Doublecross is an Autobot Monsterbot Supply Procurer.

Oh, no room for me in the '80s, but now I'm supposed to come when you call, Simon?!

You can't depend on Doublecross, since he is literally of two minds about... well, everything. Each of his beast heads has its own personality and they can't agree on anything. Make a deal or set plans with one hissing half of Doublecross and you'll likely find the other knew nothing about it and refuses to help. And don't think that getting him to transform to robot mode will help, as there's no way of knowing which mind is in control. Just about the only thing they can agree with themselves on is destroying Decepticons. Thankfully they are, at least, good at that.



Aug 20 - Manganese Mountains. Again

Doublecross appears on-camera... wait, who's this guy again? Must be one of those Monsterbot weirdos, there's one dragon head staring at the camera while a second one hisses and snarls at Firster Aid trying to patch up his side. The right head, the one looking at the camera, is the one that starts talking.

"Sooooo... Seeing as everyone else keeps finding fun times in the mountains, we went for a little looksee as well. Unfortunately all we found was one of those Battlecharger dorks burning junk bonfires in one of the valleys. Still, Decepticon is Decepticon, and after flying all the way out there we weren't going to pass up on a little fight."

The left head finally looks up from harassing the medic. "It wasn't very fun!" The right head glares at it. "Shush. I'm doing important stuff." "We should be working." The two snap back and forth at each other. "There's a grace period after being repaired, idiot."

"Actually," Firster Aid somewhat meekly speaks up from off-frame, "You can leave as soon as you're able. You are.. kinda... creeping out the other patients sir. Sirs." Unsurprisingly, the Monsterbot ignores him.

"Which dork was it again?" "Battlecharger." "I mean -which one-." "Whichever one is the white one." "Right. Runamuck." Now the left head resumes the narriation. "As I was saying, he wasn't very fun! Didn't freak out, didn't yell when hurt or scream in terror, didn't beg for mercy despite being -on fire- -several times-. None of the cool stuff. How rude!" "The lack of screaming was kind of rude. Even an afthole could of been more considerate and screamed a little when he got a buzzsaw beasthug." This the heads seem to agree on as they nod up and down.

"Aaanywayss." With the basic repairs done Doublecross finally transforms to robot mode. If only that made the conversation more understandable. "He finally drove off. I... really don't know if we won, or he just got bored, because we were certainly bored with the lack of fear, as my partner said. Ssso.. uh." A shrug. "Draw? Whatever. I need to get back to logistics. Later!" He just wanders out of the frame, forgetting to turn it off.

After a minute or so Firster Aid peeks back into the frame. ".... Are we sure those guys didn't escape from Calyhex or something?" He questions, before turning off the recording and getting back to work.

August 22 - "Frozen Find"

Joes uncover a frozen mostly dead Cybertronian in Alaska and ask for help. A random assortment of helpers arrive.


  • Jan 9 - "Unhinged" - Motormaster shows yet again why he's King of the Road. Also really dialed into being crazy.


Two-headed dragon mode

  • Doublecross's Tech Spec gives him a Strength rating of "1". This is presumably an editing gaffe, since the only other times a "1" showed up in anybody's ratings were in cases such as the Mini-Vehicles and Throttlebots, under "Firepower" — indicating that they had no guns at all! However, Doublecross's "1" was taken at face value by the More than Meets the Eye profile books, which state that Doublecross is extremely weak. None of his fictional portrayals follow this, however.
    • Right now, his STR is 1 on the MUX, but it may get raised if necessary.
  • All of their instruction graphics depict Repugnus with Doublecross's Rust Ray and Doublecross with Repugnus's venom laser.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Doublecross (ダブルクロス Daburukurosu)
  • French: Traître
  • Italian: Drakebot


Doublecross was temped by Bzero until 2020, when he was taken over by Swiftpawwolf.


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