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The Empties were unaligned Transformers on Cybertron.

Telus, Rotorbolt, and their buddy are typical Empties.

Millions of years of war and oppression have taken their toll on Cybertronian civilization. The Empties were inhabitants of the Dead End section of the Decepticon-controlled province of Polyhex who barely managed to eke out a meager existence under such hardship. Fuel was hard to come by for the Empties, and by the looks of their condition, spare parts even harder.


Marvel Comics continuity

The Decepticons, under the leadership of Straxus, had little regard for any Transformers that were not useful in advancing the Decepticon cause. Those deemed burdensome to the dwindling fuel supply were targeted for recycling into raw materials in the smelting pool. The Empties were high on that list. The Smelting Pool!

MUX History

The Empties of Dead End were hit particularly hard by the Dweller and Quintesson invasions of Polyhex. Many were killed by explosive charges set by Hubcap, by the minions of the Dweller and the Dweller itself, and still more were killed by Allicons and Sharkticons during the Quintesson occupation. The Dead End then stood almost empty (no pun intended), aside from a few scavengers and battered survivors with no place else left to go. In 2015 even these last survivors were destroyed, some cut down in a crossfire between Decepticon and Galvatron cult forces, and the rest sucked up and used in the reformatting of Polyhex.

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