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This page is for the evil Decepticon Eyegor. For the Evil, Inc. Junkion, see Eye-Gore.
That's just how things are.

EYEGOR is the tactical brains of the exploration ship Cronos. A very passive mech in comparison to his comrades, he suffers from an inferiority complex that isn't helped by how often his advice is ignored. For this reason, he often tries to stand out in other ways, seeking the slightest bit of recognition whether positive or negative. This may in fact be why he follows Megatron, believing that he can make a better name for himself as part of the glorious rebellion of the Decepticons... though ironically he has only found himself in an even more isolated position than ever before. It's difficult to get a straight answer out of him about it though, or anything personal for that matter, as his typical response is simply "That's just how things are." Is this fatalistic attitude just a front to cover up his insecurities? Probably. His weapon of choice is a sickle-like blade on a chain with a weight at the other end, allowing him to at least try to control his enemies if nothing else, by either keeping his distance or grappling them or their weapons. His altmode resembles a cross between a stag beetle (with functioning jaws!) and a long, boxy spacecraft or undersea vehicle, fitting as it functions equally well in both environs.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

A few thousand years ago, he and a crew of five other Decepticons were chosen to embark on a scouting mission across the galaxy, in search of new conquests once the war with the Autobots was won. Naturally, being the loyalist that he is, Demonhead eagerly accepted. While exploring alien worlds in these far-off regions, he and his crew adapted to these strange environs, giving them the grotesque appearances they have now.

Mode 2

MUX History:

Demonhead's crew have recently returned to the area of space where the main action is taking place, and Demonhead has once again joined the ranks of active soldiers alongside the rest of his team.

OOC Notes

Demonhead's crewmates are available for application. Snapper's a violent, meatheaded thug, Deep Blue's a sadistic cannibal with a primal outlook, Deathclaw is cannibuddies with Deep Blue but even more sneerily arrogant than Demonhead, Barabat cares more about a good fight than wanton destruction, and Eyegor is the ever-unheeded tactical brains of the group who only follows Megatron because it's just how things are.



Available for application as an FC.


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