EDC Coordinator Marissa Faireborn

The Earth Defense Command is a joint Autobot/G.I. Joe effort to coordinate and streamline communications for emergency response. It was initiated 2012 by discussions between Spike Witwicky and General Hawk, and expanded with the help of Blaster, Crosscut, Dial-Tone, and Marissa Faireborn.


EDC Coordinator Spike Witwicky


In March 2013, the need for EDC unexpectedly arose with the imprisonment of human rights activist (and GI Joe and Autobot sympathizer) Anwar Assan. Though a joint mission was about six months too early for some members of EDC, the need for both the Joes and the Autobots to rescue Assan while maintaining plausible deniability required the skills of both factions to ensure neither were ensnared in any international backlash regarding such a mission. 

In April of that year, the EDC executed their mission almost flawlessly, rescuing Assan and his wife with no Autobot or G.I. Joe casualties and very few witnesses.

In 2018 the EDC was reorganized as a division of the Autobots, and Marissa Faireborn was promoted to field commander.

Dedicated Members of the EDC

Decepticon World (DW)

In the Decepticon World, the EDC was briefly set up as a resistance force against the Decepticons when they proceeded to invade Earth and take over its inhabitants. The organization was made up of members of both G.I. Joe and Cobra. However, the Decepticons quickly decimated most all of EDC's resources in a series of dramatically once-sided battles. Early on in EDC's formation, the leaders were captured and publicly executed in front of a worldwide audience by the Decepticons.

Since then, EDC has gone underground. Pursuing funding through any measures, including that of billionaire G.B. Blackrock, EDC now operates as a much more scaled back resistance movement, now dubbed ERC for Earth Resistance Command. Employing guerrilla tactics against the Decepticons, the members of ERC, fight desperately for any perceived victory they can against their Decepticon conquerors.

Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass universe, the EDC is an anti-Transformer global force.

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