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Devil Z is a super-energy being.

It's the Magic Cyst of Devil Z!

The origins of the self-styled "God" Devil Z (デビルZ Debiru Zetto)[1] are shrouded in mystery. Seemingly lacking any corporeal form, he exists purely as a pulsating globe of iridescent energy. Although he almost always acts through his pawns, rarely dirtying his own hands (er, metaphorically speaking), he is terrifyingly powerful in his own right, able to generate enough energy to devastate a planet with his Devil Power.

Devil Z's goal is creation of the ultimate lifeform, the Godmaster, which he seeks to accomplish by fusing Transformers and human beings into one, thereby creating a lifeform that could wield all three aspects of Chōkon Power. Coming to Earth in the planet's ancient past with eight transtectors, Devil Z entered a deep slumber at the bottom of an ocean trench while the transtectors lay scattered around the Earth gathering the necessary energies for their evolution. Awakening in the early years of the 21st century to begin his plan, Devil Z seeks to quickly built his army by capturing and brainwashing the current Decepticon leader Megatron.


Japanese cartoon continuity

Legends comic (1)

The Matrix of Leadership, invented by Primacron, was designed to be a receptacle for the bearer's wisdom, absorbing it and converting it into energy. When its original bearer, the Oracle, was physically destroyed, he transferred his wisdom to the Matrix and used it to travel to the planet that would later become Cybertron, emptying the Matrix in the process of becoming one with the planet. When the Quintessons sealed the Oracle in Vector Sigma and used his power to create the Transformers, they also acquired the Matrix, which became filled with their wisdom, an evil form of energy. When the Transformers rebelled, they recovered the Matrix and emptied its evil contents, forming a malicious and vengeful entity that sought revenge against the universe for being disposed. Millions of years later, this entity would steal the Powermaster bodies from the factory at G Nebula 89 and took them to Earth so that they could be influenced by the Angolmois Energy and Zodiac found there, becoming Godmasters in the process. The entity himself would also remain on Earth and absorb those energies for thousands of years before revealing himself. Bonus Edition Grand Maximus


  • Devil Z holds the… unique honor of being the only Decepticon big bad to have a song dedicated to him: "Uchū no Shihaisha - Devil Z" (宇宙の支配者・デビルZ "Ruler of the Universe — Devil Z"). This "image song" was originally sold on a Masterforce soundtrack in 1988, and was reissued on both the History of Music 1984-1990 and Song Universe 5-disc sets. The song was performed by Toshiya Igarashi, who also performed the intro and ending songs for Masterforce. Just in case you weren't clear on how evil he was, the song opens with a screaming refrain of "BAD BAD BAD!" Because…y'know, he's bad.
  • Due to the events of Masterforce, the BlackZarak toy also doubles as a Devil Z toy. But then, so does a plasma globe, or even steam from a kettle...

Foreign names

  • English: The Great Lord (Omni Productions dub), Zee (Omni Productions dub)
  • Russian: Velikiy Povelitel' (Великий Повелитель, "Great Lord")
  • Spanish: El Gran Jefe (America, "The Great Leader")


  1. Here the letter Z is pronounced "zet" (ゼット) as Dutch speakers pronounce the letter.
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