Personal information
Real Name

Kayapó, João


Altamira, Brazil

Military information
Primary MOS

Riverine Patrol Boat Operator

Secondary MOS

Counter-Piracy Operations


E-4 (Specialist)

Organizational information
If you only get one shot, use a rocket launcher.

Born of the indigenous peoples of Brazil, João's tribe had been besieged for years by COBRA subsidiaries. They deforested the jungles, mined their land for gold, and built dams to control power, flood their homes, and deny access to fishing. He was sent to Escolar Naval ("Navy School") to learn the language and customs of these invaders so he could fight them on their own terms. He soon became known as "the Terror of the Amazon," destroying illegal operations and disappearing into the jungle. The COMANDOS EM AÇAO ("COMMANDOS IN ACTION"), recruited him so his enthusiasm could be put to more legitimate use fighting their common foe. FELINO ("Feline") became part of the TIGER FORCE special operations unit in Brazil. He quickly learned the skills required to pilot the TIGER SHARK patrol boat. His new responsibility allowed him to keep an eye on the coastal waters and continue to disrupt piracy operations. He is occasionally sent on assignment with the American team, so he can continue to learn new ways to defeat the enemy of his people.


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