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The Duocons are a Decepticon subgroup.
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"No, it's easy. Look, I've been practicing: I made a heli-truck."

The Duocons, Battletrap and Flywheels, are unique in that their robot modes are formed from the combination of two separate vehicles that have no other transformation.


Pre-MUX continuity

Flywheels and Battletrap were Decepticon troopers stationed in Tyrest on Cybertron. They eventually joined the Mayhem Attack Squad during the rule of Shockwave.

Battletrap and Flywheels

MUX continuity

Flywheels and Battletrap remain a members of the Mayhem Attack Squad on Cybertron, except when needed on Earth.

Battletrap's helicopter and jeep modes


Foreign names

  • Japanese: Two-in-One (ツーインワン Tsū in Wan)
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