Log Title: Fortress Signal Received

Characters: Esmeral ,Deathsaurus ,Goth ,Hellbat


Planet-Destroying Fortress

Location: Planet-Destroying Fortress

Date: July 4, 2020

TP: Dark Nebula TP

Summary: A signal comes through from the depths of space: Those Destrons remaining in the Space Fortress reach out to their counterparts on Cybertron.

As logged by Esmeral

TFU - Saturday, July 04, 2020

[Destron] Esmeral says, "(Static) This frellin- *static* On? (silence) I don't /CARE/ boost it."

[Destron] Deathsaurus says, "..."

[Destron] Esmeral says, "Fine, yes I get it 5 minute bursts. Someone better be listening."

[Destron] Deathsaurus says, "<< In the Destron tongue, not Cybertronian > Battlefortress this is Emperor Deszaras. Do you receive?"

[Destron] Esmeral says, "< Destron > Deszarus, if you can hear me, need an update on your end and timeline."

[Destron] Deathsaurus says, "This is Deszaras on Cybertron. If you can follow my signal, perhaps you can come through..."

[Destron] Hellbat says, "This is the oh so glorious Hellbat! Confirm!"

[Destron] Deathsaurus says, "Hellbat. You will refrain from calling me a Null if you wish to keep your head on your shoulders. I am still your emperor and you WILL obey."

[Destron] Hellbat says, "You /are/ a Null and I outrank you! Respect me as I am due."

[Destron] Deathsaurus says, " that you Esmeral?"

[Destron] Esmeral says, "Yes - Signals not going to hold long but we can coordinate uptimes now."

[Destron] Goth says, "Attempting to do what I can to at least stall it."

[Destron] Goth says, "So do be quick Des."

[Destron] Deathsaurus says, "Good. We have equipment here we may be able to open a portal or do..something. I..."

[Destron] Esmeral snaps, "Hellbat! Watch your words. And focus - there isn't much time on these windows we've charted.

[Destron] Deathsaurus says, "What year is it where you are. From what I know I have been gone for two years. How does the war against the wraiths go and Esmeral..."

[Destron] Deathsaurus says, "Not a moment goes by when I don't miss your presence. If this is all I can get out. Know that I love you."

[Destron] Hellbat says, "We have limited *time* Deathsaurus. Our priority is firming up the communications channel and getting an update. Save your pontification for *after* the situation has been resolved."

[Destron] Deathsaurus says, "Help get the communications strengthened. All power to the com units. Do not push my temper, Hellbat."

[Destron] Goth can be heard in the background. "I swear to Chela Hellbat, if you do not stop clogging up the communications, I will /remove/ your voicebox!"

[Destron] Esmeral voices in a terse but even tone, "Our priority, gentlemechs, is -timing-. We can cycle comm systems here on a rotation now that we have a better idea of the frequencies and wavelengths involved.. Some other science words too., (aside yes yes I know, I know, send that too, frag it all) pulsing our windows through now along with what we've determined as interference." Pause, voice warms, "And I love you too. But business first, dearest."

[Destron] Hellbat says, "Can you give us a *rough* idea of your current location along astro-nav charts?"

[Destron] Deathsaurus says, "Of course, my dear. I will be sending out signals over a relay system soon. Can you send coordinates so I can triangulate?"

[Destron] Esmeral snarks, "Aft end of a ikyak is my best guess, Hellbat." *static* "-ooting up cold, kick it again! Sending last triangulations through before this goes aft up like a cybertron on prom night."

[Destron] Deathsaurus says, "Once we have you home. And we will. Soon."

[Destron] Goth says, "Receiving, will ensure they will align with our attempts to help bring you all through as soon as possible.."

[Destron] Deathsaurus says, "I will have to tell you of our alliances. Currently, we are working the the Decepticons and I may have to request their assistance with strengthening our comsystems."

[Destron] Goth says, "You know they will /not/ be pleased by my fingers being involved"

[Destron] Goth says, "So be ready for that."

[Destron] Esmeral says, "... Do ready an update packet for the next window so those of us here (translation So I) are not caught unawares."

[Destron] Goth says, "Want me to do it or should you, Des?"

[Destron] Esmeral says, "Most of the transmission window bandwidth should be reserved for tactical planning and coordination so keep the diplomatic missives succinct and clear."

[Destron] Goth says, "...When was the last time Des updated you as... I fear there maybe about.... 6 months of shenanigans to summarize?"

[Destron] Hellbat says, "It has been an.. Extended period."

[Destron] Esmeral says, "... Shenanigans? That doesn't bode well."

[Destron] Deathsaurus says, "Of course. I will send along what I have already"

[Destron] Goth says, "Mmm What event do you know of last? that way can start from there and not repeat already known knowledge."

[Destron] Deathsaurus says, "Just so you know what you are coming into. Cybertron is...not how I left it 5,000 years ago"

[Destron] Esmeral says, "We're going to have to drop signal on our side and re-calibrate soon. I've got a bevy of technicians giving me side-optic and one's holding his head."

[Destron] Goth says, "Oh lovely.. Right then."

[Destron] Deathsaurus says, "I will try to open the coms myself. Might have to get assistance from the Decepticons as much as I am loathe to do so."

[Destron] Esmeral says, "Prep it for the next contact cycle. As much as all of us here want to hear everyone's dulcet tones and chatter, we've got a war to fight and a fortress to defend."

[Destron] Deathsaurus says, "Yes, my empress. It was incredible to hear from you soon. We will be prepared. Maybe the next cycle will be more then coms."

[Destron] Esmeral asides, "Lyzak get my crossbow, we've got incoming. Arm yourself.." pause as static bleeds into the signal, "Until the stars meet the sea, my treasure."

[Destron] Deathsaurus says, "Fight well my love. Destrons, forever!"

[Destron] -Signal loss-

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