Gabriel Savage

Marksman specialists are there for the GI Joe team when specific Cobra targets need to be acquired and neutralized. Marksmen are the team members who deliver long-range precision fire at selected targets from concealed positions. Recruits in training to be marksman specialists learn fieldcraft techniques and how to gauge distances. They constantly practice their marksmanship skills to perfect their accuracy and hit the target precisely, first round, every time. They also must develop the patience, stamina and discipline to be still for long periods of time, while remaining ready to take advantage of the right moment whenever it presents itself.

Greenshirt 1842 Gabriel Savage tended to appear like he was asleep most of the time, generally to fool people into thinking he wasn't on top of his game. However, he was known for his professional way of handling the jobs he was given.

"All it takes is one shot."


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

MUX History:

Gabriel Savage was assigned to G.I. Joe Support as Greenshirt 1842 at the end of November, 2007. Unfortunately he was badly injured less than a month later, and was brought back unconscious to the Pit infirmary. He died December 17, 2007.



Gabriel Savage was created as a Disposable Character created and played by triaxus.

Applied November 27, 2007.

Last seen December 17, 2007 after being brought in unconscious to the Pit infirmary.


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