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Tank is a tank mechanic and vehicle operator. He likes to work with technology old and new, making things stronger and more efficent any chance he gets. As a young soldier he served with Savage's Eagles, earning two Purple Heart Medals and three battle stars for his actions during World War II. His resulting scarred face and hand make him a frightening sight for the uninitiated, but behind the scars Tank is a gentle giant. After a long life in the Army, he is tired of fighting and war, and would prefer to be able to just tinker with engines and armor in peace for the rest of his days.

File Information

DATE OF BIRTH: Feb. 28, 1924
HOMETOWN: South Fallsburg, N.Y.
BRANCH OF SERVICE: U.S. Army; Tank mechanic and operator with the 2nd, 14th and 4th Armored divisions.
YEARS SERVED: Savage Eagles (Nov. 12, 1942 – Nov. 1945)[1]


Pre-MUX History

Dwight "Tank" Prudence was born on Feb. 28, 1924 in South Fallsburg, N.Y. Tank was soldier during WWII. After the New York native completed basic training at Camp Upton in Long Island, he was assigned to Camp Chaffee, Ark. to learn how to fix and maintain armored tanks. During the 13-week training, Prudence was promoted to tech sergeant and was deployed overseas with the 14th Armored Division. Prudence was among a group of 3,000 men who were assigned as replacement troops to give the guys on the front lines a break and to replace those who had been killed or injured. He was then chosen to join a team led by Sgt. Savage. Injured to the face and hand in France, He was awarded two Purple Heart Medals and three battle stars for his actions in World War II.

MUX History

Prudence received the County of Riverside Desert Senior Inspiration Award in 2001.

He’s the commander of Disabled American Veterans, Chapter 78, and is responsible for a territory that runs from Palm Desert to Blythe.


Real name: Dwight M. Prudence

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