Transformers Universe MUX
This page is for the evil hunter/destroyer Dredclaw. For his player, see User:Dredclaw.
  • Name: Dredclaw
  • Faction: Decepticon
  • Species: Transformer
  • Division: Intelligence
  • Sub-Group: Sweep
  • Type: OC
Six million ways to die... choose one.

DREDCLAW lives for the hunt... he is the Sweep most adept at close-range pursuit and capture. He is inspired to frightening levels of ferocity when a target lies in his sights. He rarely opts for the quick kill, instead getting murderous pleasure from making the hunt as drawn-out and painful for his prey as possible. As a sweepcraft, he has infrared and ultraviolet optical sensors, faster-than-light capabilities, and a high-powered ceramic dart turret. As a robot, he has a laser rifle he often disdains in favor of his claws. His skills include hunting, torture, pack-tactics, and weapons design and modification. He is prone to carelessness due to overconfidence -- he isn't quite as good as he thinks he is.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Dredclaw was created from the wreckage of an unfortunate Decepticon long-range patrol that ran afoul of Unicron. Sent to Earth, Dredclaw was originally subservient to the Chaos God, but since Unicron's destruction Dredclaw is a free agent. He has chosen to throw his lot in with the Decepticons, gleefully hunting down insurgents on the planet Cybertron.

Flying soapdish mode

MUX History:

Dredclaw serves Scourge on Cybertron and Earth.

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OOC Notes

  • Dredclaw is an OC Sweep. He is based on a 2k5 OC. ElseMU he had briefly been listed as an OFC in the distant past, but never changed players.
  • Known as "The Ferocious One."



  • November 19 - "Versus the Demogorgon" - Scourge and the Sweeps square off against Demogorgon and Trans-Organics.


As of 2013, Dredclaw has a permanent Player.