Transformers Universe MUX

Dinobots are primitive, powerful creatures heavy on STRength and ENDurance. While usually not as dumb as they look, they're certainly impulsive and violent. They generally focus on hand-to-hand and bladed physical attacks, with standard lasers as backup. Oddly enough, they're one of the few Autobot teams who can fly in robot mode.


6. Standard Dinobot character stats (to be modified as desired):

Feel free to either copy this block into your app and edit accordingly, or just indicate you'd like an engineer, maybe with whatever you'd like to change ("A Dinobot, but small and fast!) and we'll do the rest. =)

Strength 8
Intelligence 4
Technical 3
Agility:  4
Endurance   8
Courage   8
Firepower 5
Dexterity  6
Leadership 4

Mode Names: Robot Dinosaur
Armor1: 7
Size1: 13
Velocity1: 2
Armor2: 7
Size2: 15
Velocity1: 2

Attacks1: Punch (1) Kick (2) Roundhouse (3) Bash (4) Slam (5) Slice (5) Smash (6) Slash (7) Stomp (8) Pistol <3> Laser <4> Ballistic <5> 

Attacks2: Kick (2) Ram (4) Slam (5) Smash (6) Slash (7) Stomp (8) Fire <3> Laser <4> Ballistic <5> 

Abilities1: Flight
Abilities2: Dive Swim 
Skills: Anger, Brutality, Crushing, Cutting, Destruction, Short-Sightedness, Stomping
Resistances: BLST:3
Weaknesses: MNTL:3

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