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Female Autobots is a term used to refer to a team of female Transformers who function as an Autobot resistance group on Cybertron.

“ Female Autobots? I thought they were extinct. ” —The ever-observant Shockwave

Alpha's Angels


The team as it appeared in 1985 consisted of six members. Over the years, however, other Autobots have joined their ranks, including Arcee.

Other members

Honorary Members


Pre-MUX canon

The Female Autobots were believed destroyed by a missile strike during the Ark's launch 4 million years ago.

However, while the Ark crew slept on Earth, Elita's team formed a resistance group on Cybertron, operating in secret. Shockwave didn't discover their continued existence for millions of years, until 1985 (thanks Moonracer!). He eventually tracked them back to their underground headquarters. A subsequent attempt to capture Elita One resulted in a reunion with the Autobots stationed on Earth.

The Female Autobots relocated to a new secret headquarters provided by Alpha Trion and chose to remain on Cybertron to continue the fight there.

In 2019, the Female Autobots helped defend Moonbase Four from an attack by Deathsaurus's Warworld.


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Shattered Glass

The Female Autobots in the Shattered Glass universe are a feared group of assassins, led by Elita-One.