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Drillhorn is a Decepticon Warrior.
The only source of knowledge is experience.[1]

He was reaching for your purse before reaching for your purse was cool.

Drillhorn is a veteran strategist. He is very knowledgeable and very tough... and can be quite opinionated, to the point of being stupidly bull-headed. His adherence to past battle experiences can often leave him unprepared for unexpected changes in the battlefield.

Drillhorn is accompanied by his Beast Animal partner, Hornbeast, a robotic rhino that can transform into either his chestplate or a hand-held blaster. Like his fellow Beastforce warriors, Drillhorn is also armed with an Electromagnetic Nunchaku.

Drillhorn can also combine with his Beastforce teammates to form Liokaiser, becoming the left leg of the super robot.


MUX History

Drilltank mode

In 2016, Drillhorn was summoned by Megatron to assist travelling down to Cybertron's core. In 2017, Drillhorn found Trypticon beneath Cybertron.

In 2020, Killbison helped rescue the Arcadia from the Dark Nebula.




from even Megatron, that involves the Beastforce.

Aug 29 - AAR: Magnet Mountains Encounter

Spinny, Drillhorn, Go!

"I encountered a singular Autobot in the Magnet Mountains of Cybertron. Alerted by Covert Agent Plothole, a lone scout had split off from his patrol and I attempted to capitalize on this mistake and slay the interloper."

"However, all did not go as I desired. Unable to limit the mobility of my foe, I was over-matched and chose to withdraw before I was pushed to my limits in situation of limited importance."

"I have since under gone repairs and recouperations within Darkmount and will now return to active duty."

That's it...



Drillhorn was played by Bzero starting in 2017, but was played by Crashinibon from July to October of 2020.

  • As of 2021, he is back to being played by Bzero.


  1. Albert Einstein


Foreign names

  • Mandarin: Tzuān Thiēn Shǔ (Taiwan, 鑽天鼠, "Sky-drilling Mouse")
  • Russian: Nosorog (Носорог, "Rhino")

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