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Royal Navy

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Q Force


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

MUX History:

The history section is your character's past. Be as brief or as long as you like, you can mention things in your background and events that have happened on the MUX. For feature characters you may want to distinguish between canon/theme history, and the history on the MUX. Detailing the character's MUX history will greatly help those who inherit the character in the future.

OOC Notes

The notes section is an opportunity to write facts and other IC and OOC interesting things about your character.


Use the logs section to link to as many RP logs as you want that feature your character.


Finally the Players section is a chance to link your user page to this one, so people can find out the real person behind the character! For FCs, put the time you played the character to and from, and for OCs you can list the creation date forwards.


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