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Generic characters are interchangeable characters, appearing mostly in animated shows or comic strips. They often reappear at different times with different jobs, or are seen in the background. Animation or comic strip artists, when in need of a character who furthers the story without becoming part of it, often use an existing character from their repertoire instead of inventing a new one. Generics can be considered to be similar to gag characters, but might stay longer.


It is rare that a generic gets a speaking part, but it has happened from time to time. However, if the character is given a name they cease to be a generic and becomes a regular old character (see Sunstorm for an example of such an apotheosis).

Here is a list of some generic characters:

Notable generics

G.I. Joe


I don't know how, but I'm pretty sure the Decepticons were cheating.

  • Seekers - The comparatively low number of Decepticons in the early episodes of the cartoon led to the filling out of the ranks with numerous generics based on the existing cast, most notably the Seekers.
  • Reflector - At times, there were more than three. Though to be fair, it's speculated that Reflector was just one guy who could clone himself...
  • Rumble/Frenzy body types. Just look at the picture to the right.
  • Junkions - Hordes of generic Junkions tended to appear whenever the cartoon visited that planet. Sometimes Lithone character models were repurposed as Junkions.
  • The "historic footage" from "Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 2" features a large number of generics with completely made-up character models. Some of these models later show up again in "The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 1", "The Burden Hardest to Bear" and even The Headmasters.

Fight or Flee

  • Paradrons - The entire population of Paradron save for Sandstorm were generics, especially their medics. However, the unnamed Communication Autobot had a distinct design, and even spoke a few lines.

Disposable Characters

On the MUX, generics are appable as Disposable Characters.

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