Encountering Jazz

Log Title: Encountering Jazz

Characters: Crosscut, Jazz

Location: Great Dome, Iacon

Date: September 27, 2021

TP: Peace In Our Time TP

Summary: Crosscut encounters Jazz in the Great Dome.

As logged by Crosscut - Monday, September 27, 2021, 3:05 PM

Great Dome - Iacon - Northwestern Cybertron

Located in Iacon, the Great Dome is the city-state's center piece. It outlines Iacon Central and provides protection to the Celestial Spires, where the government of Iacon is seated. Currently the Great Dome functions as the main Autobot base on Cybertron. Because Iacon tends to be the place that the Autobots protect best, the Dome and the Spires are of symbolic importance to them and they often refer to them to signify amazement, surprise or exasperation.
Special Operations Commander Jazz
Jazz is seated in the middle of the Great Dome. He casually has his legs crossed and is reading reports on a PADD.

This Honda City R is a silver Japanese subcompact car. Its innovative (for 1985) "Tallboy" design enabled four Asian adults to fit comfortably in this very short car - under 3.4 m/11.2 ft. A 3-door hatchback with black trim, this car has a Motocompo 'foldaway' scooter designed to fit in its small luggage area. At the time of its introduction, this was Honda's smallest car, shorter than the Honda Civic by 6.7 inches. This "R Manhattan Roof" version has a 10 cm taller top, complete with black-tinted sun roof. It's a car impressive only in its tiny compactness.

Crosscut drives into the Great Dome in his little Japanese subcompact Earthmode. He initially takes the roundabout towards the High Council Pavilions but turns off when he spots Jazz sitting reading his dataPADD. Crosscut drives as close as the paved area allows, and then transforms into his equally unimpressive robot mode. He approaches Jazz close enough that he obviously wants to talk but doesn't directly interrupt Jazz's reading.

Jazz optic glances to see who it is and recognizing the bot he begins to stand, "Crosscut," he greets him genuinely. "You look well."

Crosscut chuckles. "I'm glad to give that impression," he says mildly. "I've just returned from Nova Cronum and was going to report to Optimus Prime, but I saw you here and wanted to apologize personally for not keeping you in the loop of diplomatic discussions. I must admit, I'd gotten in the habit of just reporting directly to Prime and didn't realize what an unfair situation that put you when things have been changing so rapidly. So, I wanted to assure you that in the future, I will fill you in on all ongoing negotiations in which my team or I am involved."

Jazz takes his seat again and crosses his legs with a steady stare at Crosscut, "Are you saying that Prime knew about this and didn't tell me as well?"

Crosscut sits across from Jazz, somehow remaining formal even while settled on the ground. "The situation has been rapidly fluid. I'll have to review my notes about what we reported when, but in the case of Ghost's new position, that hadn't been officially announced yet, so it was more of a backchannel discussion when she was attacked. There had been no real diplomatic breakthroughs, just potentials, so I hadn't yet made a proper report."

Jazz nods, "I would want to know about potentials Ambassador," he says simply. "Prime may or may not have wanted you to proceed."

Crosscut nods. "Absolutely, Commander. I was completely in the wrong, caught up in my own projects and not properly reporting in to Prime OR you. I apologize again for the position in which that put you, and I assure you I will make a point to fill you in on exactly what I'm doing, as well as any potentially actionable intelligence I encounter during my negotiations. I AM in Intelligence now. I intend to better contribute."

Jazz frowns and nods, "I will take you on your word," he pauses. "You can start now. What do you have?"

Crosscut sighs. "Not much. I had hoped to discuss with Ghost some foundations for negotiations between the Autobots and Decepticons before Prime and Starscream meet, but I haven't been able to contact her. Starscream did reach out after his little tantrum and wants to meet with Prime, so I will need to discuss with him when and where that would be more appropriate and attempt to lend my expertise in the matter. Of course, I will keep you in the loop as well."

Jazz nods, "Ghost is in the Medical Center. She is being sedated and held. If you want to go in there and talk to her you can. You can reduce the sedation."

Crosscut's optics widen in shock. "Now I know how you felt! Do the Decepticons know about this?" You can almost hear his CPU racing. He jumps to his feet without even realizing he's doing it but freezes to listen to Jazz's response before taking any action. "Ghost is one of the more moderate and popular voices in Decepticon Command. If something happens to her... the repercussions could be ugly," he warns.

Jazz nods calmly, "Relax. She was found incapaciated and we brought her here. Prime ordered her sedated to assist with her recovery. I think you might be the best face for her to see when we bring her to," he shrugs. "I am aware of Ghost being moderate, I heard about your interactions from -her-," he frowns.

Crosscut nods, calming slightly and picking up the point of Jazz's tone. He nods. "Understood, sir. I will report to the IMC now and report to Optimus Prime from there. Thank you, sir. Is there anything else before I depart?" He willfully stills the stressful vibrations in his frame and struggles to project his usual staid, ambassadorial front.

Jazz shakes his head but adds, "I would like nothing more than peace with the Decepticons. Your input will be valuable," he pauses. "Go ahead and report to IMC."

Crosscut nods. "Thank you, sir." Crosscut hurries off, practically fleeing.

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