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The Iacon gates are a legendary shield system of triple reinforcement. Several large cannons are mounted strategically along it, even four of the dreaded warp cannons! Turreted guard towers line the semi-circular perimeter out of the necessity of war. Golden walls rise a good 10 stories tall overlooking the arched entrance to Iacon's main dome. Autobot sentries guard the main entrance, ever watchful of potential Decepticon threats. A large protected entrance is near the main staging area. Over a deep empty moat extends a bridge that can be retracted during an attack.


This gate was punished and destroyed by Trypticon in 2017, but has been rebuilt since.



  • November 18 - "Spelunking for Crystals" - Scales investigates the holes in the ground left by Fortress Maximus previously.
  • November 19 - "Performance Review" - Cerebros, Spike, and Fortress Maximus all consider what could have gone better.
  • November 20 - "With the Benefit of Hindsight" - Scales, Dust Devil, and Spike all work to make the forcefield safer and teach the younger Bots about paperwork. On IRC, Deathsaurus laments his choices.


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