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An energy vampire is a robotic lifeform who has had their energy drained by another, becoming an undead creature feeding on other beings' energy and life.

Many Energy vampires were created by the monstrous beast known as the Dweller. Upon contact with the Dweller, its victims become gray-skinned, red-eyed, and mindless. They begin shambling around, drawn towards those who have not yet been turned. Simply touching another spreads the malady. Ultimately, they all return to the Dweller, delivering their captured energy to it.

According to Perceptor, this phenomenon is a form of energy depletion, turning the affected into energy leeches. He theorizes that a massive energy infusion could return a vampirized robot to normal. Blaster and Starscream have had some success against energy vampires by disrupting their internal energy flow with an electro-scrambler or null ray, respectively.


Pre-MUX History

During the Dweller's first attempt to rise, it spread a nanovirus that turned victims into energy vampires. The UberSeeker was one such energy vampire, and nearly turned all of Tarn and Vos into vampires before he was defeated and entombed.

MUX History

While exploring old tombs, Windshear contracted the Dweller's nanovirus, spread there by the UberSeeker. Slowly Windshear became an energy vampire, infecting other Transformers in the process.

When flying Trans-Organics breached Polyhex's walls in 2012, they were defeated by Starscream and his Air Warriors before the Seekers were forced to retreat before the onslaught of the Dweller's energy vampires.

During the Dweller's assault on Polyhex, Hun-Grrr and his Terrorcons were turned into energy vampires and forced to the Dweller's will. They got better.




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