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Drop Zone
Personal information
Real Name

Samuel C. Delisi


Poteau, Oklahoma

Military information
Service branch

US Army

Primary MOS

Weapons specialist

Secondary MOS

Special Forces advisor


First Sergeant (E-8)

Organizational information

GI Joe


Sky Patrol

Drop Zone is not made for the military, he is the military. He relishes every waking moment serving his country and taking part in any mission. He volunteers for every hazardous assignment that come his way. You can describe him as being patriotic down to the bone. He has an innate unshakable belief that honor and duty still has a meaning even in a complex society that has become too cynical. That doesn't make him naive, no. He is still fully aware cruel realities of life and battle. It's just that he doesn't let the negativity get to him.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

MUX History:

Drop Zone is a Reserve Member of the Team.

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Drop Zone is available for Applicaton


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