Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: Dirty Business

Characters: Cryotek, Starscream

Location: Vos

Date: 5/29/2020

TP: Peace In Our Time TP

Summary: Starscream does some dirty business with Cryotek.

As logged by Starscream

Ruins of Vos - Southern Hemisphere - Cybertron

Starscream is around Vos and looking over the starting of its reconstruction, stepping stone it was to secure himself a seat... Still part of him that he'd rather not acknowledge, was glad to see the city finally start being attended to, much better then those /past/ idiots he's still taking the heat from, He couldn't help but wonder why in the hells hadn't he usurped them before? He shook the thought off, wings twitching upward as he kept has hands folded behind him as he overlooked the work.

The massive blue form of Cryotek slips onto Vos, flanked by his two bodyguards, Buzzbomb and Backslash. Buzzbomb seems to be a rotorcon, while Backslash has the lines of a former Seeker. As Cryotek and his goons make their way through the ruins, Cryotek studies his surroundings with a critical optic. None of them make any effort to hide their presence in Starscream's damaged domain.

Starscream is making no effort to hide himself, he'd start walking through the city unguarded, he keeps a stoic scowl on his face as he walks, arms folded behind him, making himself look propper and poised. He'd glance around before spotting the three and quirked a ridge.

Cryotek spots Starscream and gives him a wide smile, as if pleasantly surprised to see him here - as if there could be any other reason the elusive Cryotek would make a personal appearance in a place almost as desolate as his home of Crystal City. "Commander Starscream," he says with a bow. Cryotek's goons look at each other in confusion before Buzzbomb awkwardly bows also and Backslash offers a swordsmech's flourish of respect.

Starscream would come to a stop and faced the three and gave a hem. "Cryotek I presume?" Starscream askes with a raised ridge, keeping an optic on the three, expecting shots to be fired.

Instead of shots, Cryotek offers another smile. "I see my reputation precedes me." He looks around. "It's a sad state your city is in, and I understand you've had some trouble with the Valvoluxians. I thought perhaps I could help. With one, at least... we'll see about the other," he chuckles. Backslash and Buzzbomb join in the laugh, although it's not obvious if they even know why he's chuckling.

Starscream quirks a ridge, clearly interested but at the same time cautious. "Oh? Well, I am currently in the process of revitalizing the city into the once shining piler it once was, but.." He'd gesture his hand out. "Perhaps we can make a deal, depending on your offer." Starscream would say with a toothy smirk.

Cryotek chuckles again. "Even though I am mostly known now as a ... businessmech..." he allows, ignoring the smirks of his henchmechs, "I am also quite the effective engineer, and have slowly gathered a small but skilled group of builders and workers under my employ. With the Decepticon Empire under a bit of strain right now, I thought I might offer my services in the revitalization of Vos. Some of us remember it fondly." He glances at Backslash.

Starscream hems and raises a ridge. "I see, and what would you like of me in return?" he asks right away, he doesn't want to give out more than he can at the moment, not to mention he has a sneaking suspicion of this lot not being able to be trusted.. But beggars can't be choosers.

Cryotek smiles wolfishly, pleased at the introduced subject of price. "Well, that would be negotiable, of course," he says languidly. "The usual construction costs, plus design fees for new buildings more modern than what was seen before. You'd get the Decepticon discount, of course... old alliances die hard," he grins, showing razor-sharp dentae. "And the opportunity to serve those in Lower Vos once construction ends," he adds as almost an afterthought.

Starscream squints. "Well, you would be working with the Constructicons whom would be looking over materials and safety regulations.." He'd frown. "But if you're willing to do such, perhaps a blind eye can be taken to your activities.."

Cryotek nods quickly. "Of course. But the Constructicons are only six these days and spread throughout the polities. My people could certainly work under their supervision but greatly speed the pace of production. It's been a long time since I was able to contribute to the Decepticon Empire. I miss doing my part." Again, with the wolfish smile.

Starscream Hrms, thinking about it. "Perhaps...Though, do mind I work with /Swindle/ of all bots, and shall expect nothing but the highest of quality to proper standards, should something fail... Well, it will not just be my head rolling." Starscream warns, dirty deals are one thing, getting suckered is another.

Cryotek smirks, showing one fang. "Doing substandard work is no way to build a relationship with a new customer," he says, as if surprised by the insinuation. "Hire my team, and I'll match the supposed skill of Hook and ingenuity of Scrapper any day," he claims, throwing down the gauntlet. "Ask around," he offers. "My prices are reasonable, and I *always* deliver. Whatever you need."

Starscream thinks on that.. The constructions are much more reliable, but substandard work would cost him more than benefit him, in both time, resources, and reputation, last thing he needed was building collapsing, with people dying as a result, given how he would respond to such a disaster could prove fruitful, but.. "Well perhaps if you are sertant, I believe you'll have no problem with the constructions inspecting after... And if it proves fruitful, perhaps I could convince them to help within the Crystal city, however, sure not to repeat the mistakes of the past, yes?" Starscream asks as he starts walking around the trio. "And mayhaps, more future endeavors will await you as well, a storm has been brewing.. and I doubt it is one Megatron is ready for."

Cryotek chuckles. "I'm not sure the Constructicons will even we welcome back in Crystal City - there are those with memories even longer than mine. I'm sure a Decepticon in such high standing could help me in other ways, however... after I've earned your respect and trust, of course." He raises an optic ridge. "Emperor Megatron is not one to be underestimated," he says carefully. "Many have done so; few have lived to tell the tale." Of course, one of those few stands before Cryotek and his mechs...

"A smart mech." Starscream would reply with a nod. "We shall see how things progress then." Starscream nods. "....Well then, a contract seems to be needed." He'd say and hold out his hand. "Do we have a deal?"

Cryotek looks at the hand a moment before shaking it. "We have an agreement to work together for the good of Vos and the Decepticon Empire at large. We can work out the details over the coming cycles, but I'm sure we can find common ground in terms of goals and price," he confidently grins. "Here's to the beginning of a beautiful working relationship."

Starscream nods and shakes his hand a firm grip to it, he still doesn't trust these meches, but things were soon to escalate, and he rather not be caught in the chaos that would follow. "I'm sure we can~" He'd smile slyly. "Until then, yes?" He nods, pulling his hand away.

Cryotek nods. "We'll be in touch." He whistles and makes a motion, and his two henchmechs transform - one into a techcopter, and the other into a tetrajet. Cryotek himself then transforms - into a massive and impressive-looking dragon. With the flick of his wings, Cryotek takes off towards Crystal City, with Backslash streaking ahead and Buzzbomb following behind.

Once they are out of sight, Starscream mutters and grumbles, an gets out a cloth to clean his hand.