This article is about the evil Decepticon Destron - for her mirrorverse counterpart, see Esmeral (SG).
Esmeral is a Destron arbiter.

And afterwards, when the Autobots were lured into a false of security by those teary eyes, the Decepticons, now easily with five times as many, launched a devastating attack on their enemies and won the Victory war. Pretty please?

Disrespect the Empire, attack my people? But the worst mistake you've made: You tried to take what is mine.

Known as 'The Empress', the Conjunx Endura and wife to Deathsaurus, Esmeral was once a Queen in her own right, a Pirate Queen. She and her crew joined the Destrons by choice after a brief diplomatic courtship. Once renowned for 'privateering', she stepped into the Destrons and up to Deathsaurus himself, boldly claiming him as her own. A well-versed tactician and diplomat, she is not simply the pretty face she presents: Underneath the casual grace and friendly exterior lies a ruthlessly cunning, predatory, and principled femme. Vicious in close quarters combat, she prefers the use of a chain-sickle to bludgeon or ensnare a foe, converting it to a Ko-naginata to strike at whim. Wind and lightning are her hallmark in her creature form, a Titanus Quetzalcoatl, a blade-winged lithe counterpart to her husband's own creature form. While fiercely loyal to Deathsaurus, she will not hesitate to curb his more enthusiastic approaches as needed. She will negotiate time and time again to defend what is hers, knowing that there are times best to bend instead of break. She may be 'pretty', but she's at heart a Pirate, and Pirates KEEP what they get.


Esmeral is trapped in the dark nebula, where she's been protecting her people, fighting off Dire Wraiths while Deathsaurus has been gone.

OOC Notes

Esmeral prefers to addressed as 'Empress'.

Logs / Posts


  • July 4 - "Fortress Signal Received " - A signal comes through from the depths of space: Those Destrons remaining in the Space Fortress reach out to their counterparts on Cybertron.
  • July 6 - "Fortress Communications" - The Destrons make a second connection with those on their fortress. More information is exchanged to plan for the fortress retrieval.


Esmeral is played by Scaythe.

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