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As of 01/09/2020 (User:Bzero), Drift Plains is
Autobots within the territory are viewed indifferently, Decepticons within the territory are viewed indifferently, and Unaffiliated Inhabitants are undisturbed.
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As the winds of Cybertron scoured the terrain, it picked up the tiniest specks of the world and left it here on the drift plains. Looking closer at the sand shaped into ever changing dunes, one would see specks of crystal from Praxus, touches of rust coated metal from the depths of Tarn, flecks of orange from Iacon and nearly atomized metal scoured from the skeletal remains of Vos. Here, they all have gathered making the walking treacherous at times. The remains of settlements are sometimes unburied as the winds move the dunes back and forth in an unending dance.



  • 1/7 - "Careful Sands" - The sands and ruins of the Drift Plains offer shelter and secrecy to a
pair of Conjunx Endura to speak freely.

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