge of this Primus Pilus, calling him out in the arena of Kaon. Multiple optics watch and someone takes advantage of the situation. What had happened was...
  • April 7 - "Eneraetherology and Twinglies" - Some 'con dame's asked Backblast to escourt her into Autobot territory, namely Iacon and the Iacon plains looking for a 'Hot Spot', and not a discoteque or a bar either. Not even a Protectobot! Folly joins the safari, offering her own unique and very introspective knowledge.
  • April 20 - "Help Me Make it Stop" - Ghost and Soundwave reach out to the Autobots to help with her reactions to what seem like hot spots across the planet.

Apr 19 - Trypticon Relocation

Ghost's friendly visage comes into view, the Command Center of Trypticon behind her. "Attention. Trypticon has relocated to an area in the Tri-Torus region from Polyhex. It is advised that patrols not associated or controlled through Trypticon Command adjust themselves accordingly to avoid the area. Those assigned to Trypticon are able to take over the patrols of the region at this time. Thank you.

Imperial Diplomat Ghost out.

May 5 - From Ghost

Greetings Lord Thunderwatch of Stanix. This message may come as some surprise, but I assure you that I have only the betterment and safety of you and your citizens at the forefront of my mind. While I personally applaud your endeavors, recent events lead me to believe that your options may have become more limited if you wish to continue with your progress towards defending your city and your citizens. I would like to broker a discussion, in person, as the Diplomat of the Empire, to discuss your unique situation and offer another means to maintain your semi-independence without additional violence. Both to your person and those you profess to defend. I am available at your convenience for a meeting. Thank you for your time, Ghost, Imperial Diplomat, Security Director for Trypticon


Ghost is played by Scaythe, a member of JudgeStaff.