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Galen is a Nebulan from the Decepticon World Universe.

The Transformers was one of Prince Valiant's weirder adventures.

Galen Kord is the leader of Nebulos' supreme ruling body, the Council of Peers. Within the Council, he leads the World Watchers as a caretaker of the planet's ten thousand years of peace. Keeping this peace is an obligation Galen holds above all others, even above the love he shares with Llyra. Indeed, it is for this integrity that Llyra loves him.

Llyra is the daughter of Lord Zarak, a senior member of the Council of Peers, with whom Galen frequently disagrees. Galen is friends with Duros, the commander of the Council's security force. Both Galen and Duros are committed to peace no matter the cost.

This resolve has been tested when the Transformers arrived on their homeworld.


Decepticon World Universe

In 2013, a mysterious being from another planet who identified himself as Jetfire descended on the planet Nebulous. The calm and measured Decepticon introduced himself and offered a new era of peace and trade with the Nebulons. He asked the Nebulons if they would be willing to offer shelter for a band of beings known as Autobots in exchange for their scientific and cultural knowledge. The Nebulons accepted Jetfire's offer immediately, and within weeks, a space bridge carried nearly 400 Autobots to their new home. 
In the ensuing years, the Autobots and Nebulons lived in peace. But the Autobots, low on resources, soon requested to use the resources of Nebulous to build a city and eventually begin building a fleet of additional Autobots with the hopes of liberating both Earth and Cybertron. While the Autobots continued to assist the Nebulons in their scientific advances (mainly in the realm of space travel), some Nebulons began to voice anti-Autobot sentiment. The Autobots were beginning to take up too much of their resources. They began to overstay their welome, and their mere presence jeapordized the safety of the Nebulons for fear that the planet would be destroyed by the Decepticons if the Autobots were discovered. 
Though the majority of the Nebulons still supported the Autobots, Zarak capitalized on the loud minority of dissenters. Galen continues to be a vocal supporter of the Autobots, but Zarak's highly organized group has effectively capitalized on every Autobot mistake while they have stayed on Nebulos. And now, with less than a decade of being on Nebulos, the Autobots face a rising tide of anti-Autobot sentiment. And with the Autobots being too low in numbers to take back Cybertron and too weak to even mount an effective attack to liberate Earth, the Autobot leaders hope Galen can continue to persuade the majority of Nebulos to back the Autobots for at least another few decades as they rebuild after millions of years of being forced underground. 


Galen is @emited by SpikeWitwicky, appropriately enough.