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This page is for the OC Decepticon. For the G.I. Joe Paratrooper, see Lt. Freefall.

Duty first.

FREEFALL is new to her life as a Decepticon soldier, but what she lacks in experience she more than makes up for in firepower. Known for her precision air strikes and her single-minded commitment to mission objectives, she processes death, destruction, and changes in tactical situations with the same detached ire. The chain of command is important to her, and when ordered to do so she unleashes her devastating Graviton Missiles downrange to break up enemy lines and send foes rocketing from entrenched positions. If a more personal touch is required, FREEFALL never hesitates to pop out her 20mm rotary cannon - a holdover from her alt F-22 Raptor form, or her Cybertronian Graviton Blade. As a somewhat more tactical fighter, FREEFALL has often used one of her reinforced wing-panels to act as a shield in close combat, and with her control over gravity she can momentarily stun foes with pinning g-forces or a reversal in gravity all together, making her a terror on the battlefield at any range.

F-22A Raptor


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Freefall was last seen: Fri Jul 24 11:32:25.814608 2009



Freefall was created by her player, toomanygamesomg.

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