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This article is about the heroic G.I. Joe field commander - for his evil Shattered Glass counterpart, see Secretary Hauser.
Personal information
Real Name

Conrad S. Hauser


St. Louis, Missouri


Maxwell Houser, Reporter/NATO volunteer

Military information
Service branch

US Army

Primary MOS


Secondary MOS

Zero-G combat


Command Sergeant Major (E-9); Acting First Sergeant

Organizational information

GI Joe

They tell me that an officer's job is to impel others to take the risks -- so that the officer survives to take the blame in the event of total catastrophe. With all due respect, sir... if that's what an officer does, I don't want any part of it.

A leader is always in the position of making the tough calls and hard decisions. DUKE, as the highest-ranking NCO, and third overall in charge, of the G.I. JOE team, understands the burden of leadership all too well. When it’s the duty of the team to respond to a threat against the world, DUKE must be the one to make sure that the priorities are clear: the mission comes first and everything else comes a distant second. He demands a lot from his team, but doesn't ask anything of them that he isn't willing to give himself. His hard-won experience and unflinching determination have earned him the respect and loyalty of his team.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Conrad Hauser was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He was already fluent in English, French and German when he enlisted in the army. Once there, he enrolled in various schools including the U.S. Army Special Language School and airborne school at Fort Benning. With his extensive background in Chinese and Southeast Asian dialects, Duke joined Special Forces and worked with native South Vietnamese tribesmen. Afterwards, Duke returned stateside where he became an instructor in four different Special Forces schools.

When Duke was running a training exercise while an instructor at the Army's Ranger School along with Marvin "Roadblock" Hinton, a soldier named Eric Freistadt was expected to be a wash out due to losing his temper after psychological tests. Officers suggested Duke be extra tough on Freistadt in the "evade and escape" test, which showed soldiers the bad treatment they could receive if captured. Tied up in a darkened room, he refused to give in, though he all ready knew he had washed-out of the program. After seven days of the soldier simply giving his name and serial number, Duke filed a report and Lt. Colonel Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy was called in. He was so impressed with Freistadt, he signed him on to the newly-forming G.I. Joe team under the codename "Short-Fuze." Duke and Roadblock would join him on the team years later.

Before joining the G.I. Joe team, Duke had several other assignments. It was at this time that Duke became acquainted with Flint, whom he would later recommend for the G.I. Joe team. Duke joined the Joes in 1984, making his first appearance at the funeral of the Joes' commander, General Flagg. Cobra Commander sent a Cobra Rattler jet to buzz the proceedings to test out its capabilities. As the jet approached, Duke and Roadblock appeared and shot the Rattler out of their sky with their firearms.

When he first joined the team, Duke told the team, "Things are going to be different from now on... I'm gonna make the sorry lot of you into soldiers!" He gained a reputation for being tough on the Joes, but they soon respected him and the team was better for his joining. When Hawk took over General Flagg's old post as commander of the Joe team, Duke became the Joes' field commander.

Duke's first official assignment on the team was surveillance of the Bern Institute of Reconstructive Surgery in Switzerland. Major Bludd was tracked to Bern when he brought the Baroness there for plastic surgery following a major battle. Eventually, several members of Cobra arrived and a wild car chase followed, resulting in the capture of Cobra Commander.

The Joes knew how important it was to hold on to their prisoner and took the commander to a plateau in the Rocky Mountains, where a pre-fab fortress was set up to defend the location if Cobra decided to retrieve the commander. Unfortunately, Storm Shadow made a surprise rescue in a Cobra CLAW glider.

Unable to carry both men adequately, Storm Shadow let Cobra Commander leave him behind. Duke pursued in a small Sky-Hawk aircraft, but a firefight with two Cobra FANG helicopters occupied him long enough to let the prisoner get away. Back on the ground, Roadblock and Gung-Ho got the jump on Storm Shadow.

Now the Joes had a new prisoner to replace the commander. Knowing their site had been compromised, Duke, Roadblock and Steeler took Storm Shadow to a cell in Alcatraz. They underestimated Storm Shadow and Duke was shocked to find Storm Shadow had somehow escaped.

Even as the ninja escaped, another group of Joes found Zartan's swamp shack hideout in the Florida Everglades. Duke traveled down to Florida where he and Roadblock met up with Cutter and Deep Six, taking the Whale hovercraft and attacking the hideout. During the attack Destro arrived in a Cobra Rattler.

Duke and the others were injured during the attack, but they all survived. Destro had escaped only to return with Firefly and steal the Whale. Returning to the G.I. Joe freighter, the Jane, Duke and Wild Bill took the Dragonfly 'copter to go after Destro. Duke wasn't about to let Cobra get their hands on a Joe vehicle. The Dragonfly was disabled by Destro's wrist-rockets, but they succeeded in recovering the Whale.

Months later, the Joes discovered a residential house in New Jersey was actually home to an undercover Crimson Guardsman. The Joes, lead by Duke, stormed the house but the Cobras weren't taken by surprise. Tomax and Xamot were there to rescue the Guardsman. Shooting Duke and Lady Jaye as the approached the front door, the Cobras destroyed the Joes' vehicle and escaped. If Duke and Lady Jaye had not worn bulletproof vests, they may have both died from their injuries.

The Cobras had escaped, but they left behind clues to a secret Cobra operation in the Gulf of Mexico. Though the particulars were vague, Hawk sent Duke and a large team of Joes to the Gulf with a new G.I. Joe Battle Platform to investigate the area and defend it should Cobra attack.

After a major battle with Cobra hydrofoils, the Joes discovered an underwater Cobra bunker that was using sound-waves to kill off the sea life in the Gulf. Due to the importance of the fishing industry, the Pentagon ordered the bunker destroyed. What the Joes didn't know was that the bunker was sitting on an undersea fault-line. Cobra had tricked the Joes into aggravating the fault-line, which thrust a massive portion of the ocean floor, creating Cobra Island.

Though many of the Joes were injured and weary from the previous battle, Duke had no choice but to force Cobra's army off the island before Cobra could claim the island as their own. Duke personally led the assault, but as the tide of battle turned in favor of the Joes, the word came down from the Pentagon: Cobra's lawyers and diplomats in Washington, D.C. had gained official recognition for Cobra Island as a sovereign state. The Joes were forced to turn around and go home. Other major operations followed and Duke continued to lead the team into battle.

When Hawk was promoted to General, he exercised his option to return to the field. Duke remained the team's first sergeant, still commanding his own missions from time to time. When the Joes invaded the Cobra-controlled town of Springfield, Duke commanded the security team, assisting in keeping the operation and the town secure. When the Joes entered the Cobra Island civil war on the side of Serpentor, Duke was Hawk's second-in-command, even taking charge when Hawk was temporarily captured and stayed in command until he rescued his commander. After that mission, Duke spent some time training new members of the Joe team and running tests on new vehicles and equipment.

Duke's most difficult mission started as a routine raid on Cobra Terrordromes in the desert nation of Trucial Abysmia. The mission soon turned disastrous when the team, led by Lt. Falcon and Duke, discovered that Cobra was involved more in the Middle East then was first believed.

Trying to retreat into friendly territory, the group was overrun by Cobra soldiers led by Tomax and Xamot. Surrounded on all sides, Duke knew it was suicidal to fight on and surrendered to save his troops. Duke reacted angrily to the treatment the team was given by the Cobras and was badly beaten by the twin brothers. When Tomax and Xamot reported to Cobra Commander, they misunderstood his orders and sent a SAW-Viper to kill the prisoners. Four Joes were shot in cold blood before the rest of the group could escape in a captured Cobra tank. The escaping Joes were followed and the tank exploded, killing the all of the Joes except for Duke, Falcon and Cross-Country. When a Joe rescue team arrived, Duke went after the SAW-Viper, but he couldn't bring himself to shoot the now-unarmed man. The discoveries made by Duke's team led to the Joes biggest operation, fighting against Cobra and the nearby nation of Benzheen. It was some time before Duke recovered from that tragic mission.

Duke returned to duty to help the original G.I. Joe defend the government's top secret laser installation against Cobra's attempt to steal the technology hidden there. Shortly afterward, Duke was at the Pit (Joe HQ) in Utah when Cobra Commander tried to invade his enemies' base. Duke successfully defended the Pit and subsequently led a mission into Cobra Island, which was discovered to have been abandoned by Cobra. Later on, Duke led the newly-formed Star Brigade in a joint mission with the former Soviet unit, the October Guard. Soon after that mission, the Joe team was disbanded and Duke helped "retire the colors" at the ceremony that closed down the Pit and the team.

MUX History:

Duke was then assigned short term to the C.I.A., where he continued to lead Operations against the remnants of Cobra along with a few other members of the G.I. Joe team; however, all those missions are HIGHLY Classified. When the Team was reinstated in 1997, it was his work that helped lead to the team's Reinstatement, and he was one of the first reassigned to the team, with a promotion to Command Sergeant Major.

In 2004, Duke served on the Anti-Venom Task Force with Barricade, Charbroil, Mutt, Roadblock, and Sgt. Lifeline.

In 2012 Duke spent several months infiltrating Major Bludd's African contingent, hoping for a chance to apprehend and arrest the wanted mercenary. However, when he finally made his move, Bludd escaped, and Duke was badly beaten by Vipers before managing to extricate himself and flee the scene.

Duke hid out in Cote D'Ivoire, avoiding Cobra patrols while awaiting extraction. He was eventually rescued by Ace and Steel-Brigadier 910, and brought back to Camp Lemonnier to recover.

In 2015, Duke returned to the Pit to take command of Strike Team Alpha. In April of that year he lead Alpha to Sierra Gordo in a mission to rescue Grunt.

In 2016, Duke gave command of Strike Team Alpha to Stalker.

In 2022, Duke was once again made commanding officer of Star Brigade.

OOC Notes

On the MUX Duke has been promoted to CSM. He is also played much more like the Comic Book Duke than the Duke of the Cartoon. While there is the running Joke about Comas, Duke is Hard-Nosed, and only RARELY actually in a Coma. Also, there is NO relationship between him and Scarlett, other than deep mutual respect and friendship.

Logs /Posts









To: Flint, Flagg, Hawk
CC: Hacker, Lady Jaye, Mainframe, Payload, Scarlett, Sci-Fi

That's a lot to take in all at once after dealing with this Nebulos issue and tracking down what looks like a series of toxic waste disposal and storage centers being robbed recently. I'll give some details later and get the training protocols up because we're not going to sit around and collect dust. No one shelves G.I. Joe.

Also, speaking of the Brainwave Scanner, please verify that Wraith was in her right frame of mind when she agreed to marrying Sci-Fi and such. That being said, congratulations. Major O'Leary-Fine, you are now in charge of translating whatever comes out of his mouth.

All jokes aside, it's good to be back on Earth.

Yo Joe!

Mar 07 - Agent Coldsnap

Re: Agent Coldsnap
To: Command, Staff

Agent Coldsnap is back from from her last mission. The timing is probably optimum as Coldsnap could be used to help with those Broca Beach missions. We have many of those to look into and we're missing a few of our top hitters.

Yo Joe!

Mar 07 - Sub Team Meeting

To: Intelligence, Staff, Command
CC: Hawk, Flint, Scarlett, Concealer, Snapdragon

It appears we have an overlap with certain projects being handled. Concealer and Snapdragon are both working on stealth suits that use holograms to impersonate people, places, and things. I am not certain of the details nor do I need to be fully involved with them. To prevent redundancy, can our head of Intelligence and our head of R&D get a list of projects that are prioritized and see what overlaps we can merge together?

I think if we can work together, we can potentially make the improvements needed. Also, the NebTech did give one of the new powered Greenshirts holographic holograms if I recall.

Let's get some meetings up and running. You guys are getting quite messy with the paperwork. If Battleaxe was to run an audit... how many of you would be in trouble?

Yo Joe!

March 11 - Report - Weekly Wind Down   -   Fri Mar 11 - Duke

TO:     All Members

From:   Duke

Yo Joe! This is just a weekly update of what's happened to keep everyone in the loop for what we are doing and what is happening.

MAR 07  Reports of Cobra activities in Russia were made. It appears that Cobra has delivered something in cargo containers to the Russian military. We are not yet sure of who or what was involved and how it will be involved. Please keep an eye out for what we can get on this information.

MAR 08  Training events were run by myself. The first part was a Lockdown testing our ability for how fast we can respond and secure to a threat such as an active shooter inside the Pit. We had reasonable success with this. This was inspired by the Pit breach that happened about less than a month ago. Please review proper lockdown procedures and understand that once we go into 'Lockdown,' that means you hide and barricade yourself, remain on radio silence, and wait for the next stage of instructions.

Additionally, we did have a small set of questions for you to answer to get to the food that was provided as well as for the actual training exercise. You, as Joes, need to have a better understanding of who the persons to your right and left are. Why? They might have a talent or skill or ability that you are unaware of that can be useful when you least expect it. For example, did your know that Wyvern can do something with fire? I'll leave it as that. You'll all be tasked to tell me soon something you learned about your teammates. Don't worry, we all will be tasked with this as well. Myself, Hawk, and even Flint. I'm assigning Flint to attend one of Concealer's 'DnD Tea Parties' to show that we all are not above this. I'll spend an evening helping Sinatra with giving the Rat Pack a bath or something.

MAR 09  Amazing effort from General Hawk, Snapdragon, Sinatra, Scarlet, Concealer, the Rat Pack, and company. You have taken down Broca Beach. Intel had given us that no one other than Cobra was on site and we were authorized to use extreme lethal force to remove those snakes from that location. I understand that the Rat Pack deserve a Purple Heart. Sinatra, see Battleaxe for getting them a block of the finest cheese possible for a treat. We also were not able to take any prisoners even though Copperhead and Mindbender were on scene. It appears that Major Bludd was in his modified HISS tank giving some issues. General Hawk made use of the orbital weapons system to deliver a crucial blow to the HISS as well as a few strongholds. It turns out that Cobra had also rigged the area to explode and that made things more difficult. I am proud of all of you for this. Though, I do need to understand the mushroom clouds of glitter. Or perhaps, I do not need to.

MAR 10  This update is so far the one I am concerned with. Greenshirts with Ozone and a few other members have visited the site of what was once Broca Beach after Cobra leveled that beach front. A squad of Greenshirts went missing when they were entering the labs. Ozone and his squad went to locate the missing party. We recovered them and they were injured and slashed up. It does not match any of the previous weapons or slashes left by Cobra and their weapons. Reports of a humanoid 'Cloverfield' creature are all we can get as a description. Apparently, our conventional weapons are making only dents in whatever this threat is. We will need to get more details on this.

MAR 11  I want all of us to report in and check in with Flint, myself, or Hawk. I'd like to know what your current projects are, what your intentions are, and your strengths and weaknesses are so we can improve on BOTH of them.

Additionally, Sci-Fi, Mainframe, and Hawk have cleared Spike Witwicky from being a Cobra agent. Spike is within our custody still because he is getting help from Doc about a medical situation.

Keep up the great work, all of you. You are not just an agent of G.I. Joe... you are an agent of change.



Mar 15 - Broca Beach and Pit Update

To: All Personnel
From: Duke

       Tuesday, March 15:              We have two teams established with Broca Beach. Recovery and clean up. @Ozone has taken over as point on this. There is a lab room that seems to be of interest as it indicates that D'Alleva has been active there. Even more concerning, there seems to be Dire Wraith specimens.
       Tonight, @Concealer and a small team are going to attempt to breach and secure whatever Cesspool's Broca Lab elements are there still. 
       We are also needing to get information on what is going on with the Baroness. @Agent Snapdragon and @Agent Helix - you two are up for handling this. Please locate Baroness at the NASA locations she might be involved with. @Scarlett can fill you in on these details. @Red Spot, be on standby to provide coverfire and help extract Snapdragon and Helix.
       @Snake-Eyes, start training @Jinx, @Kamakura, and @Wyvern for your #Ninja_Force.
       @Mainframe and @Hacker, please see @Hawk for updates on getting our network up and running.
       @Wraith and @Wisp, please see @Flint about getting air security ready for whatever Cobra has planned with NASA.
       @Sci-Fi, get @Sinatra and @Temera set for additional support with #NASA. Use the @New_School team to provide additional ground security.
       Hopefully, I figured out how to do this new messaging upgrade if not, @Battleaxe will surely correct me. It's going to be a tight week, but I think we can handle all of this. I believe in each and everyone of you. Please make sure that if anything is stolen that we know it was Jimbo and not Cobra right now.
       YO JOE!

  • March 22 - "Satellite Assault" - NASA is about to unveil their new spy satellite, and due to Baroness's undercover work, Cobra knows the launch date and location! Will the Joes be able to keep the terrorist group from getting hands on technology that will vastly increase the reach and scale of Destro's MASS Device?
  • March 22 - "Everything Must Be Perfect" - NASA is about to unveil their new spy satellite, and due to the Baroness's undercover work, Cobra knows the launch date and location! Will the Joes be able to keep the terrorist group from getting hands on technology that will vastly increase the reach and scale of Destro's MASS Device? (Cobra Commander POV)

Joe World

In the Joe World universe, Duke is field commander of world-wide G.I. Joe operations.

Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass universe, Defense Secretary Hauser oversees all G.I. Joe operations.


After years of being temped by Bzero, Duke was played by Morgan from August of 2012 until April of 2013.


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