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Engex is a beverage imbibed by Transformers to produce an effect not unlike intoxication. It is, in essence, very highly refined energon, often with additives for flavouring or to enhance and change its effects.

At some point before the war it was illegal on Cybertron, causing a flourishing black market. It is during this time that Encore and Fanfare learned the craft, running a small speakeasy under a store in Helex.

Today the Suicide Jockey brothers have continued distilling and brewing engex, with a brewery at Iacon. Encore is the face of the business, and it is rumoured that Fanfare comes up with a majority of the actual recipes.

There are several bars that serve engex, including but not limited to The Rollout Bar in the Toraxxis Plains. There is at least one bar in every major Cybertronian town or city, just as there would be on Earth.

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