Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Disavowed Forgemate

Characters: Ravage , Nightstalker

Location: Ruins of Main Refinery Complex - Cybertron

Date: October 14, 2020

TP: Non-TP

Summary: Ravage lures Nightstalker out and a fight ensues. Bitter words are exchanged but in the end the Decepticon is sent fleeing once more.

As logged by Nightstalker

TFU2 - Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Ruins of Main Refinery Complex - Cybertron

Row upon row of burned broken fuel silos and refining towers, this area was one of the first victims of the war. Now the only fuel you're likely to find here is the dirty slick that remains in wide puddles over much of the sector. Completely oxidized, it would be too impure to warrant collection but scavengers persist in searching the wreckage for a surviving supply.


<<Broadband>> A signal chirps along one of the main broadcast channels. Of an area around the ruined refinery complex near the wasteland that is the Tagan Heights. It's a body. An ancient, ancient body that's burnt out like a shell and has been nailed and chained to a large wall. For those who recognize it - the body with an ancient, faded Autobot symbol on it.. It's one of the pre-war Autobot Overlords. Extinct energon guzzlers. <<Broadband>> Nightstalker says, "What.. wait.. what is.. that."

<<Broadband>> Ravage says, "A gift. Something old. A dredged up corpse. Something borrowed. All the energon he devoured. Something blue. The starved out core of his spark. Something new.. Well, you shall see."

<<Broadband>> Arachnae says, "..."

<<Broadband>> Nightstalker says, "I didn't think wedding a corpse was in the regs, Ravage."

<<Broadband>> Ravage says, "Oh, I'm just trotting something out from deader pastures. If you want it back.. Come and get it."

<<Broadband>> Nightstalker says, "You're.. words escape me, Ravage. Carrion eater and worse, desecrater of crypts."

<<Broadband>> Calyhex says, "Are you going to eat it?"

<<Broadband>> Ravage says, "Well, I'll make this simple. I've taken a corpse of your old slave master, and set it about on the surface. The weather calls for acid rain. I'm thinking of letting it burn some and then scatter the bits around where some of the forlorn are."

<> <Inside> This ravage...

<> <Inside> Sounds like he should stay inside.

<> <Morrigan> No... no Inside he is fine.

<<Broadband>> Sludge says, "...You am dumb. Why we want old corpse?"

<> <Inside> He has corpses and he's..fine

<<Broadband>> Ravage says, "Come, come little brother. Let's see how you fail again. Failed in life. Failed in death. Now failing even in your purpose."

<<Broadband>> Nightstalker says, "Ravage... Ravage. I've bested you before, are you so in need of a reminder that you taunt me now?"

<> <Morrigan> How are you this eve, Inside?

<<Broadband>> Ravage says, "Oh.. When it counted, you were a failure. Even still you are. Serving those whom see you as little more than a drone to be trotted out on display that you give your slavish devotion to."

<> <Inside> confused. I do not know if I am sleeping or awake. How are yo?

<<Broadband>> Nightstalker says, "... You're so blinded by your own failures, you fall ever further into a pit of your own making."

<<Broadband>> Sludge says, "Oh, you am having fam-i-ly con-ver-sation on pla-net channel. Me... Sludge was am con-fused."

<<Broadband>> Blackwing says, "Some people ARE utterly confusing."

<<Broadband>> Ravage says, "Oh, of many things of my own making.. I made my freedom. You still serve as a drone and have no call beyond what little matter you were programmed as."

<<Broadband>> Nightstalker says, "You bore me."

<> <Morrigan> Do you need company?

(Radio) Ravage sends Nightstalker a radio transmission, 'Then how about we play a little game? You come out here or I can go amuse myself over with anyone in the area.'

<> <Inside> Yes? No? I don't know. I know hush and scope miss you.

<<Broadband>> Sludge says, "Him... Slug start fight like this sometime. Me think it 'cause Him... Slug no am in charge. Him... Slug no am brain-strong enough to be leader though."

(Radio) Nightstalker transmits, "... Not so much of a choice there. Either I come out and -play- or you harm innocents." to Ravage.

<<Broadband>> Calyhex says, "If you are a dream this is a strange one."

<> <Morrigan> And I them. I'll bring them some treats.

<> <Inside> Not corpses? I'm trying to break them of habits.

(Radio) Ravage sends Nightstalker a radio transmission, 'Exactly! Come. If you perform well I'll even let you take the corpse home as a toy you can use to showcase in Iacon's cultural exhibition with all those things of the past they display.'

<> <Morrigan> No... not corpses. Rust sticks and gels.

<> <Inside> oh. oh they like those

(Radio) Nightstalker transmits, "So be it. You're a bastard, Ravage." to Ravage.

<> <Morrigan> I'm on my way then.

(Radio) Ravage sends Nightstalker a radio transmission, 'So nice to be appreciated. You compliment me so.'

<> <Inside> Calyhex rejoices

(Radio) Nightstalker transmits, "You have no honor." to Ravage.

(Radio) Ravage sends Nightstalker a radio transmission, 'I give honor to those that deserve it. You prostrate yourself before your owners in desperate subservience.'

(Radio) Nightstalker transmits, "Again this argument. And again we will meet, Ravage. Oathbreaker, liar, thief in the night, traitor." to Ravage.

(Radio) Ravage sends Nightstalker a radio transmission, 'We will have it, oh dear forgemate, until the day when you agree with me and you see how pathetic you are and realize you could have been so -much- more. But until then.. We have games to play. I await your arrival.'

(Radio) Nightstalker transmits, "I disavowed you long ago. We're not forgemates any longer." to Ravage.

(Radio) Ravage sends Nightstalker a radio transmission, 'But you never did to -them- did you? All you are is a happy little Autobot they trot out to prove that they're accepting and showcase you like a little petro-rabbit before putting you back in your cage.'

(Radio) Nightstalker transmits, "You have some... perversion of your worldview. I have no cage. I chose this life, this emblem, to serve, to prevent tyrants from once again bolstering themselves up on the backs of others." to Ravage.

<> <Crimson> I swear, humans.

(Radio) Ravage sends Nightstalker a radio transmission, 'And you have traded one tyrant for another. At least the first time you had the explanation of having no other choice in the matter. Such nonsense.. You have bars of your own making. Despicable.'

(Radio) Nightstalker transmits, "My Prime is no tyrant. Look to your own leader. Megatron, who espouses peace -through- tyranny. Look to the one that holds you to him so tightly you'd be better off leashed and caged. At least there you would know that your thoughts were your own and not his." to Ravage.

(Radio) Ravage sends Nightstalker a radio transmission, 'Prime would have us be slaves to the planet while it died once more, smothered and stillborn. Megatron wants to see Cybertron /live/ and /prosper/. Prime wants to have it die a slow, wilting death based on delusion.'

(Radio) Nightstalker transmits, "Have they so cortical washed you? I pity you." to Ravage.

(Radio) Ravage sends Nightstalker a radio transmission, 'I would have wondered the same of you, but you came out of the spark chamber with such idiocy etched on your circuits..'

Nightstalker has been traveling and holding a rather nasty conversation along the way. The mecha-jaguar's movements are silent, coloration aiding him in darting from shadow to shadow as he lops at top speeds towards another move in the aeon old dance between him and his forgemate.

There's no signs of Ravage along the area. Just the body that's been rigged up over with some floodlights over it. Up above the sky there's the signs of the acid rain that will be coming soon. The ancient body of one of the Overlords of the old days. Standing out against the dark horizon. A hope of an earlier time?

Nightstalker takes his time in circling, spiraling slowly closer and closer, sensors running on full gain as he does so. The form itself is given a partial glance, a remnant of a time long past, oaths broken to another from another's actions. Still, he slows his movements, sliding low to the ground, hunting, tracking.

(Radio) Nightstalker transmits, "You're defective. And we were blind to the rot you were sparked with." to Ravage.

GAME: Nightstalker FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of High difficulty.

As Nightstalker goes close to the ground and scanning, there's the pop up of some flares. Very bright as the combination of flares, flashbangs, and general pulses would go off around him! Enough to make him likely instinctively flinch or shut down his external sensors to a degree.

Nightstalker's audial wedges flick and lay back as brightness illuminates the area he is in! He sies and scampers with a snarled hiss, looking for a darker something amidst that painful light.

GAME: Nightstalker PASSES an AGILITY roll of Above Average difficulty.

It's as Nightstalker is darting along that he would notice the uneven bits around the rubble. Enough alert to give him enough time to jump out of away before the detonators that had been put underneath it to go off!

<<Autobot>> Nightstalker says, "! Frag!"

Nightstalker yelps "Frag!" as he finds himself running a gauntlet of explosions, leaping from point to point, landing only long enough to springboard to another section, moving away from what looks to be a detonator trap.

As Nightstalker would leap, maneuvering desperately there would be more detonations! A set of micro rockets that would open fire on him! Launching from various hidden launchers, their trajectories going towards him to try and bury him!

Nightstalker's systems are running the line as he moves, leap, twist, bounce, skid. Were he another, the words that would be spilt.... Instead there are grunts, the faintest of hisses and growls as he moves as fluid as a shadow.

GAME: Nightstalker PASSES an AGILITY roll of Average difficulty.

He's able to shift over into shadow. The explosions made for excellent cover, and everyone knew about Ravage's aversion to bright lights. So now he was not being actively targeted.. And the proximity of those detonations to his maneuvers meant that Ravage had to be -somewhere- nearby.

Nightstalker skids to a halt, systems hot form the movement. Audial wedges flick and track forward, optics narrowing as he shifts into hunting mode.

GAME: Nightstalker PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of Above Average difficulty.

And there it is. The tell-tale tracks. In a warped way, his own. He would get the sense of a few dozen meters away, where his darker half would have been circling around, intnet on getting a better view and to try and track where he was now, obscured by the detritus.

Nightstalker lowers his head, priming weapons now as he moves, darting from a ripple of metal plating uplifted by the explosions, to a pile of debris, from one small crater, to leap atop another before letting loose with a patter-volley of lasers as tail snaps over his back, "Ravage." he growls as he attacks.

>> Nightstalker strikes Ravage with Laser <Medium>. <<

One might make the quote on the cat that was caught by the canary. But now the hunter is the hunted. There would be a yelp. "Playtime is over." Sizzling embers burning into Ravage's metallic form as he would dart to the side, going to rain down a series of optic blasts in retaliation!

>> Ravage strikes Nightstalker with Laser <Low>. <<

Nightstalker hisses, baring fangs as he's scored down a side from the return fire. Amber optics narrow, the jaguar leaping backwards, "Perish the thought of you..." darting to the side, circling inwards towards Ravage, "having to end your pathetic game early." leaping at Ravage, intent to rend the other jaguar much bodily harm with raking claws and an aimed bite, pouncing.

<<Autobot>> Nightstalker says, "I've run into Ravage. More to report once.. I'm finished here. (growl to his usually cultured tone)"

>> Nightstalker strikes Ravage with Pounce <Medium>. <<

>> Ravage temporarily loses motor functions from the attack! <<

<<Autobot>> Dawnfire says, "You alright?"

Ravage is caught over by surprise by the pounce! He's slammed over and hard, rolling over several times as he would be slammed, an external layer of armor being shred off as he would be flung, bouncing along in a brutal roll, disoriented.

Nightstalker rolls with his pounce, holding and biting before pushing off, deliberately aiming a back claw at one of Ravages emblems, intent to scrape and rake across it, rend it away. "..."

>> Nightstalker strikes Ravage with Claw. <<

<<Autobot>> Nightstalker says, "Only my pride is damaged at this time."

As his systems would reboot, and Ravage was slashed over into by Nightstalker, he would go to shriek back. Then moving to stalk in a counter-clockwise claw-reaction, he would go to try and engage by the side! Going to try and spike off a bit of his adversary's guns!

>> Ravage misses Nightstalker with Claw. <<

Nightstalker rears up and pivots on hind legs, dancing and twisting around to avoid Ravages counter-strike. A push of those hindquarters and he leaps again to bite at Ravage's leg as he passes.

>> Nightstalker strikes Ravage with Bite. <<

Let's take a BITE out of crime! OR at least evil twins. Ravage would let out a shriek of pain, even as he would fall backwards - then going to rapidly try and twist about, going to try and slash over at his adversary!

Up above, the acid wind would be on the cusp of falling over the faded, rotten battlefield.

>> Ravage misses Nightstalker with Slice. <<

Nightstalker ducks and rolls under Ravage's attempted slice, bringing rear claws into play to rabbit-kick towards the other felines underside, slashing out with powerful kicks.

>> Nightstalker strikes Ravage with Slash. <<

The acid rain starts pouring down. Ravage lets out a shriek now as some of the flares he had pre-placed now start to detonate, sheathing the area over in bright fire. His howl would turn from earlier success to rage and now to terror as he's going to try and flee.

>> Ravage retreats from the area, escaping all attackers. <<

Nightstalker flinches and ducks backwards, shielding optics as audial wedges track Ravages movements. "Run, Ravage, Run! You can't escape the past. And you won't escape -justice- for your crimes!"

<<Broadband>> Nightstalker says, "Run, Ravage, Run! You can't escape the past. And you won't escape -justice- for your crimes!"

In the distance, the acid rain comes. In the distance, there is the old body of the last of the Autobot Overlords. But.. Even after all, as the rusting rain pours and the darkness comes, there is still something poignant about it as it would be illuminated in the flickering lights as Ravage flees.

<<Broadband>> Ravage says, "I'll get you next time, freak! NEXT TIME!"

<<Broadband>> Calyhex says, "why are they fighting?"

<<Broadband>> Starlock says, "dunno"

<<Broadband>> Calyhex says, "if you don't know why you're fighting don't fight."

<<Broadband>> Nightstalker says, "Traitor, oathbreaker, liar, thief in the night. Go skulking back to your master.. Again."