Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Everyone's Family Squabble

Characters: Omen , Banshee , Shockwave , Soundwave , Avarice , Scourge , Ravage , Starscream , Vizier

Location: Soundwave's Workshop - The Cradle - Kolkular

Date: June 30, 2021

TP: Non-TP

Summary: Omen adds in her 2 cents on the brief flash from Ghost and the failed rescue. And then everyone else chimes in.

As logged by Ghost-Omen

TFU2 - Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Soundwave's Workshop - The Cradle - Kolkular

Soundwave is in the workshop, looking over a map of Cybertron. He's trying to plot out where he thinks Soundblaster may have taken Ghost. He's been working non-stop any chance he can, injuries or not.

Ravage has been near Soundwave with concern, watching him. "I.. Have a thought to make in the matter which I wished to run past you."

Omen has finally emerged (been ejected) from Soundwave when he went on his hunt and had wedged herself into some dark, tight place in the workshop, fully hidden, cloaked, everything to hide. A blink of gilded violet optics could have been seen peeking out upon his return, staring at the blue host-carrier and his damages.

Soundwave would let Omen stay as long as she likes. Though once he went after Soundblaster he left all the cassettes at home. "Very well. I am listening, Ravage." he looks to where Omen is. "Omen. Are you here?" he asks.

<< Decepticon >> Sixshot says, "This one was fast. Let him run. He deserves to survive...this times."

<< Decepticon >> Esmeral says, "Pity."

<< Decepticon >> Convoy says, "Survive is an optimistic word. I would call it barely functional."

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "whom?"

<< Decepticon >> Convoy says, "The Autobot known as Sideswipe."

<< Decepticon >> Esmeral says, "Oh -that- one. He's one that seems to enjoy eating the ground. Repeatedly."

<< Decepticon >> Convoy says, "He decided to take a shot at me along the Tri-torus loop. Sixshot and I showed him the error of his decision."

Ravage would glance into the darkness at Omen, "She lives. We will rescue her. Do not worry. We will save her." Then he's glancing to Soundwave, "Tell Shockwave that Soundblaster operated in his turf while also running independent research facilities. In return for his aid Shockwave is welcome to have whatever Soundblaster has developed."

<< Decepticon >> Esmeral says, "Perhaps he needs a better object lesson."

Soundwave pauses. "Shockwave has a base there as well. Interesting. If they are working together..."

Omen blinks again and wiggles more out of that nook she's crammed herself into. The usually raucous raven is quiet, plating ruffling as she tilts her head and stares at Soundwave a moment then turning to look at Ravage. A rasping of her beak and her crest rises, exuding an aggressive air. <Am Here. Felt her then felt the death. again the death. Again. I -remember-.> Primal vernacular, tone cutting and mournful and -FULL- of rage.

Soundwave pauses. "I found out who has her, Omen." he says, holding out his arm for the raven in case she wants a perch. "She is alive. And he will make sure of that until he learns what he wants to know. He knows he's an inferior model. He wants to be the only carrier model. We cannot allow that to happen."

Ravage would nod at Omen and croon, "We're here. We will rescue her. She is still alive. She knows that we are coming for her. She will be strong." He promises. Then glances at Soundwave, "Unlikely. But he may have tolerated Soundblaster's presence in return for other things. However, even Shockwave would not tolerate the presence of someone abducting and torturing fellow Decepticons. Much less torturing them to get technical data. That alone will enrage him beyond all else."

Omen rasps her beak, still mostly wedged into that space. < Who... has.. my.. carrier? Who -DARES-?! > Frame lighting up with plasma dancing through and over plating.

Soundwave pauses. "As much as I loathe it, perhaps working with him would not be a bad idea. He may know where Soundblaster has other safe holds..." he says. "A mercenary named Soundblaster. We will return her. And destroy him."

Ravage would nod at Omen and dip his head reassuringly, "We know who has her now. There is nowhere he can run from us. And we have a /great/ many favors which can be called in on the matter." Ravage would nod to Soundwave. "It is a.. Possibility I wished to broach with you. I want to present as many options as possible."

Omen's optics fade into gold and the enraged Raven lets out a raucous call, < BITE HIM! Where is.. And what is Shockwave.. how is he invo-.. forget it.. I'll.. >

<< Decepticon >> Omen kraaas, tone acidic, upset, "Shockwave?! Where at?"

<< Con-Tapes >> Omen < Do it my damn self... >

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "Omen, negative...."

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "Yes Shockwave. We need to speak with him at his first opportunity."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "Shockwave may be able to help us"

<< Decepticon >> Shockwave says, "Omen?"

<< Decepticon >> Omen grumbles, "AM talking, Soundwave. Do this my own damn self.." Grumbled kraaa, "Respectfully requesting some of your time to discuss a situation that may cross your interests. Is there a suitable location to which I can meet you?"

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "Doing this on your own will just get you killed."

<< Decepticon >> Ravage says, "Yes, please Shockwave, this is a high priority. It is on the.. Violation of your territory"

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "Indeed."

<< Decepticon >> Shockwave says, "... I am in Crystal City, Omen. I will meet you there."

<< Decepticon >> Omen says, "Negative sir. The city is not safe for my kind."

<< Con-Tapes >> Omen says, "He is Decepticon. He is territorial. I do not understand this fear-hate-fear you have for him."

<< Decepticon >> Shockwave says, "Ooohhh, is it?"

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "Soundwave is not afraid of him. He's just...his intentions are difficult to read."

Omen hrmphs at Ravage, < Am not -idiot-. Know is dangerous for me, us, ourkind to do there. Know from listening to you all. But also know that Shockwave is territorial, has claimed the city. INvolving him gets more attention, more power aimed. >

<< Decepticon >> Omen says, "Yes sir. Is dangerous for cassette-kin and kind, now. Can explain in person. No channel is secure."

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "Trypticon is safe for your kind and you are alvays velcome here."

<< Decepticon >> Shockwave says, "I do not know if this is a family squabble... but if you feel at risk, I will head to Tarn, Omen. Soundwave, I will meet with you in the future afterwards."

<< Decepticon >> Omen kraaas softly, "Thank you for your time, Commander."

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "This is a family situation. /We/ will resolve it Shockwave."

Omen is wedged in-between equipment, peering out, outlined in her plasma flames and obviously in a mood.

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "if Shockwave doesn't want to assist us as a whole then theres no need to get him involved. We can do this. Without him."

Ravage has gone silent, making conversation back and forth with the others until the radio chatter had picked up whereupon he had gone quiet to let them finish handling it.

<< Decepticon >> Omen says, "Is not family only. is -DECEPTICON- issue. Head of Intel is alive but in hands of mercenary agent."

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "I... believe I count as an interested partie alzo. And if I do not, /He/ does."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Don't make /me/ get involved in this squabble"

Vizier walks in low to the ground on all fours, spikes along his back standing up and tail lashing like an angry cat.

<< Decepticon >> Omen makes a sputtering, angry noise.

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Because I /will/ issue orders."

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "Any interested parties who may be willing to collaborate on this, feel free to come to my lab. I am going to retrieve her."

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "Inbound."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Oh no you don't, you love sick fool"

<< Decepticon >> Omen says, "Not until you are repaired."

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "Ve can still plan."

<< Decepticon >> Omen says, "Buir would have.. Would.. is protocol."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Shockwave, meet with the group, all of you get repaired and make a /coherent/ plan as I am sure Shockwave has the city rather.. bugged"

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "I am not lovesick. I do not have time for this. I am sure he's moved on. I must locate him."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "You require repairs first."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "If they move, he's likely to know.. till then do not /rush/... You're love sick"

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "I am fine."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "For the purposes of combat? No."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "Before we go to the field you must have at least some basic repairs done."

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "That is irrational."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Yes, well you're acting such."

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "If he hasn't moved, we must strike now..."

GAME: Ravage PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Average difficulty.

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream mutters about having to move.

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "Soundvave... Starscream is right."

GAME: Soundwave PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Average difficulty.

<< Decepticon >> Ravage says, "I.. Agree."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "...I can hear the bitter choke in your voice in that~"

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "Ve do not vant to rush in half-cocked unt throw avay our chance of rescue."

Omen drops down out of the nook, gliding to land near Vizier, kraaing at the dragon, crest raised. "The blue idiot is being -stupid-. But he saw /her/, she was alive."

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "I must return to work. This is wasting time."

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "I do not hold animosity towards you, Stellvertretender Führer Starscream."

<< Decepticon >> Avarice says, "Who exactly needs to be tracked down?"

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "Ve need to be all fighting fit unt haff a coherent plan or ve vill throw avay any chance of getting her. Right now, it is likely zat whoever has Ghost does not know zat ve know."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream huffs! "Ensure he remains maglocked till he's repaired Shockwave, till then I assume you'll all cooperate and /behave/."

<< Decepticon >> Omen's comm clicks on, there's a kraa then, "You're no good to us -dead- Soundwave. Which is what you'd be if you go in alone -again- now that we know who has her. You want to risk -your- cadre on a half-afted run? How is that smart?"

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "Starscream, if I may?"

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream sighs. "If you must."

Vizier scowls, "And we can't do anything about it until Commander Soundwave is repaired?"

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee audibly nods, and there's a slight smug note as she /doesn't/ do what he's expecting. Instead, she tries rationalizing. "If ve vait unt haff a coherent plan... I .. ve can haff Trypticon on our side."

Ravage would glance at Omen, and then Vizier, "She is alive and a prisoner of a mercenary called Soundblaster who is a replicant of Soundwave that wishes to experiment to create his own methods of creating symbiotes." Quickly catching up on the matter. "Soundwave engaged him in Crystal City. Soundblaster has likely evacuated himself from the area since the engagement. However he will likely have a -rather- large network. Which requires assessment and obliteration."

Omen grumbles, "Go in without intel, the risk to our.. commander, our -idiot- gets higher. And he's gone all tunnel-vision in trying to tackle alone."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream: There's a slight /pause/ from Starscream as he actually has a moment of fear, cause that could legitimately happen.

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Lets ah.. not have a titan rampage on a city, yes? I assume Soundwave would rather a /personal/ bit of revenge."

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "Considering who it is that has her..."

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "It's /very/ personal."

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "Oh, ja of course. But he can do orbital interdiction like /nobody's/ business."

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "And not for the lovesick reasons you think."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "See? Perhaps it would be better to capture him alive.. But, you must listen Soundwave as /acting/ Intel lead, currently, you need to be repaired and to plan, you'll have your... Buir, back"

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "And a bit of payback to boot, but, must work with all you have, Banshee, Shockwave and tapes.."

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "Ghost needs to be returned to us. You did not see her condition. If we wait she may not survive..."

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "Let me be clearer. It is personal for Trypticon alzo."

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "Soundvave. If we strike now we stand a more than 50% chance of losing her for good because you are not ready. VE are not ready."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Exactly, why getting him involved is a disaster waiting to happen.. worry not, he's kept her alive /this long/ he'd likely not just kill her now"

<< Decepticon >> Omen grumbles, "Crystal City is Shockwaves. No booms there unless Commander Shockwave says so. Nobody likes it when their city is destroyed. So history tells me."

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "Oh, of course."

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "...."

GAME: Soundwave FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Immense difficulty.

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "But... it would be sensible to give him a role."

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "I'm going to my office."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "And as Omen says, Shockwave's city, he likely has it monitored.."

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "So zat he does not feel sidelined. Zat's why I suggest haff him in orbit when we strike."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "So he can be tracked"

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "<disconnects>"

<< Con-Tapes >> Omen says, "..."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Uuuuhg, why do those with Conjux's have to make things hard"

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Right go to his office, talk with him there."

<< Decepticon >> Omen says, "Is not conjux, is -Commander-."

Shockwave hasn't been bothering to respond on the radio as he has shifted his course and headed to Soundwave's lab, though he does not enter it before he sends a request to enter to Soundwave.

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "Trypticon says simply 'Ghost is mine. And her own.'"

Soundwave turns to walk upstairs to the foreman's office, stalking off. The door to his workshop is open but he seems like he's ready to go lock himself in there.

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Please, Soundwave is largely controlled in his emotions, the fact he's acting so stubborn and erratic about rescuing her says it all."

<< Decepticon >> Omen says, "Pah"

<< Decepticon >> Deathsaurus says, "You know I don't think I've ever heard Soundwave this angry about...anything."

<< Decepticon >> Esmeral says, "On really? Is this worth an amendment to our contract?"

<< Decepticon >> Deathsaurus says, "Im not sure where that contract stands right now. Sounds like a Starscream problem."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Besides one of his tapes being harmed... it is indeed telling-- ack! We will need to discuss such at some point"

Vizier paces back and forth, "Why is this so slagging difficult? How many medics do we have in the Empire? Can't we get some of them here to repair Commander Soundwave?"

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "I can repair myself. When I have time. So long as I can move I will work on this."

<< Con-Tapes >> Omen is quiet a moment before..

Soundwave hears the request. "Granted." He radios back to Shockwave.

<< Con-Tapes >> Omen says, "Please? pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease get repairs? For us? For her?"

<< Con-Tapes >> Vizier says, "Then do so, please, Commander, so we can go about the business we need to."

As Shockwave's request to enter is granted, Ravage heaves out a sigh, "Soundwave, we need a plan. And then we can engage in it." Ravage's tone is gentle and pleading.

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "Yes. We need time as well to determine where Soundblaster has fled to and close the net on him."

Omen grumbles, giving a nod to Vizier, watching as Soundwave moves to his office. She lets out a whining keen, optics going big, going -flat-bird- and pathetic as she keen-croons. (deadly-cute!)

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, " for Trypticon having his own sort of.. role, he can act as a prison where he and Soundwave can ah.. collaborate"

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "He would prefer more 'proactive'... he is excellent at orbital interdiction."

<< Con-Tapes >> Vizier says, "Sir, if you're in need of more dire repairs, you can trust us to handle this and we can bring back Soundblaster's remains for any spare parts you need. Just say the word."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Well could help in keeping her safe when repairs come"

GAME: Soundwave PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Immense difficulty.

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "Very well..."

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "<reconnects>"

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "Very well... let's discuss options."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "good."

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "He says she will need him anyway. She will have much data to decompress, the cold-chamber will be ready."

Soundwave turns to head back downstairs. "Very well. Let us discuss options. All of us." He sounds exhausted as he heads back to his workshop table.

Shockwave enters the lab after the permission is given and makes his way towards wherever Soundwave is, his gunhand clasped by his hand behind his back as he does so, not saying anything at the moment as his presence was requested.

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "Ghost's condition is critical. She is under-energized, missing her limbs and shows signs of physical and mental torture. She'll need heavy recovery when she is returned. I know why he holds her."

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "He is... angry right now. But He would... enjoy leaving a lasting reminder of what happens to those who do harm to those He protects. Alzo he offers his long-range communications and sensor arrays."

Omen waaarks and flies up off the floor, circling once before dipping towards Shockwave. The still aflame raven kraaas a greeting. "Thank you! City of crystal is yours. Is where Soundwave discovered my idio.. er.. Commander Ghost was held. Was not able to retrieve. Need help? Please? Help find our idiot?" Her flight falters as Soundwave describes the condition.

<< Decepticon >> Avarice says, "If we know she was In Crystal City, it can't be that hard to track her."

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "Unit: Soundblaster is a clone of myself. He does not have his own cadre, and thus wants to learn how to make his own by studying other carriers. He knows Ghost is a carrier and is after both her and my cadre as well as possibly Blasters and any other carrier on the planet. I was contacted by Ghost twice. I could only get her emotions but I could track them. I tracked them to a hidden lab in Crystal City, Shockwave's territory, thus the need to contact him about the city's layouts. Soundblaster and I had a shootout which led me to be ... overpowered by him. My plan was to return to base, regroup with a larger force and then retrieve Ghost by any means necessary before eliminating Soundblaster. If Soundblaster is smart. And I know he is, he's based off of Soundwave... then he's already got her on the move.""

Vizier flaps his wings and flaps up to the table, yellow-green acrid smoke curling from his nostrils. Landing on the surface he looks at Soundwave, "Sir. Repairs? Fix yourself."

Ravage would nod at Shockwave, "Ghost was a captive there and subject to torture. And yes." In reinforcement to Vizier, Ravage moving over to the side of Soundwave.

Soundwave looks down at his battered condition, including his ripped up chest and right arm. "Working on it." He works on the chest first. Two cadres may need him rather than just one.

GAME: Soundwave FAILS an ENDURANCE roll of Very High difficulty.

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "It is taking all of my concentration to keep Trypticon calm. Please, include me in the next planning meeting about gettink her back."

Shockwave tilts his head up to watch Omen's orbit and he remembers the promise he made to a small psychotic Tape and lifts a arm up to offer a place for her to settle if she should wish. "I have already begun a search of my sensor readings and am processing it to find his current location and possible routes if he had chosen to move Commander Ghost. I do not make promises often but I had made one to your Carrier, Omen. Soundblaster has caused issues before but had his uses.. which no longer matter."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream mutters. "Wasn't it the /bat/ that created her frame schematics? Was keen to not let us forget it, prat.." he'd grumble. "Shockwave can you attempt to track the cameras you have around to follow from their last location to ensure they've not moved or if they have left the city?"

Omen warbles mournfully and lands on the offered purple perch, clawing up and over to settle on Shockwave's shoulder, hunkering down and fluffing plating out in a 'feathered' lump of agitation, slightly 'on fire' still. "Thank you, Commander. Soundwave is.. damaged and it may be affecting his protocols and priority trees. She -was- alive. But. we can't feel her anymore again. Thank you."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "..Banshee, can't you just set up a /stream/ through the view screens to be included in said plan"

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "Yes others could ugh.."

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "Intercept. He has a lot of similar abilities to myself."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Then that makes him /easy/ to take down"

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "In theory yes, Starscream. But... I do not think giving Trypticon live access would be... sensible."

Ravage would nod over at Shockwave, "Yes, thank you." He would go to summarize, "We hope we can figure where he has gone to and.." Ravage goes quiet. For once not having the words. More than the promise in his form of infliction of -pain-

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "Nor do I haff the spare brainpower to be useful. He is -remarkably- annoyed."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Hrmm noted"

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "But from what I can gather, everyone here has.. a hand in which can create a cohesive plan if done properly.. Shockwave in tracking, thus allowing you all a proper assault, search, and rescue"

Soundwave nods "Indeed. He will be.." he continues to work on one of his chest injuries. He coughs for a moment, as something delicate sparks. "Dealt with.." he leans back against the wall, optics flickering a bit. Maybe he's just doing more damage than good.

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "Don't forget, Trypticon can help mit both sensors and comms"

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "That he can"

<< Decepticon >> Hunter in the Night, Scourge says, "Tracking, you say...?"

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Hmm hmm now there is a thought"

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "And he... respectfully requests... /yes/ Trypticon I know that's not what you said but I'm being diplomatic here... he /requests/ that, if this SoundBlaster has a base, that he be allowed to jump up and down on it when we have Ghost free."

Vizier paces on the tabletop, "Dealt with? He won't be good for much more than trophies when we're done, if that."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "...Talk to Shockwave"

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "I will, once I haff him calm enough that I can leave him."

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "His base may be mobile. His lab in crystal city may not be his only..."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "But yes.. Perhaps if Soundwave needs, Scourge, perhaps he could utilize your.. talents.. and again I suspect Shockwave has that place bugged deeply, so.."

<< Decepticon >> Hunter in the Night, Scourge says, "Indeed, I can easily detect any surveillance devices."

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "any and all assistance is appreciated"

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "...A Sweep, Scourge no less, Banshee, Shockwave and your tapes Soundwave.. You have quite the makings of baiting him out while others pull her out"

<< Decepticon >> Shockwave says, "When Commander Ghost is retrieved, Soundblaster will be subdued, dissected then what is left will be strapped to a asteroid and dropped into the closest sun.. at the slowest possible speed. Or given to Hand Arachnae.. I am unsure at this time which is proper punishment for costing me such a rare specimen."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream: That gets a pause from Starscream whom... isn't sure how to take part of that information

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "...Right then"

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "Trypticon asks that he get a part."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "We will.. figure something out for him"

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee as if muttering to someone off-camera. "Yes I know you said 'demand' but I'm being -nice- here."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream mutters and sighs.

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "I know you don't want to be nice right now but they are our allies... thank you, Stellvertretender Führer."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Right then, are we all in agreement?"

Shockwave looks up at Omen for a moment before he walks towards Soundwave, "Sit. Second-hand repairs are sub-optimal. If I am participating in this.. discussion I will enact the proper repairs so you can participate in requesting your Commander at full capability." He considers all that has been said, "I have my systems in Crystal City working on all the information from the past few days as well as previous actions on Soundblaster's past patterns. He will be found, the Commander shall be retrieved."

<< Decepticon >> Omen says, "Can I eat his optics? And his audials? And pluck out his spark and crack it? Please please pleaase?"

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, ".....Well I just assumed that came with the territory"

<< Decepticon >> Shockwave says, "If Trypticon wishes... he can kick the asteroid into the sun."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "And no I did not forget you Destrons ether.. if he requests help, you're free to do so."

<< Con-Tapes >> Vizier says, "Omen, we can crack his chest open and I'll melt his spark casing for you."

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "The idea pleases him, Shockwave."

Omen clicks her beak, chirrs softly as she listens to those around before fixing that bird-glower at Soundwave, "Stop.. please let Shockwave repair you? Help ups help you then we -all- plan, we all -revenge-, we all get her back."

<< Con-Tapes >> Omen chirrrs happily. "Thank you big little brother. "

<< Decepticon >> Hunter in the Night, Scourge says, "So then, where do we start?"

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Soundwave is heading this operation, so speak with him."

<< Decepticon >> Hunter in the Night, Scourge says, "fine."

Soundwave nods "Very well..." He says, being more agreeable as Shockwave approaches. "Your assistance is appreciated. I know you know the layout of the city..."

<< Decepticon >> Deathsaurus says, "Oh lovely we're remembered."

Scourge has arrived.

<< Decepticon >> Fräulein Banshee says, "I must... dedicate my attention to Trypticon. He is getting... restive."

Ravage would nod at Soundwave, "Yes an operational plan is required. We need to identify our target's location, establish what his security is, and how to best neutralize him. May I make a suggestion?" He would glance at the others in thought for a few moments before going as Soundwave was being tended to.

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Hmph, and Soundwave, I do have a /request/ of you."

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "I'm listening, Commander."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "When, not /if/, but /when/ you rescue her, be sure to get it through her helm she's not some lowly unit that can be so willingly sacrificed."

<< Decepticon >> Esmeral says, "I mean if she thinks she is as such, then why all the fuss. That's a whole different level of stupid. Wipe her access, write her off and move along."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream facepalms.

<< Decepticon >> Avarice says, "She has a point."

<< Decepticon >> Vizier says, "Her tasks are not finished yet, she still has work to do."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "That she does, but that is also /the point/! You wouldn't believe how stubborn some of these meches are in being repaired and resting! My gods you lot are a bunch of speeder-junkies"

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "I will attempt that. She is essential. She should not be left behind."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Primus have you /heard/ how some of you talk? Oh you've taken worse? You're still leaking and not in top condition!"

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Primus almighty.."

Soundwave nods "Confirmed. " he actually stays still and lets Shockwave see to him.

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream huffs. "Now if all the dramatics are done, I suggest working together over the coming days, and ensure your selves well /rested/ and in peak condition to ensure a /flawless/ victory.

<< Decepticon >> Hunter in the Night, Scourge says, "My Sweeps and I will ensure proper recharge protocols."

Shockwave deploys the multi-tools from his gunhand as he goes to work, moving efficiently as well as quickly as he runs his own analysis of the damage before he goes to work, "She will be found, Omen." Otherwise he keeps quiet for the moment as he works and lets the others talk as he hasn't directly been asked anything yet.

Soundwave pauses "If I am gathering backup, surely he is as well.." he says remaining still. "This will require...yes. Regrouping. Regathering." at least he didn't stay and let Soundblaster capture him too. He's a bit too cowardly for that.

<< Decepticon >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "I suppose I could go to the medbay proper."

Shockwave pauses as a thought crosses his mind before he speaks as he works, "Soundwave, you will be the one explaining to Arachnae why I may have to acquire a few pieces of the Trans-organics she has stored. Since that battle caused the loss of one of my last samples."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Good."

Vizier is getting anxious as time progresses, "Would that make things go faster, Commander?"

>> Shockwave finishes the repairs on Soundwave. <<

Omen chirrs, beak clicking, "Stay still blue idiot. Purple is repairing. Faster if you stay still. Faster repairs, faster planning, faster intel, faster death to the pretender who touched what is not theirs."

Soundwave nods "I did not know your projects were involved. I will...take responsibility on this." He says, staying still and staring at the wall a bit.

Ravage would chuckle at Omen<], "Yes, she is correct." He would nod over at Omen and then go on, "Soundblaster /requires/ an extensive support network to function to supply his technology and resources. That is our best possibility to track him if he cannot immediately be traced back from where he has fled Crystal City."

Vizier says, "Then we send out the trackers to find him, they've got their specialties, let them use them and we'll go in when we're ready and do the part we're looking forward to."

Shockwave finishes the last few bits, the large purple Mech having spare armor plates as well as basic repair parts in storage, "Your physically up to standards, Soundwave. Your internal repair systems simply need time to re-align again." His head turns just a bit, "If there is another disturbance in Crystal City that effects my efforts in my lab, I will not be as.. restrained in my response. When my checks are finished, as they will be within a short time, then arrangements can be made. If you wish to move assets into position, do so.. but be careful of your actions."

Soundwave nods "Thank you, commander." He says. "Before we assault Soundblaster in your city, we will keep you aware of our actions. Would you like us to inform you if he has moved on as well?"

Omen shifts her position on Shockwaves shoulder, watching the repair work. She has no idea how it all goes together but she is recording because that is what she does. A click of her beak and she gives Shockwave a quick preening to his head. "Thank you sir. I miss my idiot. And My idiot likes that idiot. I don't know why. We need the idiot back. There are planners here, there are trackers, there is firepower. We just need to know when and where to move."

Ravage would nod at OMen in agreement. Nodding at Shockwave, "Thank you." Then nodding over at Vizier in thought while glancing at the others. "He will not escape us again."

Vizier says, "Even if he does, Starscream has sent out the Empire's best hunters and trackers after him. I doubt he'll remain hidden long. It's only a matter of time, a short time at that."

Shockwave tilts his head to the side, "There will be on assault. It will be a hunt and extermination of a pest who has grown to big for it's nest." He does a final check over Soundwave before he steps back, his gunhand returning to normal.

Soundwave nods "Excellent. I am glad we are in agreement. Soundwave's inferior clone must be eliminated. But first and foremost, Ghost must be returned and rebuilt."

Vizier says, "I believe the two will go hand in hand, sir. We should be able to retrieve the commander and sate any need for vengeance we have upon Soundblaster. Ghost still has much to do for the Empire, she will be returned."

Omen clicks her beak, then glides down to land next to Vizier, "They, we, will find her. Vengeance shall be ours."

Soundwave nods "Agreed. This was a direct attack against the Empire and our security. I am pleased it will be worked with as a group."

Shockwave pauses and asks, "Two inquiries for more information. How do we know he has her and is not feeding false information? And if he does, how did he acquire her? Contrary to Starscream's comments, she is not a idiot."

Omen grumbles, "She is -my- idiot..." staying near to Vizier now, attempting to preen the dragon. "Our Idiot. Soundwave says saw, got into a fight, saw her there."

Soundwave pauses. "I traced him to his lab. She was there, restrained and kept in critical condition. He had been torturing her, trying to learn her carrier secrets. She is more than a carrier. She is an agent of the Decepticons."

Ravage would continue on, "As near as we can determine, during the riot at Calyhex she was isolated and captured and brought out of Calyhex. One of Calyhex's orderlies was identified as having helped in it. Two other neutrals were identified as having helped remove her. All were executed at close range."

Vizier nods, "Exactly, Commander Soundwave has seen her, as odd it may seem, sir, Intelligence Operatives rarely lie."

Soundwave pauses. "I can send copies of the encounter to whoever requires it. Also there was a report..."

Shockwave would give a deadpan look if he actually /had/ a face. "Decepticons lie. It is in the name. And I have the scans of the fight. Errors were made in Soundblaster's creation it seems. When the correlations of my sensors are done I will have a set delivered to you, Soundwave, so you may check it against what you know."

Omen continues to preen Vizier since he hasn't reacted poorly to the nervous habit of hers. PLus, he's also belongs to their idiot. "Most lie." she notes before quieting down, listening and preening. "Creator doesn't"

Soundwave pauses. "We are intelligence. We have built a career on lies." He says. "Ghost is a rare exception." he nods to Shockwave. "My thanks. I will not rest until she is returned and Soundblaster is taken care of."

Vizier turns to Soundwave, "Sir, it may help us to have access to any blueprints or plans of your form that aren't classified. To have a better grasp on how to defeat Soundblaster. Nothing you'd be uncomfortable with sharing, of course, Commander."

Soundwave nods "I will send all information that I have that is not classified to your direction. Being how he came into being, it will not be a lot."

Shockwave tilts his head a bit but says nothing on that subject but pauses as he again remembers a promise and pulls out a small box of goodies and sets it in front of Omen. "It had been awhile since I had seen you, Omen. That small... Femme has kept her promise to stay out of the repair bay if I delivered this." He looks at Soundwave and dips his head towards him, "I will withdraw to my complex and contact you with the information if there is no more need for my presence here currently?"

Soundwave nods "Of course. Thank you for your time. I will return to listening here. Hopefully, I will get another signal like before."

Omen rasps beak, gives Vizier another preen-bite before squeaking at the box of treats. She pounces, nip-tearing into it to get to the tasty inside.

Ravage would nod at Shockwave, "Thank you. Your aid is appreciated." Then to Vizier, "And what finesse can only match.. Brute force can overwhelm."

Shockwave turns and moves off with towards the exit.

Vizier winces slightly at Omen's ministrations, "We shall see, Ravage, brute force isn't my forte, but I have yet to test this new form to its limits."

Omen nibbles a treat then takes off again, box in talons, heading for her 'hidey hole' once more.

Soundwave opens his chest, which is much easier now that Shockwave has worked on him "Omen if you want to return..."

Soundwave pauses. "I promised her I'd take care of you. All of hers."

Omen wingovers and transforms, heading in to dock. He's not -hers- but he's safe.