Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Dissident Concerns

Characters: Starscream , Omen , Soundwave , Deathsaurus , Goth

Location: Upper Vos - Southeast Sector of Cybertron

Date: July 12, 2020

TP: Non-TP

Summary: Returning to Vos, Omen has further concerns over the prior dissident discussion held there with Starscream.

As logged by Ghost

TFU - Sunday, July 12, 2020, 7:42 PM

Upper Vos - Southeast Sector of Cybertron


Omen is a femme.. or a bird on a bit of a side-mission. She's had time to dwell on her past conversation with Starscream and like a loose tooth, it bothers her. So she finds herself winging through Vos, seeing out the Seeker. She suspects this isn't the wisest decision she's made as of late, however still she flies.

Starscream was looking around the more complete structures of Vos with a bit of pride on his face, everything was moving along smoothly, and looking quite appealing to the optic, clean, towering structures.. The ground area even looked nice, despite it being for, well.. Grounders.

Omen winds from point to point, taking in the work's progression. It is impressive and the sight of seeing the city once beloved returning is enough to distract her for a few moments of flight. She pulls up, hovering, then circles down, banking to begin a slow circling around the second in command.

Starscream's wings twitch upward one he finally got a glimpse of the bird, startled at first he takes a step back, ready to get defensive, but, soon calms as he realizes whom it is.

"Enjoying the view?" He asks as he glances about.

Omen circles, still taking in the sight. Pulling up, the raven hovers, looking for a place to perch. "You have done very well, Starscream of Vos." breaking back into a circle. "And yes, enjoying the view."

Starscream nods. "And this is merely upper Vos, Central and Lower are becoming just as breathtaking." He states with something of both a sly, and proud smile. "Everything is moving along at a desirable rate, everything should be ready within a few more weeks, at best should nothing happen." he says with a nod.

Omen flits and lands nearby, head cocking to one side as she peers about again. Violet optics glint.. "A few weeks, hmmm?" she asks, "You have been working swiftly." Fanning a wing to rasp beak against one of the blade-feathers absently. Then returning full attention to Starscream, "It -is- nice to see the city live again, so many fond memories. Until the end of course. May it exist longer than before."

Starscream nods. "Hopefully so, not having a repeat of the foolishness of the previous regime." Starscream huffs as he walks along and studies some of the near lamp posts. "No sock puppeting of I this time." he says with a sneer.

Omen flits upwards, hopping onto a lamp post, peering downwards. "Oh really? What makes you think you'll do any better this time around, hmm?" click-chortle.

Starscream raises a ridge, and looks up at her. "As I am in /actual/ control this time." he says with an air of offense and caution.

Omen flits to another lamppost, cocking her head, fanning tail-blades out, "You thought you were in control last time too, didn't you?"

Starscream rolls his optics. "Yes, this time, I know for certain, I am, now." he'd huff out and his optics settle on her. "...I take you have your objections?" Starscream asks.

Omen gives a shrug, "I have no objections to seeing one of the mighty polis returned to a glory. I missed Vos and lamented its destruction. Pity Tarn was rebuilt first.. Such a wretched place, no grace, no gravitas." Glint, beak click, "You still /answer/ to Megatron. What you think is yours remains his as it has been since you and the Vosian survivors joined the Decepticons."

Starscream rolls his optics again once more. "Yes, annoying as it was, such has been corrected, I however am to ensure such destruction doesn't happen again." He states bitterly, red optics narrowing at Omen. "My, quite the bitter tone, have I slighted you in some way?" starscream asks with a raised ridge.

Omen blinks once, "Perhaps..." Considering, "I have much to be bitter over. I have concerns over.. what we spoke over last we met. And your plans, Starscream. For my empire."

"Your empire?" Starscream asks curiously, wondering just what she meant. "And I see... Well perhaps i can calm those concerns."

Omen flicks wings, "Yes. You don't think he did all of this without.. help, now do you?"

Starscream snorts. "Of course not." he'd huff. "Though, I rarely ever hear him mention anyone outside of himself." Starscream states with a roll of his optics. "Well.. shall we then?" He asks with a outstretched arm.

Omen blinks, considers, then drops down, alighting on the outstretched arm, careful on how talons are placed. "Of course not. Empires are built on the backs of many, Starscream. You don't place the help on pedestals lest they get ahead of themselves. I know my /place/."

"Supposedly, but if it does go unacknowledged for too long... well, we saw what happened with the constructicons." Starscream says with a nod, as he heads for the new Seeker Academy.

Omen huffs softly, resting on the arm and looking about, curious and alert.

Secret Lab - Undisclosed Location


Starscream's clearly had his lab moved, now in the newer places, much is new, shiny, and updated.. The doors slide closed behind them as he makes his way over to his computer chair.

Omen chirrs softly, peering here and there now, alert and, "Impressive, Starscream, most impressive."

"Of course, might as well update the mainframe and equipment while this was all being done." Starscream says, clearly proud of himself, before his optics settle on Omen. "So.. Tell me, what are these..." He'd spin his wrist. "Concerns?"

Omen hmms.. mainframe.. a shake of her head as she focuses, "What... concrete evidence do you have to back.. that which you'd spoken of?" She flicks wings, adjusting her grip on his arm, "My concerns are simple: We are Decepticons. If.. there is a shift, a change in ahhh... leadership or direction.." Plating ruffles as she gives a shake of her head, apparently having some difficulty in phrasing. "My apologies, after all this time, there are still words I can't use, hmmm. What we are at core, beliefs, what we started as.. How do you think you'll preserve that, cut the rot out, return us to how we were originally meant to be?"

Starscream hems, thinking carefully on how to approach this. "Well.. I'm sure you've noted most see as a shell of our former selves, become the monsters we once claimed to fight." Starscream explains as he rests there in his chair. "I'm planning to ensure /we/ at least still have a leg to stand on, should a governmental body be formed, else the Autobots would tip the scales far into their favour which would not end well for us." Starscream explains, thinking.

"Mind this is no usurping of our Lord, anything this is an attempt to prevent him from being ousted or worse should it come to that, allow him time for his mind to /rest/ and return to what it once was before the millions of years of war." Starscream explains as he crosses a leg over the other. "I'm sure you've noticed he is.. not been well."

Omen gives a single click of her beak, plating flattening, tucking head between shoulders that rise. "There is. yes.. an overall... faltering yes.." Listening to the words, turning head to study Starscream. "So your goal is to uphold our ways then.." quiet, "And yet you would gain out of this as well." tone matter of fact.

"He is fine." tone flattening, "I think you see what you want to see and not what is. You've not the finest track record in your thoughts on his capabilities, you know. We've all heard you say things such as this before.. And you were wrong then."

"Of course, it would be dishonest to say I wouldn't" Starscream admits. "But it will also allow for us to allow more of our own into such a government to help uphold such, as, if I am correct in my information, if the colonies should also join, we would be at a disadvantage, due to the likes of Caminus's Mistress of Flame regarding the Primes as gods, the same likely could be said of the Eukrians." Starscream elaborates.

Starscream rolls his optics, given, it doesn't /sting/ as much as when everyone makes fun of him for that /stupid/ line of calling Megatron his best friend.

Omen nods slowly, listening rather than reacting. Helps when you remember you're tiny. "We would be outflanked.." she agrees, "And ill-positioned to defend our own." A shake of her head, wings flexing, blades rattling softly. "Rather prideful of them, the Camians, thinking things... And Primes are not gods, they are simply.. Primes." tck-tck... "Yes, that was ill said of me, Starscream. I would apologize for it but.." shrug, "I needed to see how tender the accusations are still. Far worse would be flung at you.. were this to hypothetically occur."

"Yes, They would likely make wide sweeping actions against anyone once preserved, or currently perceived, to be Decepticon." Starscream however, does nod in agreement. "Mmmm It would be hard to prove such, considering the Autobots currently have the likes of a /living/ Solus Prime in their mists." Starscream huffs.

"Yes.." Starscream admits with a roll of his optics. "Something worth wild in the long run, and scheme of things, considering our Lord isn't even /thinking/ of such a thing, and merely on conquest."

<> <Slim Pickens> <connects>

Omen replies almost on automatic, "Your lord, my leader." Then blinks and fidget-preens a wing for a few moments of silence. "Ahem, well then.. They may be great, but they are not gods." she work thoughts back through the conversation. "We are being outflanked, outmaneuvered, out-positioned..." she murmurs softly, plating rippling.. "He /has/ to have something planned." wistful tone.

"If he does, he's not stated such, as I've been dealing with the back-draft of that... /statement/ of his made months before where he stated the removal of free will, and then the whole mess with Dezarus." Starscream grumbles, rubbing his nose bridge.

Omen flattens... just, scrunches in on herself, perched on that arm, optics dimming. "That.. was.. couldn't have meant it as it.." trailing off into silence, talons flexing.

Starscream is silent, internally squirming as he /feels/ things again, curse that anubis mech for provoking such before! Now here he is feeling such once more as he sees the anguish in Ghost's frame. He lets out an UNCOMFORTABLE grunt, and gently pets her helm with a finger, part of him not wanting to state the blunt truth of the situation, that, yes, Megatron meant it, specially considering what happened with Trypticon... "Hmph... we will have to see.. as none will want him or Prime in a position of leadership, can only hope that a moment of.. respite, can help him re-evaluate such things."

<> <<Underwood>> hello

<> <Slim Pickens> Hey there. How are you?

<> <<Underwood>> quite well.. must say i've been quite happy the past few days

<> <Slim Pickens> good. why so happy not that i'm complaining

<> <<Underwood>> I had quite the lovely date

<> <Slim Pickens> Oh good! what did you guys do?

<> <<Underwood>> enjoyed the lake night view

<> <<Underwood>> spoke at length of things..

Omen makes a soft chirring sound, distressed in tone. A blink, a grinding of beak together and she sits, allowing the pet to her head. A shake of said head, crest rising as she sorts herself out, seemingly shaking out of the brief funk, but blade-feathers shift and rasp against one another now, "There has to be a logical reason for all of this.." A flick of tail, "You will support his return once you've had..." trailing off again, thoughts rearranging, "Why did you help when asked?"

<> <Slim Pickens> Sounds fantastic. did you decide on anything new?

"Of course, once all has calmed and settled, he'll likely have an upper hand in joining such a government." Starscream points out before raising a ridge. "In which regard?" he asks.

<> <<Underwood>> mostly what would happen if..

<> <<Underwood>> ...Well, we visited my birth place

<> <Slim Pickens> Intersting. How did that go?

<> <<Underwood>> it... was nice, a nice thought..

<> <<Underwood>> something i'd... enjoy, if i'm not skewered on sight..

Omen blinks optics back on, the violet dim, "When he asked for your help with my.. situation? I thought it odd that you agreed.." pause, "But with all of this.. hmm, it does make sense, pieces in a game. Favors owed." Shaking herself out, "When you reach out to Soundwave with.. all of this, this game we're now in, I would like to be present. But for now... I need to think over these conversations we are having. This is.. more to think about than I'd anticipated."

<> <Slim Pickens> you guys keep a lookout for old enemies?

[Con-Tapes] Omen's end of the link, while it had been dimly muted, flared with a note of distress before being muted and much heavier this go round after a 'Sitrep: OK, distressing topic.'

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Omen. report?"

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "... Working."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "confirmed. keep me updated as needed"

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "As you wish."

Starscream thinks. "Well, he'd not informed me of what was going on till I was there.. So it was a bit impromptu." Starscream admits with a huffs. "That and I am not /completely/ sparkless." Starscream adds in his.. Starscreamy tsundere way, before he nods. "Very well, it is indeed more than I think most have realized what maybe coming with what is being plastered on the wall."

<> <<Underwood>> eheheh.. you know what i did to be exiled.

<> <Slim Pickens> I do

<> <Slim Pickens> And I would have done the same.

Omen looses her grip on his arm in preparation to fly, "Oh.. this isn't the first signs on a wall conversation I've had. But it is another's perspective." A nod and a huff-sigh, tone shifting.. fond? "The issue degraded a bit faster than.. I think he anticipated." tone leveling back to her usual "Not completely sparkless, no. Mostly perhaps?" amused, mercurial mood. "Until we speak again, and we shall.. Walk with the winds." She pushes carefully off of his arm so as not to scratch, circling once before aiming herself at the door.

Starscream lets out a scoff. "Please I am a delight." Starscream says with a wave of his hand in offense!

The door does open though, allowing her through and out to the sky's above... A smile does find its way on his face once he is alone, but it soon fades back into a scowl, before he returns to work at the computer.

<> <<Underwood>> that is.. mostly what i fear

[Con-Tapes] Omen clinks back fully with "When, and this is not an IF, when Starscream reaches out to you. I would like to be present."

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Returning home."

<> <Slim Pickens> what that you'd do it again?

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "confirmed. We will discuss things in person."

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "As always with these delicate matters."