TP Name: Fight The Future TP

Alpha Trion

Alpha Trion

Primary Characters:

Primary Factions: Autobots

Primary Location: Cybertron, Earth

Date: Past Alpha Trion returned, alive, from the future, with grave warning of an upcoming apocalypse. Can it be averted?


An alternate future, where a tyrannical galactic ruler named Liege Maximo made all millenium fears come true in the year 2000 by showing up with his fleet in Earth's orbit and bombarding it with proton bombs and EMP shells, killing most of the Transformers stationed there almost instantly, and wiping out a good deal of the human population as well. Maximo then sent his fleet to Cybertron, which because of his superior forces, he took over with almost contemptuous ease. Surviving Transformers fled to the wasted areas of Cybertron, where they encountered the hermit Arcane, who decided that it was once again a time for action. Building 6 powerful warriors, he brought them to Vector Sigma, who gave them life. Naming Aegis their leader, the team trained for many years, and began striking back at Liege Maximo, gaining a fearsome reputation. Now, they are preparing for the ultimate mission: to go back in time, and prepare the Transformers for the coming of the Liege Centurions.


MUX History

Alpha Trion, believed dead since the 80s, showed up in a flash of light, along with a team of Autobots from the future. Aegis died in transport, but the rest of the team integrated themselves into Transformer society and waited the apocalypse. The year 2000 came and went with no invasion, and slowly the Autobots began to relax and find new purpose. Alpha Trion dove into other crises and tasks, and the rest of the team blended in with the current Autobots. Alpha Trion secretly built new versions of the team and brought them before Vector Sigma, hiding them away in case they needed to be sent back in time to close a timeloop. From their secret base below Kalis, they work on a new version of their future selves' time machine, and stand ready to act in other temporal disturbances.

Meanwhile, at the center of the galaxy, Liege Maximo gathers his forces...


  • Bzero - Aegis, Alpha Trion
  • Fyrestorm8 - Blitzkrieg
  • Marsh - Arcane

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