Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: Dominicon Meeting

Characters: Delusion, Illarion, Takedown

Location: Dominicon Base - Command Center

Date: May 23, 2020

TP: Scraplets TP

Summary: Illarion coordinates her Dominicons in their efforts

As logged by  Delusion

Log session starting at 15:53:35 on Saturday, 23 May 2020.

Dominicon Base - Command Center


Illarion is where she typically has been spending a lot of time lately, her command chair in the Dominicon base, a handful of holoscreens surronding her as she goes through the various reports from Valvolux while the center image is of a certain asteroid near Cybertron.

Takedown returns to the base to deliver her reports personally. Partially for security reasons, but mostly just to get out of the city for a few cycles and possibly get an update on the pending asteroid strike mission.

Delusion has been in the base off and on lately, but more as there's fresh information to analyze. She prowls down the hallway and into the command center, looking to sit and spend more time going over the details.

Illarion looks up as two of her Daughters enter.. one hand quickly flicking and making a pair of the holoscreens to the side disappear before returning to idleness on her chair's arms, "Delusion, did you contact the Autobots?"

Delusion nods. "I did, and passed along a copy of the medical information." She settles into a chair. "Discretion kept the original."

Takedown turns to listen to Delusion's report, nodding quietly as she takes in information. Illarion twitches a hand and brings up a larger version of the asteroid, "Did you inquire if they wish to particpate in this operation?" There is a few blinking spots on the asteroid, marking the defenses Shockwave's cube shared. "This will not be a.. pleasant trip."

Delusion shakes her head. "Last I'd heard, they were willing to back us up on it, so I didn't ask if that still obtained."

"Much as I hate to say it," Takedown butts in, "the Autobots were pretty handy on the last mission - although it looks like they left someone behind in that cave system."

Illarion shakes her head, "They seemed willing to bring the entire place down.. there is less room for such actions in space." She pauses, "Have they returned to that site? To check if their Wrecker was alive still? Rubble does not necessarily mean death."

Delusion hmms. "I hadn't heard of any expedition being planned. Of course, that may mean they don't see the need to involve us." She shrugs.

Illarion leans her haed back and sighs, "Perhaps we should check.. give our crews in Valvolux some extra training so to speak."

Takedown nods. "I could send some scouts out -- maybe prep some dig crews in case we decide to help. We have a few burrowers that could help if we decide it's worth it."

Delusion nods, leaning forward and steepling her fingers. "It -is- also possible there may be some clues left down there. About the same possibility of a live subject. But if it's worth the effort for one, it's worth the effort for the other."

Illarion chuckles softly, "Perhaps would give some good will from the Autobots if we handle it." A brief pause as she glance stowards Delusion, "And the Wreckers and their leader specifically.. which reminds me, have they relayed his condition recently?"

Delusion shakes her head. "No change reported."

Takedown nods in agreement with Delusion. She looks at Illarion. "I can gather a team and head for the site. If there are Autobots there already, we can offer to help. If not, shall we start excavating and see what we find?"

Illarion stands up slowly, "Yes. At worse it will give us /some/ goodwill." She touches one of the screens and flicks her hand to send it to the main screen... but rather then showing the asteroid it shows a few bids happening on Ebay.. for some various unicorn dolls. Another quick flick and it brings up the right screen, the large Femme continuing as if nothing had happened, "I do not think going for a subtle approach will work."

Delusion arches an optic ridge but opts not to derail the meeting by teasing Illarion. "Crack the asteroid defenses with big guns?"

Takedown carefully pretends not to notice the flash of the wrong screen. Instead she leans forward and smiles. "Well, if we have to go in the hard way, I'm ready this time," she says, all bravado when there are no scraplets in sight.

Illarion rotates the asteroid slowly, marking the heavier points then pauses as a light chuckle, "If it was not for the fact we need information from inside.. and a possible Wrecker, I would approach Banshee and see if tryiptcon wishes for a snack." She touches a few of the points, "If we bring these down it'll give us room to move and take the other defenses with minimum risk. Right now my warship form could take the inital hits but if we can gain additional firepower it'll go quicker with less risk."

Delusion leans back. "So, if we could get, say, Sky Lynx or another large space operative from the Autobots, they could take one side while you clear the other."

Takedown listens and nods, studying the hologram carefully.

Illarion frowns, "Perhaps."

Delusion nods to herself. "Typhoon was eager to get another 'posse' together."

Takedown rolls her optics. "I'll be amused to see what motley crew she gathers this time," Takedown says dismissively, in spite of her earlier comment about their surprising effectiveness.

Illarion looks to Takedown, "Show respect.. they are willing to walk into a nest of Scraplets, Takedown."

Delusion smirks. "And they did a credible job. A bit sloppy, but we all survived and achieved the goals of the expedition."

Takedown nods. "Yeah, yeah, I know. It's just still weird to me that we're helping them out at all."

Illarion shakes her head as she chuckles softly, "We do what we need to to ensure we are left alone.. more good will, less chance we will find a Autobot army coming over the horizon.

Delusion hehs. "We would at least have plenty of notice. They'd make regular nuisances of themselves if they thought we were doing anything they disapproved of." She smirks. "And we probably -are- doing things they disapprove of, they just don't know about it and aren't going to."

Takedown chuckles, smiling at Delusion. "No doubt. I'll see to that," she says confidently.

Illarion shakes her head and points at the asteroid, "For now we will deal with this and send a group to dig for the Wrecker.. at the least we can return a corpse to them. Stiletto can lead that group if it happens when we go after the asteroid. Coordinate with the Bots, the long we leave this the worse it might end up." With that she turns and heads out, "I have a few things need to deal with."

Delusion nods and studies the tactical display of the asteroid. Lots to do, lots to do.

Log session ending at 17:47:44 on Saturday, 23 May 2020.