A Ember is the lifeforce, or soul, of a Shattered Glass Transformer. Each Ember is part of the essence of Primus himself, which gives the capacity for evil for each Cybertronian.

The Ember is a physical entity which is safeguarded inside a Transformer body. Acording to legend, if something harms the Ember beyond repair, it is "extinguished" and returns to the Pit (or sometimes the Well of All Embers). The Transformer is then considered dead. Otherwise, a Transformer is able to survive an enormous amount of physical damage. As long as the Ember is intact, it is possible to repair or rebuild the body and restore the Ember to it.

Similarity to the main universe

The main-universe Transformers possess a laser core, which seemingly has a similar function to a Ember. The laser core may be some sort of housing for an Ember.

Properties of Embers

Embers normally appear as semitransparent red balls of energy with a pulsating center composed of smaller, orange spheres. The center spheres are engulfed in a reddish glow. An ever-changing pattern of "fire"-like waves travels around the surface and through the interior.

Although Transformer memories and personalities are generally stored within the Transformers' computer brains, it has established that an Ember will (or can) hold all of an individual's memories, along with their "essence" or personality, as a permanent backup. A Transformer's behavior can be modified through programming of their mechanical body (referred to as a shell program), but this is always a struggle between the programming and the "true" nature of the Ember within. However, over long periods of time, an Ember may begin to internalize some aspects of a programmed personality.

Many Transformers, such as Slamdance, Squawkbox and the Duocons, simultaneously inhabit multiple mechanical bodies or components. It is unknown whether multiple-bodied Transformers possess Embers able of splitting and sharing themselves between modes or if they are examples of something more mundane such as simple remote control.

Regardless of their composition, Embers are not insubstantial energy, but have some sort of physical aspect.



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