Transformers Universe MUX

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The planet Eurythma is inhabited by an alien culture built entirely around music. Every aspect of the Eurythmans' lives, including their architecture, is related to music.

Like most alien worlds, it is largely covered by rocky terrain and forests.

On the MUX, Eurythma is located in the Outer Rim of Beta Quadrant on Central Plane of Milky Way.


In 2015, Eurythma was saved from destruction by a team of Autobots led by Imager.


  • The Eurythmans and their planet were possibly named for '80s band The Eurythmics.
  • It appears to be perpetually night on Eurythma, suggesting that the planet has no nearby star.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Eurythma (ユーリズマ Yūrizuma)