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The Forge of Solus Prime is the symbol of office of the master-artificer of the Thirteen. Oddly, it is not actually a forge in the classic sense, but rather a hammer the size of which suggests that Solus Prime and her brothers towered over modern Cybertronians.

Utilizing the power of a miniature neutron star at its very heart,[1] the forge operates through the convergence of magic and science.[2] It is not known just how powerful the forge is,[1] but it is believed that it can be used to make anything out of anything,[3] with the possibilities only being limited by the skill and knowledge of the Prime wielding it.[4] The forge was used to craft many of the other artifacts of the Thirteen, and is noted to be one of the few things which could craft the core components of a Cybertronian body from scratch. On its own, the Forge is a capable tool, but only Solus Prime's integrated Creation Lathe allowed the Forge to reach its full potential and create weapons and artifacts of supernatural power. [5] On the bright side, its sheer mass can certainly be used to pack a slagging huge whallop that's second only to the Star Saber.[1] The thing is so heavy that only a select few have the strength to carry it without any difficulty.


The Forge was wielded by Solus Prime as the Thirteen battled Unicron.

Before the Great War, the Forge of Solus Prime was hidden beneath Valvolux.

MUX History

With Solus Prime's death, the Forge of Solus Prime was passed onto Bulwark.


  • Suns are capable of forging any raw element (up to iron; anything heavier requires a supernova) under the right conditions, so it's fitting that the star-powered Forge of Solus Prime can forge anything from raw elements under the right conditions (Primehood).

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Solus Prime Hammer (ソラスプライムハンマー Sorasu Puraimu Hanmā)
  • Mandarin: Tiānjiāo zhī Chuí (China, 天骄之锤, "Hammer of the Proud of Heaven")
  • Portuguese: Molde de Solus Prime (Brazil, "Mold of Solus Prime")


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