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The name or term Dinobots refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Dinobots (disambiguation).
The Dinobots are a subgroup from the Shattered Glass universe.

Jurassic Park is frightening in the dark...

Savage and dimwitted warriors, the Dinobots originally operated using artificial intelligence instead of embers. They were created by Wheeljack, who patterned them after Grimlock using programming developed by Starscream. The Dinobots who were captured and reprogrammed by the Decepticons are called Dinocons, and both factions were taken by Grimlock to the Omega Terminus to receive embers and the ability to transform.

Members include:




Shattered Glass

In 2008, Wheeljack rode into battle atop a towering Dinobot, and ordered the group to attack Optimus Prime, who had disrespected the mad scientist in the past. The group instead turned on itself and scattered into the wilds of Cybertron, leaving several of their ranks dead in the stampede. A scramble then ensued, with the Autobots and Decepticons each trying to gain control of the Dinobots. Blazter captured Snoop, Wheeljack recaptured Swoop, and Soundwave captured Slugfest and Overkill.

Dungeons & Dinobots

After a new, intelligent aspect of Grimlock's personality was awoken by the Omega Terminus, he gathered the Dinobots and Dinocons, promising to take them to a secret place.

Do Over

Starscream discovered that Slugfest and Overkill were missing from their pen. Finally, he discovered that the two had transformed into octaltrack data cartridges. After some study, it was revealed that all the Dinocons now had embers and the ability to transform.

MUX History

Snoop was rebuilt as a Tape-Bot by Blazter and send to Earth ahead of the Autobot invasion force. Slugfest and Overkill were captured and sentenced to death in the Smelting Pits for their alliance with the Decepticons, but were rescued by Scourge.


  • The Dinobot's coloration appears to be based on the Constructicons, their not-so-goody-too-shoes-either counterparts's arch nemesis
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