Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: Frozen Find

Characters: Crosswise, Deathsaurus, Doublecross, Scarlett, Skuld, Spike, Starlock, 
Arachnae, Backblast, Encore, Esmeral, Firestar, Floodlight, Goth, Hellbat, Hot Rod, 
Imager, Omen, Red Alert, Springer, Windblade

Location: Alaska; Nevada Desert

Date: August 22, 2020

TP: New Harmonex TP

Summary: Joes uncover a frozen mostly dead Cybertronian in Alaska and ask for help. 
A random assortment of helpers arrive.

As logged by  Skuld

Log session starting at 18:38:55 on Saturday, 22 August 2020.

<> <Highland Storm> Hm…


Spike is in the vehicle with Scarlett. He frowns in concentration "I would REALLY like to have another Autobot around here, but...based on experience...there HAS been at least two Transformers I know that have been buried outside the Ark..." He looks over at Scarlett. "One of them...Skyfire...was in a similar region.

<> <<Underwood>> so anyone passing through is.. likely at risk of being drained as well

<> <<Underwood>> if not worse

<> <Slim Pickens> well I didnt see an issue with it, used it recently. But..maybe thats a fluke

BF 2000 Marauder Snowmobile, from

A Joe team with some Arctic special ops, an engineer, and a logistics specialist coming out with some of the eponymous Joe snowmobiles. Tightly wrapped up in a parka, Scarlett would come out of the transport on the snow mobiles. "Priority is to assess what the thing is, whether it's a threat or it's something worth salvaging."

<> <<Underwood>> I've been training to pin point where it is but ah.. it isn't going well, as I do not have a fully build or working space bridge.. yet

<> <Highland Storm> This is familiar.

<> <<Underwood>> ohh thank Chela you are okay

<> <<Underwood>> just.. be careful when usingi t okay?

<> <Highland Storm> I've found something like this a'fore and it wasnae good... if it's the bastard I think it is, if he's in the Space Bridge we've go' an embuggerance on our hands.

Deathsaurus doesn't come to Earth often but when he does, it's mostly to observe the area. He's chosen the mountains because they are unpopulated. The giant robot dragon slinks around a mountain like something out of a techno fantasy novel.

<> <<Underwood>> A what?

<> <Slim Pickens> Im not afraid of it

<> <Slim Pickens> I can kick its aft if it comes after me.

<> <Highland Storm> His name's Bomb-Burst, he's... a techno-organic energy vampire. Last time we met I ripped his arm off and beat him away wit' it.

Spike nods. He flinches slightly as the cold hits him. He's been used to desert living for a few weeks now. Even with his winter gear, the cold still blasts him. His coveralls have some minor tools, mainly the scanning type.

<> <<Underwood>> So he's like me?

<> <Highland Storm> I dinnae ken yez.

<> <Voidwalker> . . . did he have tenticals?

Spike says, "If it's cool, I would say to just observe and have the Autobots be the main determiner for assessing this...whatever it is, and if it's worth salvaging.""

Skuld comes revving up towards the area in junkcycle mode, singing over broadband radio as she approaches. << Heeeere I come to save the day! >> A call for aid went out, and she was on Earth to answer! Never mind *why* she was in Alaska. Who knows why Junkions do things?

<> <<Underwood>> While i'm not techno-organic i'm an energon vampire

<> <Highland Storm> You're sane, lad.

<> <Highland Storm> Bomb-burst kens only one thing - hunger. He's... go' a predator's cunning, but there's nobody home anymore, if there ever was.

They probably don't realize that they did indeed get through to the Autobots. Buuuuut the Autobots are having other issues with getting around, thanks to SOMEONE managing to somehow malfunction Space Bridges.

Fortunately, Doublecross has connections... And by connections, I mean he used his position as a procurial agent to 'borrow' (pay off) one of the lightspeed transports used to ferry supplies between Cybertron and Metroplex that were too volatile to send through the Space Bridge. As luck would have it, thanks to said Space Bridge issue, one had been leaving in short order for Metroplex.

The pilot wasn't too keen on having a Monsterbot passenger though, bonus pay or not. Nor did he want to deviate too far from his intended landing at Autobot City. Some convincing (and bit more extra energon) got a compromise to pass over Alaska on the way there. Which was enough to allow Doublecross to skydive from the transport as it did so, gleefully yelling "EAT YOUR HEART OUT DISASTER TRANSPORT!" as he leap out the cargo hold. Fortunately he -can- fly, not gracefully, but he can, and that's enough to at least keep his descent towards the snowy plains below mostly under control.

<> <<Underwood>> hmmm I'd likely would of picked up if it where a type of being liek that

<> <<Underwood>> That and it requier some sort of ahh... hmmm eletrical? make up to remain withen the nexsus without ever propperly coming through

<> <Highland Storm> He's a wiley, stealthy bastard of a monster. He might be able t' hide.

Spike looks up as he hears something from the sky. "What the living hell?!"

<> <<Underwood>> mmm again i'd likely been able to disconcer that, but.. hmmmmmm.. Well, all i can hope it is this said indavidual and nothing to do with what happenedi n the nebula.

A faint but trackable emergency homing beacon has been sent out, traceable by anyone with, say, a Warworld or Planet-Destroying Fortress. Unaware, a small team of human excavation workers stand over what they've found, half-frozen in the thawing tundra. They've tried to contact the Autobots, but with the recent disruption of Autobot City communications, they've had trouble getting through. So, they've even tried the US government, although who knows who'd THEY'd send.

What the excavators have found is a giant robot, half-buried in rock at the bottom of an icy slope. Difficult to say how long it's been here, although a casual glance would suggest, 'a while.' The robot is rusted black with gold accents and the occasional green panel. Its face is hidden behind a dented mask and a cracked green visor. Shoulder-mounted missile pods are long empty, and the only sign of life is a faint light blinking on its chest.

As the Joe team comes in and do a random assortment of Autobots and others, in the distance Scarlett lets out a -swear- as sh sees the giant Decepticon. "Lovely. Someone tag in that we have MEchagodzilla out here and no B-2's around." Relatively little in the Joe arsenal is going to make a dent in something that big. And the things they do are for 'end of the world' style scenarios. She has a heavy pistol drawn out as she sweeps the distance to look at Deathsaurus. Going to take up a set of binoculars. <<Autobots, I need a tactical assessment of the interloper. Do we engage or fall back?>> Looking at Deathsaurus in the distance.

<< i can scramble some airstrikes but they'll take time to get out here and I'm not going to put my pilots at risk doing a missile run on something they won't hurt.>>

<<Autobot>> Spike says, "So...most likely...there's another Cybertronian that has been buried on Earth for some time...investigating now."

<<Autobot>> Hot Rod offers, "Is it an Omega Sentinel?"

Spike 's face turns pale as he sees Deathsaurus. "Oh....oh HELL no...."

Spike looks over at Scarlett and looks at the Mechazilla form. "He's...uh...Deathsaurus."

Spike frowns in great annoyance, "He said he would NEVER come to Earth"

<<Autobot>> Spike says, "No...and lo and behold...Damnit...can SOMEONE tell me why Deathsaurus is on Earth as well?!"

Skuld finds a slope to jump from, firing her jump jets as she goes. She transforms in mid-air, landing and pulling out her mallet at the same time. "Who's the meanest? Who's the prettiest?!" She twirls the mallet, turning to face Deathsaurus. "Kaiju!" She's barely a mouthful compared to the Destron, but she's a brave little Junkion.

<<Autobot>> Suicide JOCKEY! Backblast says, "So long as you're not in Japan you'll probably be able to debate with him."

The junkcycle untwists and expands, becoming Skuld who poses like a true heroine, brandishing her mallet!

<<Autobot>> Spike says, "...thanks..."

Let's be honest, you'd have to be blind to not see the giant space kaiju lurking around the mountains. Especially from overhead. Or one would assume that's why the right head cranes in that direction. "Hey, do you see that? That's not what they're talking about is it?" The left hand grabs the right head and yanks it forward again, as the left head snaps "Look at the ground coming up fast first!" "Oh, right!... Should we melt it first?" "It might burn the squishies."

Both realizing that, instead Doublecross spreads his wings wide, tucks in his arms and angles his lower body to stick out both his back legs, claws ready to grab the ice.... and ends up instead slipping and falling on his tail, skidding several more meters on the slick surface on his back before swirling slowly to a stop. Holds up one forelimb. "I'm okay!" "I told you we should of melted it first," the other head snaps.

Deathsaurus doesn't seem to be attacking anyone. "Oh great. Locals." he scans the area. "And Junkions. And Autobots." he grumbles a bit "Just when you want to go out for a nice flight to scan a what brings you guys here? Surely its not me. You know better than to mess with me right?"

<> <Slim Pickens> oh great. Locals.

Spike looks at Scarlett and gives an apologetic look, almost like he's apologizing for a drunk uncle. He runs toward Deathsaurus and looks up. "OK...first off, what the HELL are you doing here on Earth? Didn't you say you were going to stay away from here?!"

<<Autobot>> Director? Red Alert says, "Please be careful, Spike. Remember: Caution can never be overused."

<<Autobot>> Spike says, "Don't...worry..."

Scarlett would speak to Spike, "Well, obviously he didn't hold up his end of it." Then she would call out to Deathsaurus along the comm, "I'm Scarlett of the GI JOE team. State your reasons for being on Earth and your invasion of North American territory. I don't care -what- you can do or /what/ you're capable of. You'll have to deal with us and we -will- have you torn apart limb from limb." Her tone snappish and in a frame that is -not- to be trifled with when it came to trying to cow the giant kaiju that she would be about the size of a toenail of.

While this went on, the Joe engineer and technician group would be going to the immobilized, frozen robot to try and do a system diagnostic with what equipment they had on-hand.

Skuld watches Spike run towards the kaiju and twirls the mallet again, ending with it head-down so she can lean on it. "Is he always like that?" she asks the air.

Spike shakes his head adamantly to Scarlett. "No! Wait! Don't...set him off like that. He's kind of a loose cannon!" He looks at Deathsaurus. "No one's going to harm you...but we DO need answers!"

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Well....technically caution CAN be overused."

<<Autobot>> Spike says, "Dust...I SO wish you were here right now"

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "If Spike was on a deserted island with food and water but didn't eat it because he thought it MIGHT be poisoned....and he died. Wouldn't that be caution that was overused?"

Deathsaurus rolls his optics. "I said I wouldn't make Earth a top priority target. Which its not." He says. "Locals are getting a bit hostile aren't they?" he asks. "Its not like I'm near any civilizations or anything. Why don't you just get back to whatever brought you out here and I'll do the same?"

<<Autobot>> Spike says, "DUSTY....Deathsaurus is here...a little guidance would be MUCH appreciated right now anyone."

<<Autobot>> Skuld says, "I'll keep you safe!"

GAME: Spike FAILS a LEADERSHIP roll of High difficulty.

Spike nods and says in a bit of nervous, breaking tone. "You're trespassing on our world."

It takes a little more shuffling and figuring out how to prop his limbs and tail for Doublecross to get up off the ice. One head meanwhile watches Spike run off towards the big fella. "That is one very brave squishie." "Or foolish." Both heads peer at each other. "Both?" Undulating nods. "Both is good." Well, the military is here too... that is a military, right? Militia. Something like that.

With that settled the smaller (in comparison to the kaiju over there) dragon trods over to the form partially buried in the ice. "Global warming is a sum of a glitch, isn't it?" The left head taps its jaw with the opposite hand. "Does it look like anyone you know?" "I'd recognize those missile pods anywhere!" Pause. Then the right head continues. "Can't say the same for the fella they're connected to though."

<<Autobot>> Director? Red Alert says, "No. Being cautious would include testing the only food source as safely as possible. It would not demand you die simply of fear. Your stereotyping of my core values is just one more reason no one likes me!"

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "I like you!"

<<Autobot>> Spike says, "Damnit, guys - now's not time for hypotheticals! We have like a mechanical Godzilla versus Mothra possible throw down that miight be going on right now!"

<<Autobot>> Doublecross says, "Do we like you?" "Who are you again?"

<<Autobot>> Hot Rod would note, "Maybe you can see if Omega Supreme or Sky Lynx can get down there?"

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "But...isn't mothra his daughter?"

Skuld tumps herself on her chest with a hand. "It's not the size of the body that counts, it's the size of the heart!" She picks up the mallet again and walks after Spike to guard his back. "Get back, dragon! This isn't your hoard!"

<<Autobot>> Spike says, "*sighs* Again...EDC is here. We're doing our best, but some help REALLY would be appreciated."

Spike looks at Skuld, then Scarlett. "Careful...he's like an old engine. He may be hard to start, but once he gets moving, he's nearly impossible to stop. threats - please."

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Ummmm they're not gonna shoot at them are they?"

Scarlett would just narrow her eyes, "You're still trespassing. And by your statement you seem to have no reservations on engaging in hostility." She would warn. "You even -calculate- that in your processor, and there will be severe consequences, Deathsaurus. So just understand that." Her tone firm on that but she's not yelling for airstrikes or artillery to be sent in. 

Or the most dangerous thing of all. The GI JOE NINJA TEAM

<<Autobot>> Spike says, "I sure hope not..."

<<Autobot>> Spike says, "It would be a VERY short fight"

<<Autobot>> Doublecross says, "Tell you what." "Keep him busy and I'll see about getting this scrap-ah-mech out of the ice" "Then we can figure out if he's still alive or only good for parts."

<<Autobot>> Spike says, "So...this 'thing' in the ice, the faction insignia is either missing or too faint to detect, definitely Cybertronian. Size...average. It's operating at extremely low power."

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "keep in mind they could also be a neutral"

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "a lot of them went into space when the war started getting bad"

<<Autobot>> Doublecross says, "Yeah, we don't see any faction markings either."

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Starlock left too...maybe she'll know whoever it is. SO they're on ice?"

<<Autobot>> Doublecross says, "Literally"

Deathsaurus does not seem scared in the least bit. But he does hover off the ground slightly. "So what I'm hearing is. You wish to make yourselves enemies of the Destron empire. So tell me whose military you belong to so I can remember this. And for the note, I was just minding my own business away from civilization." He thinks "Maybe there's something here you're protecting. Let's see what brought you here.."

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "...I'm taking that as I should go over?"

GAME: Spike FAILS a COURAGE roll of Very High difficulty.

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "You could bring me. I have the best personality."

Spike frowns and runs in the way to where Deathsaurus is stepping. He points up at Deathsaurus. "No! Shut up! Just...shut the hell up. No one's making war with the Destron empire! No one is making ANY war. This Cybertronian is on OUR planet, we will ensure he or she gets the BEST possible care! We have some of the best medics around."

Occasionally one head looks over towards the humans and the Junkion and the big grumpy gumpus of a Destron. "Uh, I don't think negotiating with him is going well."

"Fine then," the other head retorts. "We'll just speed things up a bit." One maw opens and shoots some fire at the ice surrounding the other mech.

"Guess he'll have a WARM reception to wake up to!" The other head joins in with his own fire breath.

Doublecross is at least being careful to not use the full fusion plasma flamethrowers, at least.

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Sure.."

Skuld nods. "I'm the number one genius in the universe!" she agrees with Spike. "Let me have him at my mercy, I'll take great care of him!"

<> <Slim Pickens> I swear humans sometimes.

An ancient Cybertronian lies half-buried in ice and rock, although Doublecross is helpfully melting the rest of the ice around it. Its charge is near-zero, but it's sending out a low-power distress signal.

<> <Voidwalker> Todays a dumpsterfire

<> <Slim Pickens> Starlock?

<> <Slim Pickens> Im changing the calendar.

<> <Voidwalker> yes?

Scarlett would just call out to Deathsaurus, "There is a noncombatant seeming Cybertronian here that is in deep stasis and from what we can tell is on extremely low energon. Unless they're moved carefully to a functioning medical facility, they risk termination. There are no signs of them being Autobot or Decepticon. No faction insignia, and they are not putting out a recognizable transponder code. Your intervention would likely result in their death. I don't know who they are but they are on Earth and under our protection as a non combatant that is unconscious. It does not matter the circumstances or the species. They are a civilian at risk and we /will/ fight to protect them. The Autobots are the ones with the nearest medical facilities capable of dealing with an unknown but emergency situation. I am -fine- with once we're sure that the civilian is safe and has been stabilized of having further discussions at a neutral site only -with- their assent and request for their future. But I will -not- tolerate the taking of any actions, by you or anyone else that puts an innocent life in danger."

Deathsaurus considers "Someone from my planet who hasn't identified themselves with our war is half buried and the first thing they're gonna see is Autobots. You know. I could probably unbury them quicker then you guys can. I could be pretty helpful about it too. But since you decided to be so hostile about it..."

Spike frowns and looks up at Deathsaurus. "Deathsaurus...let us handle this! We've unburied Cybertronians before."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "So."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "The Autobots and their human allies seem to have found something on Earth. A cybertronian half buried in the snow. Unaligned. They're being /real/ protective about it."

"You all say that." "Yet we're the ones doing all the work!" Doublecross retorts between flame breaths.

Starlock comes into the area with a thwum! A familiar small medical space transport arrives in the sky and starts to descend, transforming into the familiar mini-bot medic, Starlock! She opens her optics and blinks, looking at the... mess, that was currently going on and pinches her nose bridge, what a day... She's shivering, dang cold, she starts moving forward. Taking a moment to look over the area to ensure all the noise wasn't going to cause an avalanche! 

She'd cough into her fist at everyone.

<<Decepticon>> Analyst Floodlight says, "Can you send a visual on the Cybertronian? I can run a search..."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "not enough data yet here's what we've got (Sends a image of some black metal sticking out of the snow)"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Like I said they're being all hostile and protective."

Spike looks over at Starlock and sighs with relief. "Starlock! Boy, am I ever glad to see you!"

Scarlett would then go after a moment, "Very well. In the event that they are a member of your faction, you are an authorized representative of them. That gives you permission to be here when they are treated to observe and ensure that they are properly functional and to assist with their recovery. That is contingent on your willingness to state for the record you will not engage in any acts of hostility or disruption during the recovery and treatment process of the noncombatant and if they do come online and they are not a member of your faction or they do not wish to depart with you, then you will accept their decision in the matter. In turn our forces will stand down and you will be permitted to assist and monitor as this -is- a non combatant and there are Autobot representatives present, so I see no reason that a parley to help recover them and bring them online cannot have a representative of another faction. Do you then give your word and agree to these conditions for a parley?"

Skuld folds her arms, mallet sticking over her shoulder. "You need adult supervision." It's not quite clear if she's saying it to Spike or Deathsaurus.

Deathsaurus grunts. "Well I would help. But I'm afraid I'll get a missile up my butt if I get any closer." He says, flicking his tail in annoyance. "Very well, Scarlett is it?" he asks. "I accept your parley and I give you my word of honor that it will be upheld so long as no one attacks me. I will not fight back."

<<Decepticon>> Analyst Floodlight says, "I'll see what I can do with whatever you send."

Spike nods and sighs "No one will attack you, have our word."

Scarlett would call out, "As the ranking member of the Earth Defense Command, authorized under the Geneva Convention, so long as the terms of the parley are met Deathsaurus is permitted to accompany us and is to not be attacked or interfered with. Representative of the Autobots, representative of the Junkions, representative of Earth Defense Command, Deathsaurus, we are all witnesses here." 

And Doublecross.

Starlock just gives a thumbs up at the parlay going well and walks over to look at this supposed neutral, tilting her helm as she looked through her memory, wondering if she ever saw someone like this... Though partly distracted by wondering what kind of dumpster fire she'd just walked into.

Deathsaurus nods "So formal." He says. "I am in agreement." He bows his head. "Permission to approach the trapped cybertronian? Your monsterbot is helping but I think the fire might not be the best idea."

Spike nods. He looks over at the monsterbot. "Uh...may want to chill on the fire for just a few moments."

Skuld nods. "Promises must be kept no matter what the cost may be." She turns to also look at the frozen Cybertronian, since it seems the kaiju isn't about to rampage.

Spike looks at Deathsaurus. "I assure you, the repair facilities in Autobot City are first rate."

Doublecross takes a couple of steps back as the ice is good and melting now. "Oh good, a medic arrived." "After we did all the hard work." The right hand smacks the left head. "Don't be a smartass!" Then gestures towards the silent figure. "He's all yours." "What about dibs?" This time the left hand smacks the right. "That was before we knew he was still alive, idiot!"

Doublecross seems to get fed up with the smacking back and forth of his own heads, and finally shifts to robot mode. This mentality is more stable, right? Right? .... If only....

Starlock clicks his jaw. "...Sorry guys, Des--Deathsaurus is actually right on this, quickly thawing them in that manner is going to cause damage with them in stasis, can cause a system shock from going to cold to hot so fast, then we'll be dealing with a spark-spasm and the waves from that.." Starlock sighs. "Need to cut them out of the glacier then move them and the ice into a warm building and let it melt slowly." 

Then Starlock's optics suddenly widen as she double takes looking at him, a moment of silent recognition of /something/ on her face.

GAME: Spike FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of High difficulty.

Spike nods. He looks up at Starlock. "Everything OK?"

Scarlett calls out, "Defer to the medic! Everyone, operate under her directions." A command to the Joes and others present on her end. "Pass along what data you've picked up." A small Joe team has been scanning with some general diagnostic equipment to pick up what they can.

Not much. But still being transferred over.

As soon as someone mentions cutting them out Doublecross clamps one mouth-hand shut with the other. "No. Our sawblade is too big and messy for that kind of precision cutting," he scolds... himself?

Told you there was little chance this form was more stable. Maybe just less erratic.

Starlock waves back to Spike. "Y..Yeah, just.. I recognize his build.. " Well they know they are a he! "...I think.. He's Harmonexian." She'd murmur before shaking the thought off, and giving Scarlett a nod in thanks as she gets out her datapad to receive such. 

"It's okay Double, you did well enough to let another party in to do it." She'd actually look to Deathsaurus. "think you can do that Des?" She'd ask, jerking a thumb over. "You have talons as sharp as mine, and enough blades you can probably do it easily."

Further revealed, the body is about average sized for a Cybertronian, and looks pretty banged up. 

Skuld tilts her head, then holds out her hands like a frame. "I'm thinking lasers!" she opines.

Spike looks at the tools in his coveralls. "I'm...positive I don't have what we need now to do an onsite assessment, and the nearest, best available place IS Autobot City..."

Harmonex.. That's a city state on Cybertron, from what Scarlett could recall. No questions are asked as to how Starlock would know this. Instead, Scarlett is quiet and in analytical mode. The Joes might be on good terms with the Autobots.. But, intelligence is still intelligence, and it's easier to pick up things when someone is distressed than when they're focused.

Spike gives a somewhat sheepish smile at Starlock. "Uh...welcome back to Earth, by the way."

Deathsaurus nods "Yeah, lemme start lifting some rocks." He moves over and tries to just lift up the rocks, ice and all trying to free the cybertronian "Think he's alive under there?" he asks, acting like this is normal.

Starlock would clutch at the broken crystal that was around her neck on a chain as she looks down to Skuld. "That can work, you start on one end and Des on the other?" She asks. "That way we can get him out quickly and into a warm building." She'd explain as she stepped closer and opened up the panel on her forearm to start scanning for his vitals and life signs. "Still has color, so that's likely a yes, if this was a corpse we'd be looking' at complete monochrome." Starlock explains as she kneels there, she smiles at Spike. "Thank you."

Scarlett would look down at the frozen Cybertronian. "He won't fit in our transport and it won't be able to carry him. We don't have the equipment for any sort of temporary structure scaled to his size and there won't be anything within several hundred kilometers that he would fit in that's sturdy enough for basic field repairs unless you can fabricate something quickly."

GAME: Spike FAILS a LEADERSHIP roll of High difficulty.

Spike gulps, feeling a bit powerless now. "For what it's worth, Autobot City's repair bay is pretty vacant right now. We'll have plenty of resources."

Skuld hops to a higher vantage point with leaps and bounds, taking out some kind of laser weaponry that's about half as big as she herself is and using that to start cutting away chunks of ice and rock around the buried Cybertronian's head.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "ok we've got a symbol on the unidentified."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Anyone familiar with this symbol? <<<<sends a picture of the mech's chest and a symbol of Mortilus used by hunters and soldiers prior to and early in the war>>"

Deathsaurus offers "I can carry him if you'd like though if you're taking him to Autobot city..." he seems hesitant.

The average-Cybertronian-sized mech's rugged silver face is banged up, like he was in a fight BEFORE whatever it was that caught and half-buried him. His blue-green visor is cracked and his optics are dark. Yet, there is still energy and life in him, however faint.

Spike looks up at Deathsaurus "What are your thoughts about waiting outside Autobot City while we provide this Harmonexian medical assistance?"

Deathsaurus nods "I can do that, sure." he shrugs. "I figure you can transport him once we get him inside."

Starlock clicks her jaw. "Des, maay not wanna be here when he wakes up." She states pointing out a emblem on the bots chest. "Bounty hunter." She'd state with a cringe. "...I think i'll be able to transport him back in one of my alt-modes but.. Des carrying him maybe an idea.. just need to make sure everyone at Autobot city doesn't shoot first ask questions never." Starlock adds dryly.

<<Decepticon>> Analyst Floodlight says, "Scanning and pattern-matching now..."

GAME: Spike FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of High difficulty.

Scarlett would glance at the Cybertronian. "Those are big launchers." Pointing to the empty weapons arrays. "I'm not an expert in your weapon systems, but those look larger than a standard loadout for a combat unit. And.. Will Autobot City be okay to bring him to?"

Spike looks at Starlock and frowns slightly. "They're Autobots, not Decepticons. He'll be fine so long as he doesn't raise his weapons first."

<<Decepticon>> Hellbat says, "It appears to be a symbol of Mortilus."

<<Decepticon>> Omen says, "If you need assistance, Floodlight, I can run tandem queries."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Mortilus. like the death god."

Spike looks at Scarlett and sighs "On Earth...I think it's the safest place to bring both Deathsaurus and this being to, all things considered."

<<Decepticon>> Analyst Floodlight says, "That version of the symbol was used by bounty hunters and mercenaries in Harmonex and Ibex both as a symbol of personal protection and as a warning that the wearer was chosen by death as its giver. Any assistance would always be welcome and appreciated."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "lovely."

<<Decepticon>> Omen says, "Syncing with Trypticon's mainframe now."

"They're designed for multi-sequence explosive ordinance," Doublecross speaks up when the weapons are pointed out. "You know." He holds up his arms and partially opens his jaw-hands as he slowly spreads them out in a 'kaboom' gesture. "Lots of rockets, plenty of explosions. Good for taking out big stuff."

<<Autobot>> Spike says, "So...update - we're going to be transporting someone who LOOKS like they're from Haromex to Autobot City...and...Deathsaurus is going to wait outside while we try to repair this being.""

Deathsaurus pauses. "Well alright. I have an ID on the symbol if anyone wants it." He offers.

<<Decepticon>> Hellbat says, "No faction insignia, symbol of Mortilus.. Apt for a hunter."

<<Autobot>> Windblade says, "Metroplex is ready to assist if he proves... bothersome, Spike"

Scarlett would sigh, "Yes, I'm aware of what rockets are, and what -lots- of rockets are. Believe me, I've seen more than my fair share shot." The field leader of the GI JOE Team would note in a very light show of amusement. "If you're taking him to Autobot City, request permission to accompany."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "great. I wonder who his target is."

<<Autobot>> Spike says, "Funny...I was thinking the same thing"

<<Autobot>> Doublecross says, "As much as we enjoy a big badaboom let's hope it doesn't come to that."

<<Decepticon>> Hellbat says, "My lord, I believe the appropriate term would be who his target -was-"

<<Autobot>> Windblade says, "Do you need medical assistance, Spike? I am need Iacon's bridge and can be back quickly."

<<Decepticon>> Hellbat says, "Given his state of having empty weapon pods, low energy, and being thrown into arctic permafrost and in robot mode, he does not seem to have fallen victim of an out of control reentry or energon deprivation. I would assume he was defeated in combat and left there."

<<Autobot>> Spike says, "So...we SHOULD have enough resources - I'm just looking at him right now, looks pretty standard...but I'll know more when he gets thawed out"

<<Autobot>> Doublecross says, "Nah, the big grumpy dragon didn't attack anyone. We've just got this stiff that's been frozen in ice for... really long time."

Starlock just gives Both Spike and Deathsaurus a long suffering look, of someone just so done with the shenanigans. "I know what the emblem is." Starlock says with a sigh, but Des does get a cookie for history! "But you can fill 'em in Des." She'd say as she'd move to help. "We're bringing Des, so, I don't see why not." Starlock says to Scarlett. "Wanna come to?" Lock asks Skuld.

<<Decepticon>> Arachnae says, "Hmmm. post mortum might give more insight."

<<Autobot>> Doublecross says, "If we need anything less standard I maaaaaaybe can scrounge it up. For appropriate recompensation of course."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "right. well the bots seem to want to wake him up"

<<Decepticon>> Hellbat says, "Question; is there any particular reason we should care?"

<<Decepticon>> Hellbat says, "If he has committed crimes then I'm sure he would be in our database."

Deathsaurus shrugs. "I'm not attacking anyone. But if Metroplex takes me out, there will be issues you cannot imagine." he says following along.

Doublecross looks waaaaaay up at Deathsaurus when they say he's coming with. "We're gonna need a bigger transport."

Skuld gives Starlock a smile and a victory sign. "I could never resist a mystery!"

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Skuld the Junkion is coming with us as well"

<<Decepticon>> Arachnae says, "Awake, dead.. any review would provide useful information.."

<<Autobot>> Windblade says, "<<Can literally be heard rubbing her temples>> No, Metroplex.. No kicking the dragon. WHO taught you that phrase anyways?"

Deathsaurus shrugs "I can fly." He motions to his wings. "I've never needed a shuttle before."

<<Autobot>> Suicide JOCKEY! Encore suspiciously innocent silence

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "..I'll note this.. guy has a late Harmonexian alt-mode.."

There's a pause and then Doublecross turns his head to look at the gangly dragon wings on his own back. "... There are so many 'performance issues' and 'compensation' jokes I could make, but it'd be rude in female company."

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Uh ummmm what are the chances Metroplex was payin attention when I co-opted the human satellite channels durin monitor duty?"

<<Autobot>> Director? Red Alert says, "..."

<<Autobot>> Windblade says, ".... Dust Devil.."

Skuld continues gleefully carving away pieces of ice and rock, ignoring the pervert.

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "... Follower of Mortalius, one of the bounty hunters of the city"

<<Autobot>> Doublecross says, "Gezuntite"

Scarlett would slowly, slowly give a glare at Doublecross. A very, very burning glare at him while her hand would rest over on her holstered pistol. "Appreciated." She would take out her comm to signal the rest of the team. "Return to base, note the investigation was turned over to the Autobots to continue."

Doublecross is either oblivious to the stares, or doesn't care. It's a fifty/fifty chance.

Deathsaurus pauses. "Alright, everyone lets get him out of here. Just magnetize him to my back or I can carry him in my mouth or something." he says like that's a normal thing

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "I'm not a follower of mortalius....though he sounds fun"

Starlock nods. "Alright, lets get 'em outta here then." Starlock smiles as she looks back... Before she gives Doublecross a look and a raised ridge. She'd shake her helm and look down at the humans and smaller there. 

"Need a ride?" Starlock asks as she transforms into her mini-bus-altmode, then her small space run-a-bout medical shuttle mode. "Carry please." Starlock sighs at Des. "I'm sure your tiny dragon arms can do that.

<<Decepticon>> Analyst Floodlight says, "I could create a list of known, active bounty hunters working in that area of Cybertron during the time when the use of that version of the symbol was in fashion."

And now Doublecross has to resist making a short bus joke besides. Thankfully Starlock doesn't stay in that form long. "You're probably better off carrying the humans and maybe the Junkion if they're small enough." He reverts back into his dragon mode, and spreads his definitely NOT SMALL wings fully. "I'll just mosey along on my own."

The robot with weird dragon hands turns into a robotic dragon with two heads and poorly proportioned limbs.

Scarlett would head on over to the 'cabin' and let out an amused chuckle, "It's not the escape pod of the Defiant but it will do for now." Someone remembering old history.

Skuld looks up. "The best things in life come in small packages." She is, in fact, somewhat small for a Junkion. The perfect size for a human to ride in her alt-mode and similarly proportioned as a robot.

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Red Alert does your password still end in an 8...nevermind I got it."

<<Autobot>> Director? Red Alert says, "IT DOES NOT!"

<<Autobot>> Doublecross says, "Is it 12345?"

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Not since that time I changed it to that...."

<<Autobot>> Director? Red Alert says, "It is not."

<<Autobot>> Doublecross says, "... Y'know, earlier I was wondering why no one seems to miss me when I'm gone." "And then I'm reminded Dust Devil is here to make life interesting."

<<Decepticon>> Omen says, "If you would, FLoodlight, that would be beneficial"

Thankfully for Starlock her size increases as both a mini-bus, and a shuttle, so she can accommodate for such. She lets out a chuckle. "That they do." She says in agreement with Skuld, leaving the door open.. Starlock's interior is.. nice, padded seats, about 4 of them, course most the room in the back is made like an ambulance, shelves to store medical supplies, some small ammunition, her field equipment, a berth to lie patients on. "We ready?" She asks.

<<Decepticon>> Analyst Floodlight says, "Right away!"

Deathsaurus moves to gently pick up the injured in his tiny, dragon front paws "I got him." he says, holding him gently.

"Oh! Hold up just a moment." Doublecross wanders over, pulls some rope out of his inventory, and wraps it around the iced mech's legs. "There, then they won't dangle haphazardly in your way." "You're welcome."

<<Decepticon>> Arachnae says, "Deathsaurus, if you do have a chance to get your hands on the body… or even if not, any additional scans would be appreciated."

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "We should hang out Doublecross. I bet we could share some great ideas...."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I'll get some scans before dropping him."

Deathsaurus bows his head "Erm. Thanks." his optics glow brightly as he starts to scan the person in his arms for later purposes.

"Thank you." Starlock says to the group as her thrusters light up, and she rises up and starts leading the way back.

<<Decepticon>> Analyst Floodlight says, "OK. Running lists of known bounty hunters of that era operating out of the Ibex/Harmonex area, with access to space-capable transportation. Cross-matching against known bounty lists of the era. Expanding search to those regions including the Solar System. Eliminating those known to be active in more recent times. Eliminating those confirmed destroyed in intervening vorns. Color-matching to sample uploaded by Deathsaurus."

<<Decepticon>> Analyst Floodlight says, "Result: Crosswise, Harmonexian monster hunter. Disappeared hunting Decepticons off-planet several centuries ago."

Nevada Desert - North America

Off the beaten path, one of the many Nevada deserts uninhabited by communities. It is a large stretch of land, miles and miles around. There is no build up here; no houses, no factories. In the center of it all, accessible only by a treaded dirt highway, well worn by constant travel, is a large metallic city. To the east of the city runs a river, grasses and trees thriving along its banks. To the west are mountainous rocks and canyons. Behind it are large open flats. This area is governmentally restricted to civilians, a fact enforced by the constant Autobot security patrols.

<<Decepticon>> Arachnae says, "Thank you, Deathsaurus.."

GAME: Deathsaurus PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Extreme difficulty.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "scans acquired"

<<Decepticon>> Omen says, "Is there a cross-reference to the bounty lists of or near the time he went missing to extrapolate what or whom he was hunting?"

It was going to take a number of hours to get back to Autobot city, but once there, Starlock signals for those there to have a transport ready for Des to set the bot on to be transported inside by.. Starlock would land letting the smallers out, and then gets onto that transport as well, to start doing her medical work. "...Know, this is my first time here." She'd chuckle.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I'd need more time to scan"

<<Decepticon>> Omen says, "That was to FLoodlight, Deathsaurus."

<<Decepticon>> Analyst Floodlight says, "Sending over what I have."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "and better equipment I mean I'm not a fool. I'm not going into metroplex with them"

<<Decepticon>> Arachnae says, "Anything is better than nothing."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "sending what I have."

Skuld spreads her hands wide. "First time in the big city! The lights! The excitement! The paper lanterns!" Maybe slightly off-target for Metroplex, though, unless the big guy's been redecorating.

<<Decepticon>> Arachnae says, "Excellent. Your effort will be remembered."

<<Autobot>> Springer says, "I... may need medical team for extraction shortly."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Harmonexian monster hunter. Beaten in a fight and left for dead half buried on the side of a mountain centuries ago. Cuts and wounds suggest quite the fight."

<<Autobot>> Doublecross says, "My what a busy day."

<<Autobot>> S&R Firestar says, "Give me location, will be en route."

Scarlett would sit back in her seat, "It's something." She would muse from her won experiences here. "And I'd love to have one of our own." Oh, a girl can dream. The FLAGG and the Defiant just weren't the same thing. Cobra had an island after all..

<<Decepticon>> Omen says, "... Hmmm..."

It is true that Doublecross can fly!... But don't ask him to be particularly agile or fast about it. No one should be surprised that the Monsterbot is lagging behind, and maybe feeling wing envy a  little bit more because the big guy is probably even faster than he is. "You guys keep going." "We'll catch up." "He needs help more than us." He'll get to Metroplex. Eventually.

<<Decepticon>> Omen says, "So... What chance is there we could.. er.. collect that one?"

<<Decepticon>> Hellbat says, "Curious. The planet was under a heavy energon shortage at that point, correct?"

<<Autobot>> Springer says, "Found Typhoon and she is... unwell. We're in the Ibex Forest, just be careful on your approach. She is extremely jumpy. Oh, and also found the shuttle of energon she seems to have 'borrowed' at some point."

<<Autobot>> S&R Firestar says, "Lovely. En route."

<<Autobot>> Skuld says, "It never rains but it pours!"

<<Decepticon>> Omen says, "NO matter, data extrapolations are pulling possible identifiers now...."

Deathsaurus keeps up with the shuttles. For someone his size, he's a very good flier. He hovers a bit, seeing Metroplex overhead "If its all the same to you, I'd like to land outside of crush and or capture distance."

<<Autobot>> Director? Red Alert says, "Which one? The Mirror-Manifold? Or the Lancer Two? Both appear to be missing. Both Weatherbot-adjacent."

<<Autobot>> Doublecross says, "Better make sure that's not a Typhoney"

"That's fair, why I asked them to bring this out." Starlock says, patting the transport, waiting, watching intently.

<<Autobot>> S&R Firestar says, "What's her medical status as far as you can tell?"

<<Decepticon>> Analyst Floodlight says, "Yessir, Hellbat."

<<Autobot>> Springer says, "Battier then Dust Devil"

<<Decepticon>> Omen says, "It appears... that he may have been on a bounty for Airachnid."

<<Autobot>> Springer says, "Lancer Two... wait, we lost two shuttles?"

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "...Yeah only one shuttle was reported missing?"

<<Autobot>> S&R Firestar says, "Right as we have all these space bridge and communications issues."

<<Autobot>> Springer says, "What other Weatherbot is missing? I was only aware of Typhoon when I returned from patrol."

<<Autobot>> Director? Red Alert says, "Hurricane and Mesocyclone have been missing since the Autobot City communications blackout."

<<Autobot>> Director? Red Alert says, "Stormwind has not checked in since April 20, local time."

<<Autobot>> S&R Firestar says, "Is Autobot City on alert? And we haven't had Stormwind check in since /April/ and there wasn't an MIA report?"

<<Autobot>> Doublecross says, "I swear I have nothing to do with missing shuttles."

Deathsaurus carefully puts the injured mech down "Fair enough." He says.

<<Autobot>> Imager says, "Whoa whoa, what's this?"

<<Autobot>> Imager says, "the Weatherbots are stealing shuttles?"

<<Autobot>> S&R Firestar says, "We have multiple Autobots MIA and now missing shuttles."

Scarlett would slide to the ground, adjusting the jacket of her Artic weather outfit to unfasten it enough to let her breathe.

<<Autobot>> Director? Red Alert says, "I told people something was wrong but no one ever listens."

<<Autobot>> Imager says, "Star Hauler just brought in a double load of energon the other day. We got a weird energy reading from a ship up there. I wonder if that's related."

<<Autobot>> Windblade says, "Metroplex is on alert due to Hurricane managing to cut him off from his /own/ fragging comms... I wish to speak to her about this.. 'SCREWYOUCONS' program."

Skuld walks around the semi-frozen mech, examining him from all angles, then produces some fans from subspace and starts setting them up to circulate air around him.

<<Autobot>> S&R Firestar says, "Primus, what is going /on/ Earth?"

<<Autobot>> Imager says, "Hrmmm, wasn't Blizzard one of the injured at that Garrus prison break?"

Starlock gives a nod in thanks to Deathsaurus, giving a smile as she starts work as their rolled into the city. "Thank you." She says before they get to far out of range.

Deathsaurus stretches a bit "I know many things. But medicine isn't one of them. Eh, anytime. I'm free to go about my business now right?"

<<Autobot>> Director? Red Alert says, "Yes! I have no reports of malfeasance from her, but you can't be too careful!"

Scarlett would glance at Deathsaurus, "You have fulfilled the terms of your parley as far as I'm concerned." Anything else is now the affairs of the Autobots as far as she's concerned.

<<Autobot>> Springer says, "Whoever did this to her.. I won't wait for a dark alley."

Doublecross also is not a medic so the Monsterbot is staying out of the way, but remaining at hand should they come up with anything they need that isn't readily available. Supplies are kind of his specialty after all. "Well, that went well." "Guess the Destron has a bit more sense than the Decepticons do."

<<Autobot>> S&R Firestar says, "She's terrified. Our priority is getting her back to Iacon"

<<Autobot>> Imager says, "wait, so is she injured or is, stealing energon or what?"

<<Autobot>> Springer says, "Might uh.. be careful around that energon. It might be rigged considering how she is acting, Firestar."

<<Autobot>> S&R Firestar says, "Thanks. If it comes to that I'll expect you to be able to grab her and get her out of there."

<<Autobot>> Springer says, "Physically she is her beautiful normal self... but she is terrified of 'his return' and no, no idea who."

<<Autobot>> Imager says, "I mean...if its spoiled, we can try to refine it, but if we leave it there, the wildlife's gonna get into it"

<<Autobot>> Imager says, "alright, that sounds like a 'me' job. I'll get out there"

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "...Wasn't.. there a mention of Dark energon out there?"

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "..might wanna check that stuff"

"more hornor that's for sure." Starlock chirps as she works, engrossed in her work.

Crosswise is banged up and near-death, but the tundra has preserved him pretty well since he fell in battle. Some energon and some TLC and he just might make it.

There are a lot of things going through her helm, another Harmonexian she could talk to.. did he even know what became to the city? Was he there at the fall? Would he recognized her as one? Been sometime she could openly talk to someone about following Mortalius's teachings... 

She was silent outwardly though, fixing the wounds, setting up an energon drip, making sure the ice and snow was cleared from his internals.

Skuld is being much more gentle than she usually is with injured mechs. Maybe it's the fact that Crosswise is already so close to death. And also not a Junkion. But she's mostly focused on gently warming the air around him to thaw him out rather than getting in there to rebuild him from the ground up. The Autobot can have the fun this time.

<<Autobot>> Imager says, "okay hmm, so thought occurs to me, we don't know condition of this shuttle's energon. I got a spare fuel tank so that's okay but well I won't be able to take all of it if its a full shuttle worth."

<<Autobot>> S&R Firestar says, "Works for me. But let's make sure that Typhoon is all right first unless the energon's in state it might risk going off."

No one has said they need him for anything so Doublecross is still just watching. Though there's probably not much of a chance of the guy being pronounced scrap now that they're in a proper medical facility. Oh well.

<<Autobot>> Imager says, "yeah yeah, by the time that I get there, you'll probably be evac'd anyway. Do what you need to do. I'm ...erm. one of my FEW weak points is that my thick armor, and large frame have /slightly/ lessened my top speed"

<<Autobot>> Director? Red Alert says, "Do you wish me to join? I can guard the energon while you attend to any medical needs."

<<Autobot>> S&R Firestar says, "Appreciated."

<<Autobot>> S&R Firestar says, "Just be aware it could be unstable and explosive so if you can give some containment tech with you.."

<<Autobot>> Imager says, "can you do energon scans?"

<<Autobot>> Imager says, "...sir?"

<<Autobot>> Director? Red Alert says, "I can scan for basic safety, although I'm sure not at the level you can, Imager."

<<Autobot>> Imager says, "noted. I'm ah...phew, probably still an astrohour out"

<<Autobot>> S&R Firestar says, "Can she hitch a ride with however you're getting out here if you're not coming by axel, Red?"

<<Autobot>> Director? Red Alert says, "Certainly. You mind if I pick you up on the way, Imager?"

 Starlock keeps working, and replacing what she can, watching his readouts and the energon-transfusion from the energon-drip, for when it empties, and to swap it out.

<<Autobot>> Imager says, "Well I mean, Typhoon's safety is paramount, don't delay that for me"

<<Autobot>> S&R Firestar says, "We're getting her offboard as we speak."

Crosswise slowly comes online. His optics brighten behind his bluegreen visor, and even his armor darkens into a deeper black. Suddenly his whole body thrashes, and his hand lashes out, grabbing for Starlock's neck...

>> Crosswise succeeds with its generic combat roll on Starlock. <<

Skuld cackles. "IT'S ALIIIIIIIVE!"

Starlock acks, and coughs out roughly as she's grabbed and slams her hands down on the table, trying to get herself stable, her taloned fingers digging into the table, as she tries to keep herself stable, and from doing anything that would cause injury.. she's had a lot of practice in things like this, still it hurts, more for a mini-bot

"C-Calm down.. y-your safe." She forces out, putting a hand up to signal for people NOT to attack, after all their not accustomed to this sort of thing like she is.

<<Autobot>> Director? Red Alert says, "No delay. Your expertise would be invaluable. It would be me helping expedite you, not you delaying me."

Doublecross's mind(s) had started to wander, so the mech suddenly bolting to life surprises him too. "Ack!" The right head snarls and opens his mouth, a flash of heat briefly visible down his throat... And then the other head grabs the right with both hands to clamp his mouth shut. "Idiot! You'll hit both of them!" The other head only muffles a response, a few stray embers popping out of the corners of his clamped mouth.

"AIR... ACH... NID!" the unnamed hunter exclaims, and then suddenly focuses on who he actually has in his hands. He immediately releases Starlock, falling back. "By Mortilus!" he exclaims in Harmonexian Cybertronian. "Vhere am I?" He looks right and left quickly, peering through his cracked visor. "Vhere is Airachnid? She must not get avay! Her crimes.... zhe zings she has done!" The mech tries to stand. "She must be brought to justice!"

Doublecross lets go of the maw he was holding shut as both heads look at each other. "Got any idea what he said?" "Nope, you?" "Not a clue." "Maybe he's still delusional?" Both heads turn to look at Starlock, she's the one that might actually understand what he's yammering on about. "Who's Airachnid?" "That sounds like some reject Insecticon name."

Starlock coughs violently and clutches a hand around her neck where he'd grabbed, she waves for him to stay calm and coughs a few more times, dropping her own accent, and pushes him down. "N-not here, You've.. You have been out for a long, long time." She'd then look at Doublecross. "Spider-bitch Decepticon." Starlock states quickly.. Their not wrong!

The monster hunter lays back, having expended most of his recently replaced energy in his attack against Starlock. "You're... from Harmonex," he says, chuckling. "Not so many of us left, eh?" he chuckles. His older eastern Harmonex accent is different than Starlock's, but he claims to recognize hers, nonetheless. "Spider-bitch, eh?" he laughs. "I guess she got the drop on me zhis time." He glances left and right again.

<> <Slim Pickens> I did my good deed for the day.

<> <Voidwalker> thank you

<<Autobot>> Director? Red Alert says, "Sending Typhoon back with Firestar and Springer in the Longbow."

<> <Slim Pickens> yeah yeah guess I should get back home now. Freaking hero.

"Yeah" Starlock says with a smile but pauses in thought. "....Yeah.." She says a bit somberly, bit smiles. "But more than you think." She says, her accent is more southern, and lower caste based. "...What date do you last have on record?" She finally asks, getting a holoscreen up with medical information. "An yeah.. has.. three modes i think." Starlock says, trying to remember the profile they had on her. "Turns into a helicopter and a Drider, I think." she muses as she coughs to the side again.

"Sounds just delightful." "That's sarcasm, by the way." Doublecross makes sure to mention that, just because being a Monsterbot someone might think he's being serious. "... Though if he got flash frozen fighting someone freakish looking... Slag." He very quickly reverts back to robot mode, which is still freaky but less instantly 'monstrous' looking.

Heavy tail splits and reforms into a pair of chunky legs, then the rest of the body into a robot… with the dragon heads dropping to the sides to become his -hands-. Weird!

The monster hunter shakes his head. "Chronometer damaged." He scans the sky and makes an update based on the positions of the stars. "Wow. 2 centuries. I shudder to zhink vhat she has done since zhe time I let her get avay." He touches his empty shoulder launchers and feels around for long-since-gone hand weaponry. He turns to Starlock. "You zeem to know her. Do you know vhere she may be found?"

 "Back on Cybertron.... Along with a number of others since its rebirth." Starlock says as she sits down nearby. "Yeah, the date is August 22nd, 2020... I'm Sergeant Starlock of Harmonex, medical officer, and Autobot." She introduces, and then she looks over to Doublecross to let him introduce himself.

It takes a moment for the Monsterbot to realize it went quiet because it's Introduction Time. "Oh, is it my turn? Hi! I'm Doublecross. I get stuff. And fight Decepticons. Sometimes those are the same things, they have all the cool toys to take away from them."

It's a good thing he transformed, or that introduction probably would been even more erratic and hard to follow coming from two different mouths.

Skuld takes out her mallet again and twirls it. "And I am Skuld, goddess extraordinaire!" She thrusts the mallet into the air triumphantly.

"Oh, yes. Manners. I am also of Harmonex. I am called Crossvise," he says, switching into a more modern common tongue. "I am a hunter of monsters and destroyer of beasts. I vant to zhank you all for rescuing me. I am not often defeated in such a humiliating manner, I assure you," he chuckles. He gives Doublecross a suspicious look from behind his broken visor but is then distracted by Skuld and... an Autobot City? "Vhen did so many of us travel here to this organic vorld?" he asks in slight confusion and awe.

"Oh. Well imagine that." At the mention of hunting monsters Doublecross droops his wings down as much as he can in robot mode. It makes them... a little less noticeable? They don't have a wide range of movement in this mode in the first place. One foot shifts backwards in a little shuffle. "Well, it sounds like you two have catching up to do, being city mates, and history isn't really my thing." The Monsterbot leans back into his shuffle, and glances at one of his dragon-head arms like it had a watch or something on it. "Oh look at the time, I should get back to my totally legit and authorized supply shift."

Cue turning sharply on that backwards shuffled heel and hustling for the medbay exit. "Nyaaa aahhh ahhh!" Now he's really glad he didn't try to part out the guy.

Starlock makes a sound. "Sometime in the 1950's?" Starlock asks to those around. "..Right this is Metroplex, he's a titan." Starlock adds on to the introductions as she starts work on his broken visor, making sure his pain receptors are off. "There's a lot to catch up on..." Starlock says as she glances to her crystalline necklace briefly... She then raises a ridge at Doublecross.

Skuld blinks at Starlock. "That seems early," she muses. "Or late? Too late? Late for an important date?"

Skuld starts to wander towards Autobot City, muttering under her breath as she picks through various quotations for the right one.

Crosswise zones out for a few cyberminutes as his systems go through a series of partial resets requiring a drain on his still-low energon reserves. Finally, he shakes his head. "No, no," he says. "Recalculating... I sink it vhas the 1700s, if this is truly 2020."

"Likely" Starlock sighs as she works, finally she just says fuck it, in her head, and gets her auxiliary energon tank, and hooks him up to that. She pauses and also gets a datapad and sets it on his berth, after plugging an audial plug into it for a minute, she then hands it to him. "Here, should have everything you need to know to catch up." Starlock smiles as she works. 

"I can also answer anything you need right away." She'd nod, finishing replacing his cracked optics.

Crosscut zones out a little longer as he starts to catch up, but then suddenly pulls out the audial plug. "Vait - Harmonex vas being restored, and then vas sealed avay for political purposes? Vhat madness is zhat?" Oh, mech. Vay to reopen old vounds, dude. "Vhat is zhis 'New Harmonex'? How vould it try to replace our homeland? I thought it lost forever, and now it is, vhat? A monument to our loss?"

Starlock's optics dapen, oh there is a old wound indeed, one she was finally getting over... Starlock nods at his words. "welcome to my world." Starlock says bitterly and sighs.

"...I and a number of others, Autobots, Decepticons, Destrons and neutrals where trying to restore it under my lead.. but.." She'd frown. "Well lets just say Imager of Harmonex, Illiron of Harmonex, and Soudnwave where not getting along and.. No one would listen just kept fighting.. So.." Starlock gestures a hand. 

"Imager sealed it away out of fear, damaging the relationship I had with Soundwave by not telling him, I refused to accept Harmonex fate but.. I didn't have much choice." Starlock glances away. "...It was a big mess." Starlock goes on to explain the mess with Illiron's dominicons and how everyone /thought/ they were in control of the shield. 

"...So New Harmonex is.. Prime's Idea to try and salvage what I'd done in my peace efforts, I don't think he realized Imager's actions made it rather dead on arrival since most dispersed... " Starlock glances away. "..I found a way to make new singing crystals.. trying to salvage what I can.. I know Prime means well.. but.." She'd look at him. "I think you can understand how much of a slap in the face it is... Slowly, i'm getting people back."

Crosswise nods, listening, his anger slowly fading as Starlock talks of New Harmonex's restoration. "Oh, good. Vell, at least zhe Singing Crystals can be regrown. I know Krystallos vorked hard on maintaining zhe original vons, and I zhink it broke his spark vhen zhey were destroyed. It vould be good to see him happy again," Crosswise says, a slight smile returning to his own face for perhaps the first time in 200 years.

"I believe that, I've been trying to find him since Alpha Trion and Vector sigma told me how to make new Singing Crystals for new Harmonex.." Starlock says as she works. "...New Harmonex can't replace what we had, or made.. all I can do.. all /we/ can do is try to make it something new, like everyone who's on my side have been telling me." she'd smile a little. "...The shield will fall in 100 years but.." Starlock glances away. "..doesn't fix the here, or the now.. or undo the damage done.."

"Oh, I know vhere to find him," Crosswise says cheerfully. "Even if he's changed residences in zhe last 200 stellar-cycles... and I doubt he has --- I could still track him. It is von of my skillsets, I'll have you know. Let me get myself back in order, and I vill make introductions," he says with a smile. "And zhen I vill finish hunting and killing Airachnid at last," he says with equal cheer. Crosswise's optics flicker, and he starts to fade.

Starlock's medical training tells her it's probably time for him to shut down and let his systems process the relatively sudden replacement of fuel. "Yeaaah she's a decepticon now." Starlock says with a cringe, but she does smile.

"...I'd like that, any help I can get in building the city and making it a truly neutral place despite the stupid actions from Prime, I'd appreciate it." She's silent as she works. "...Thank you.. I.. once you're up, I can take you there.." She'd smile. "This little disposable librarian has done a lot." 

She'd note his shut down. "Rest.. You'll need it." She adds with a nod.